Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff | Worlds Strictest Parents

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Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff. 
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Thomas Willis
My parents were strict but they weren't like this. You can have a behaved child without disrespecting their privacy and them personally.
David B
I feel like this type of parenting is how you raise a school shooter
Spider- Man
6:04 being caught in a lie be like
caitlyn is fine as hell
Xavier 2294
Those children are better than the parents
jesterman 37
these parents are horrible and shouldn't have kids, forcing kids to work and work and then to make them say sir and ma'am, and to spy on them, nasty
Matthew Hough
only like 100 times worse
Matthew Hough
I feel they just searched the bag so they could take his stuff,if they took my stuff I would of lashed out
Mario Perales
I came to watch kids get yelled at
they cant sneak around checking up on their kids and then demand respect, being their parents doesnt mean you should just have respect, you still need to show it, sneaking up and checking on them is controlling and shows you dont trust them, thats not respect, thats pure disrespect. its helicopter parenting and its downright damaging. if you want to be a good parent you need to give your kids space, respect, privacy and trust. these are terrible parents. its abuse straight up.
Eden.judith• N
I say yes ma'am no sir to my parents and I have a good relationship with them,and it's just respectful.the sneaking around thing is a bit weird tho. And with looking in their stuff is what their supposed to do to the 'trouble to kids' do u want them to do weed do drugs n drink ??
Aleah Kurtzhals
Why is WSP on the SuperNanny channel?
sum khuptong
First thing in parenting (or any relationship for that matter) is to build trust.
"Yes ma'am"? "Yes, sir?" Um, these are your children, don't make them talk like their your servants. Following kids on a date? Are you kidding me? That's just wrong! Searching their things? Are you kidding me? Okay, do that to your own kids, but those two? Yeah, no, it's not your right to dig through their stuff!
ITs not the child fault its the parents. In all the scenarios I've watched the parents are either way to strict and dont let the children have freedom, or too soft and the kids are free to do whatever they want. Parents in this generation need to spend more time to understand them and bond with them. They're their parents. Not prison guards.
Mr. Lemon
This is NOT supernanny
The Eyes of Sweg
Zoomed in, Nick. Zoomed out, Eminem
Chloe Martin
it looks like im watching the worlds strictest parents
Jane Snape
He's smoking and liying
makes me wanna watch a full episode
Lyn Can't Game
stopping smoking is good but getting off of it is not easy. You can't just drop it like these parents are doing
Snow Man
She was creepy when she said they looked good it was like this 😏👌
Jayden Davis
Mom: we search our own child's stuff so that we know what are the answers before we ask to see if they lie

(Dad walks in): sniffs panties "ok I think we're done here"
Keith Kogane
Love it his grades started falling he started farted b••••• everyone farts
jayden marsland
why is this on superannys channel
Kurtis Brennan
these parents are complete stalkers
Kurtis Brennan
their taking the kids freedom
mikey t
Things like respect, privacy, freedom, cars, licenses. Are earned not just given.
Max Metcalf
That's what I call good choreography 0:04
Ryan Evans
nothing wrong with yes sir yes ma'am. RESPECT
Where's the full episode of this?
Curious Lex
what episode is this
Jake paul Fan
Respect your parents kids
TheLegend 27
this vid is when my bd
Jtan 77768
Its morally wrong to like take someone or check someone stuff. Like wtf , who r u ? U r a nobody to check our stuff , u aren't even our parents lol ok
Jtan 77768
Y Tf should we call parents Mam and sir . What r we? Prisoners
Jtan 77768
Haha stupid farm house
Rirei G Maki
I'm surprised at the amount of people who are against the parents. They're really not that bad. I've seen way worse 😞
Masked Terror
He would be scared of my dad
Pong Sintaisong
That boy is hella ugly! 😭🤣😂😅😂
Trickshoting on Mw2 or bo2
he looks like a young rocky
Jackson Woodley
Anakin the Cavoodle
Taking away phone for lying Wtf these parents are so strict
Angel Rios
They can go to jail if they looked through his bag
Ethan Kincaid
Tbh, they had no rights or permission to go through his belongings, rights of self, rights of property.
Them parents are worse then the kids, yesss sir, yess ma'am.
Anønymøus Víds
What episode is
Preston Garvey
Yes ma'am? No ma'am? Yes sir? No sir? What are they, drill sergeants?
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