Dom invites two girls over at the same time that he had relations with before... Carmelita goes to the aiport.. dont miss this one



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David Dobrik
Guys sorry for my late uploads recently I've been so annoyingly busy!! But now I'm done being busy so forgive me
Peyton Vanest
Dirte Dom brings home incrediblyyyyy sexy chicks. Respect.
y Sahelu
Carmelita's wig looks like tana mougeus extensions
Roses Have Thorns
When she said Rose, I legit started laughing because that's my name!
Lynzy Janelle
Bruhhhhh when your name is Lynzy but spell differently πŸ˜‚
Wayne Tham
3:28 what a PARTY! i wish i want to go xd that beat tho
George Howarth
I wanna see sum STRAIGHT OUTTA davids vlog merch
Armando Leiva
Does anyone know what that song is at 3:27 - 3:37
hahaha Alex dancing was the BEST EVER!
Dalka Riverhurricane
alex at playlist killed me
Jeffrey Huether
3:33 is my new favorite clip on all of youtube
Jay C
I think that was the best drop ever
Mz. Hyde
Your grandma is the grandma all our grandma's strive to be....
Cyan Pinedo
best vlog everrrrr
Valeria Ruiz
I love how Josh Peck makes so many jokes!πŸ˜‚
Mickalla Carlson
Who else loved the table breaking dance? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I feel like Jason's children get bullied in school because of their dad.
Nerd Cat13
Dom that was funny but if you dare distesect Utah again i will hurt you

Edit: fucking hurt you
Omfg doms jawline looks so sharp in the thumbnail
Nicholas Vitali
Holy shit that amazing what alex did on the club
Mochi Kitten
David Dobrik's grandma is so funny omg
Julia Sarnelli
Why do I wanna fuck Dom😹😹
Anya Deising
What that about at the end with Todd?
elle grace
freaking josh in the background of the thumbnail
Noella Forlemu
Alex is honestly my favorite in all in vlogs
arcangel nickk
i think Heath got the best merch. colour and the way it looks, pops
Chris Way
Josh in the back on the tumbnail πŸ˜‚
Jaime Jeng
I would love to be in davids family
takaster chips
Josh pecks face in the thunbnail kills me everytime
Dis shiet should be illegal.

Fucken great
Random Person
Why is everyone suddenly from Lithuania? 🀣
Emma RodrΓ­guez Perdones
Why are you making fun of rape
Swagmaster Ultimate
Teagan Wittmaack
Omar looks kinda like pusha t
Gaia De Pietro
How does Alex not have a girl friend I would go out with him just cause I feel bad never mind how funny he is
Madallyn Castillo
I'm dead after this video lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚XD
Dani Stevens
Seeing Alex dancing was the best thing that happen today, especially when he smashed the table.
Corrine Budris
Hey I'm Lithuanian... 😏
Alisha Chamberlain
Carmaleta and helga should meet up
Brenda Mendiola
The last bit was amazing I love the look of the party is there any more clips of it
Julius Sanchez
i did the math when carmelita said she sucked 35000 dicks in a year and it works out to 3.9 or 4 dicks per hour but because i guess she sleeps i will be about 6 to 7 dicks per hour.
Education bitches.
sophie stylinson
Honestly i have times where I fancy Dom but then I remember Alex exist and I'm like BITCHHHH what's a Dom?
Ah I love Ross's grandma
That beat drop gave me a fucking nose bleed
The Shadow
I thing Alex likes fucking tables
Chase Alex
The only reason he has 4 mil is because he is really funny
Oscar Sanchez
Doms the type of person to fuck everyone and everything
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