Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff | Worlds Strictest Parents

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cheyenne reed
I think it's way overboard to go through someones things without them knowing. That's disrespectful.
Parents like this really creep me out, there is just something very unnatural about them both. It gives me the shivers when i hear a child refer to there mom or dad as sir or mam.
peter's adventure
why des he sound like a pissed of shaggy
He looks like an off brand Eric Harris
living with parents like this is just a sad life
I'm a Christian and I don't believe with the creeping, saying yes ma'am and sir and making little kids do labour until they are of an appropriate age.
Alejandro Lemus
I don't see why these parents are bitching at him for partying and skating. Every skater does that, and skateboarding is actually a good career.
Ashley Stephens
Teen needs a nanny??
Hannah Krieg
Dham..im from baltimore
FlipThe Table
I'm on the kids side
Description Untitled
That is such a stupid thing to say. But those parents are pretty creepy for sneaking around their kids like that.
Storytale Amanda
I’m not looking forward being a teen
Thanks nick you ruined being a teen for me
Great job
At least I’m a kid still
I would’ve slapped the heck out of him
I ain’t afraid of him
Tisen Durst
This is get out
Macs DLR
The religious mom reminds me of Ms. Hattie from despicable me.
Richard Johnson
So they never have free time or freedom and there doing chores all the time? I don’t do chores, unless I get payed, and I don’t call my parents yes man and yes sir.
Sadie Plays YT
i want to swipe a card though that kids front teeth and say 'debit or credit?'

oh am i going too off topic?
Spikiest Lotust
Lmao gtfo if i had parents like that ill leave
Worbinu Cinimod
horse snorts
Girl's Thoughts: (There must be some kinda way outta here)
Milky sausage
These parents are actually insane
Denise Leito
Omgg who does he look like. His face is soooo familiar
Parent stalkers
Megan w
I live in Nashville lol not far
Why tf do you stalk your own kids, search them, AND DOING THE SAME TO STRANGERS
David Salman
Retaliation is a result as a natural behavior when being oppressed, when you start harsh on your children remember that you will get old and they will grow big and one day they will treat you the way they have been treated.
Maddie Neukirch
The girl that was from that family is so pretty
Melanie S.
3:54 the little girl falling 😂😂😕😂
Isabelle Holland
God, i would threaten to
Brendon R Rutherford
Lol something tells me sams wife aint being honest about mason
No rights to go through your stuff? Boy, you live in your PARENT’S home! Who cares if you used you own cash to pay for it when your parents still feed you, pay the bills and wash your clothes? Shut the hell up boy
TJ McMahon
My parents don't spy on me and same with everyone I know. That's just creepy. As long as my parents know where I go it's fine. That's just weird.
Jkavier vanegas
They are nice compare to mine
Tiffany Terra Berrie pie
That horse I's me when it head buts his leg >:3
charlie fleet
there is strict and there is obsessive and intrusive
Garret Woeller
Well i mean going nomad doesn't hurt
Apex ghost
I work 3 times a day for my parents
That sneaking thing is kinda weird
These type of people that are rude is annoying
Miko TfP
The farmers aren't doing a very good job at parenting they're taking their children's childhood away
that’s called child labor
Juju S
Bruh they look like a freaking stock photo 😒
Make Way
Stop being enablers. Just let him live on the street for a couple months. He'll fix up.
the_ og savage
They look like they stink
This show exists because the parents are idiots and don't just restrict them from drinking/partying in the first place.
Katelyn Gonzalez
he's hot lmao "sounds like a hell of a life"
Taut Ron
Helicopter parents right there
Ben White
That hair cut
Furious Client
People would die for that baseball talent and he just Chuck's it away like it's nothing
Nibba Boi
This family seems like a hell
There is no trust with this family it's kinda bad
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