Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff | Worlds Strictest Parents

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Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff. Welcome to The Worlds Strictest Parents. 

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Where's the full episode of this?
Curious Lex
what episode is this
Jake paul Fan
Respect your parents kids
Vilsen Vionel
this vid is when my bd
Jtan 77768
Its morally wrong to like take someone or check someone stuff. Like wtf , who r u ? U r a nobody to check our stuff , u aren't even our parents lol ok
Jtan 77768
Y Tf should we call parents Mam and sir . What r we? Prisoners
Jtan 77768
Haha stupid farm house
Rirei G Maki
I'm surprised at the amount of people who are against the parents. They're really not that bad. I've seen way worse 😞
Chronos thanos
He would be scared of my dad
Asia Prestianni
That boy is hella ugly! 😭🤣😂😅😂
Trickshoting on Mw2 or bo2
he looks like a young rocky
Jackson Woodley
Poke Maniac
Taking away phone for lying Wtf these parents are so strict
Angel Rios
They can go to jail if they looked through his bag
Ethan Kincaid
Tbh, they had no rights or permission to go through his belongings, rights of self, rights of property.
Them parents are worse then the kids, yesss sir, yess ma'am.
Anønymøus Víds
What episode is
Yes ma'am? No ma'am? Yes sir? No sir? What are they, drill sergeants?
Luke Dickson
If he's 18, why can't he just leave
Earths Home
Joe The Philosopher
This sounds like the worst family to be a part of
Dani4fun Just cause
Full episode please?
Noah Amorim
ok wtf calling his mom and dad yes sir/mama wtf
PG LC Spax
That's not a kid he is 18
It's Me
If they said, "Give me your phone," I would say that I need to be in contact with my mom, that is the truth, at school, the nurse said I had an 100.1 fever and she said go back to class, so I got my phone, went to the bathroom, and called my mom, when they saw me put it back they called my mom, this is what they said, "She is not supposed to have a phone at school," my mom was like, nope, she needs to be in contact with me at all times, even if the school doesn't give her one.
It's Me
If they said, "Give me your phone," I would say that I need to be in contact with my mom, that is the truth, at school, the nurse said I had an 100.1 fever and she said go back to class, so I got my phone, went to the bathroom, and called my mom, when they saw me put it back they called my mom, this is what they said, "She is not supposed to have a phone at school," my mom was like, nope, she needs to be in contact with me at all times, even if the school doesn't give her one. So yeah, I left the school because I got super sick, I almost went to the hospital
Jackson Storm
Swearing is a sin so if this family swears a lot then god will get angry
3:34 as if he couldnt tell she was the mum already
Louis bodden
Yoo I should go to that house
let him be him bro. damn
kkkei 96
nobody says "no sir no ma'am and yes sir yes ma'am. especially 2 their parents r u kidding me? ur suppose to feel close to ur family and comfortable. they r definitely not making it comfortable and if my parents made me talk like dat i wouldve felt so distant from them i wouldve felt our relationship was slave and master
brandon 52
he has constipation
Backyard Sequoia
You're supposed to say ma'am or sir to your parents. It's respectful. Doing otherwise is seen as rude.
krissk8ter850 24
There a nice family but there wicked strict
wait he is 18 so he can do what ever he wants but he should change do
Excuse me, correct me if I'm wrong, but did she just say she wants to know the answer to a question before you ask them? That ruins the whole purpose of a question!
Dr.Pikachu FTW
How did I get to this again
They are way too strict wtf
Karli Goff
You parents are boring
i cant think of a good name
hes 18 you cant control him
These parents are control freaks, the way he spoke to that horse says it all. The horse clearly doesn't like him and for a good cause.
Simple Times
he's a legitimate bully and a delinquent
Evelyn's channel of fun
I have the exact same reaction when my mom says clean my room
mlg pro pc gamer
so wait they went through there stuff that's teneclicly ileagl
Nobody notices that this kind of parenting is actually very abusive and invading? Gross.
Taylor Lex
Sneaking up on your kids is pretty disturbing...
Lauren Armstrong
Kaitlyn is so pretty!
Nick has every right to be mad that they went through his stuff, it's untrustworthy, but he doesn't need to threat them
Riverson Mosier
Supernanny: AKA grounded videos IRL
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