Salem Andrada
1:25 Damn, he almost locked him in there. I mean, I would've had no good reply to that.
Harry, is that you?
Kely lüv BTS I am Seokjin Queen
He is a one handsome lad. Love him so much❤
Kate A
Kimmel you pest snake😂😂
The Real Deal Horses
I can see why many would ask Kit questions about the show and maybe get some clue for what is to come but at the same time, I wish he would stop asking questions about things in his future for the show. When he says that he cannot say much, it means he cannot say much.
I do like how Kit handles it though. Thanks for uploading.
Frank Lotion
That's a pretty man
Well hackers released the scripts for whole who cares about fake scenes lol
miraj bokhiria
Don't know much about him thou,, but love. To meet him and would say .. one word thank you
Honestly an insanely charming man, omg it's crazy
Ceren Çevik
jimmy is literally me.
Dave H.
That first question really was pretty sly. And Kit caught it so easily. It's like he's been trained to do interviews.
Jodi-Marie Hastings
Dan Jimmy is sly
0:46 Kit checks his phone on his pocket after Jimmy tells Guillermo to get his phone on the dressing room lol 😂
"fake scenes"? all the photos and those scenes have been real so far haha
Iron Lung
Jennie Kimmil is a pain in the ass
Remarkable SeiF
''Fake scenes'' = BS
Valentin Orlov
those guys are better not to be pissed off, this man is obviously scared for his life)
Anna H.
does anyone also get indiana jones vibes from kit with his glasses?
Bradley S
If Theon and Jon is a fake scene, will be fookin furious.
Ugh Kit is so freaking sexy ohmygod. THE GLASSES I can't.
Jimmy the clever bastard 😂😂😂
Seleste Wiggins
Lol he has his fone in his pocket. He does know somethings
Colton Lee
I need game of throne cast read mean tweets pleaseeeeeeeee
Wow Kimmel is rude af in this. Let the man TALK. Jesus.
Eric Kanervan
The only leaked scene I saw was Daenerys and Jon on the beach of Dragonstone, so...
Fabian Ahmad
it has to be as a joke or something....I don't get why ANY true fan would want spoilers haha I mean seriously, don't you watch the fuckin show for the fuckin surprises??? Who would want to watch a show and already know what's coming? I don't get it....
August Heart
Kit looks annoyed 😂
Silver Rainbow
what a pain in the ass
Shannen Carter
I hate that these kind of interviews have just become interrogations for spoilers. It's annoying and stupid because a) We already know the cast aren't allowed to share any spoilers b) The interview time could be used to actually discuss interesting topics that the fans care about c) Why would anyone deliberately WANT to ruin the ending? I mean, seriously what would even be the point in watching? d) It's awkward to watch how uncomfortable it is for the cast member to constantly dodge the relentless questions. You can literally see Kit trying to lean as far away from Jimmy as possible and he's clearly not at ease like I've seen him be in other interviews. I mean, seriously dude, what part of "I can't say anything" is hard to understand!?

Actors and actresses must have the patience of saints to remain so professional and polite throughout all of these ridiculous interviews. You have to take your hat off to them really.
Family PlayLife
What's he doing in Spain?
Rata Touille
He is...physically edging away from Jimmy....
he's adorable
Osama Elgendy
I love this man so much
sharma prativa
A girl can watch him talk all day ❤️❤️
Uh I would have totally fallen for that one, without thinking...
JJ zhu
theres already spoilers for the whole season, it wasnt confirmed until 90% of episode 1 and episode 2 matched perfectly with the said spoilers, so the rest is likely to be true as well.
that was sly
Really, it's sad that the cast still has to deal with all of that even on a TV show like this. Don't you have interesting things to talk about? Interviews like this sure do get both actor and TV show attention etc, but these questions and jokes were boring and insubstantial 3 seasons ago.
Jøhñŷ Töûçåñ
He feels for his phone
it makes me LOL when they tell us that there's a fake scene bec u can see that they still acting hahaha
Jon Bjork
They should really do a GOT mean tweets!
Klim Parker
Very on point Fam?
Cris Lima
Why does he want to spoil the new season for himself so bad
Peter Sedesse
HBO could make a mint selling a box set of the fake scenes. It would be like another ´bloopers´ thing.
lungile ndlovu
The King in the North.
ryzel garcia
John snow is a targaryen,adopted by Ned. Queen stark comes back to life as an evil queen and takes revenge.
Penny Scott
Love the specs on you, Kit.
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