Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff | Worlds Strictest Parents

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Joe gaming !
life of the school shooter lol
A guy Who needs subs
He is a school shooter hands down
Strictness level 9001
Sail Viper
If that was my brother he wouldn't be alive
Vasilly's-Billy's Gaming Channel
For me if someone touches my stuff without my permission, they are asking to be punched real hard
Wow this kid really needs help
Yo, Amy was my sister's science teacher at the time of filming and then mine a few years later and she's actually pretty chill and is still one of my favorite teachers I've ever had.
"Get out" atmosphere here...Nope?...OK only me...
Midshipmen Studio
Those parents seems like some evil people from like a fox show
I have to give my respects to the dad for staying calm and handling the situation the way he did while being threatened. Even if it were empty threats there are certain ways you need to handle that kind of situation. That said, I do h e say I seems a little bit creepy to spy at your kids. And what is up with this show and parents not allowing kids to have phones?
Aimee Hack
Yes mam and yes sir is a bit harsh though
I understand where these parents are coming from. However, not trusting your kids doesn't make them trust you. You have to give trust to get trust.

Also, this guy is way too far gone.
anthony ross
its compleatly different how that kids being pissy to his own parents, but the trust lifeline in those peoples house is extremely weak. like you really have to check up on them every 10 minutes to see what they are up to?
prone gone wrong
When your parents make you say "yes sir no sir" to them, that to me is not right. They are your parent. Not a police officer
ZaZe Leader
Never do this
Lennon Kelly-James
Terrible parents even asking a question when you already know the asnwer is rude
Teqh Zem
The families they are sent too are the whitest people I have ever seen. And I'm pretty white.
Synge Tsunami
He clearly wasn't very good if that's his pitching form
0kayoknotme 23
Has there ever been a WSP when one of the "bad kids" fell in love with the "good kids"?
M Cutrone
"Sir" and "Ma'am" are simple signs of respect. That's it.
Red Lego Brick
Squirtle 7up
Stalkers, my dad checks stuff on my phone but he doesn't go that far that's he does
Ciaran Mcintyre
a cardboard box is more exciting than these kids lives
Nicholas Matula -DGS-
@Supernanny You titled the video wrong. I didn't threaten the Wrights, I threatened anyone who touches my belongings without my permission. They gave me my cigs back behind the scenes too.
Andrea Orr
Evil strict parents may your kids dump you in a dirty retirement home
Adam Ashrifeh
What kind of people call there parents yes sir yes mame
Wow you're tough kid no your not wuss
Mushroom Gaming.
If this boy doesn't confess his mortal sins, he will go to hell
Daniel Waisman
If he is 18 he really wasn't required to listen to them or go on the show.
Samuel Empey
Is it just me or does he kind of look like Ryan Lochty in the thumbnail
Base Ali
Its fake
over drive Sonic
Is that jake Paul?????
Cadence Williams
i live in nashville lol
Lol i would have called child services and have the parents confiscated in a white room
Huddlestone Phillips
Why not send him to boarding school ?
I thought that the mom was violating the kids privacy by going through the kids suitcases. Very disrespectful.
thats a crap phone
Fuggin McNuggin
yo he looks like a school shooter
Joshua Lynch
You say sir instead of dad and mam instead of mom
Woulda smashed their daughter
Dylan Klebold with black hair?
I hope he dies. mwhwmwhwwmm
Cubic Gamer
obviously it wont take a while for new kids to get used to the new parent but like u know....
C3N1 3R1J0N
Damn the dude at the end
pheobe shemwell
god damn that daughter cute
bruh that kid be lookin like he got a bucket of black paint dropped on his head
Master Ding dong
I don't like controlling the kids kids should be the freest.
They shouldnt be forced in any ways and enjoy their lives the way they like..
School ? Fk that..sleep ? Yeaa.
Eat ? Yeaaaaa.
Play games ? Yeaaaaaaaa
Dad is gonna work for them...
I'm fine with everything these parents do apart from the 'yes sir' and 'yes ma'am' part. I don't think it's right for parents to enforce this because they're meant to care for their kids, not treat them like they're in the army!
Adam Walton
Weird parents
Titanic Titan
Anyone realize he changed his throwing hand when he was throwing the baseball
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