Draw with Jazza
Look Ma! I'm BUZZFEED!
Daniel _derdas
that looks so amazing 😍 where i can buy these pencils
ab osm
personally I like the cheap pencils picture better.
TheDerpyMango :3
Him: $80 colored pencils

Me: Heck noooooo
Panda Bear
I had three eyegasms watching this I SWEAR THE EXPENSIVE ONES ARE OOHH I HAVE NO WORDS
Michael Bricker
from a gamer standpoint. $0 cafe pencils = original game then.... $80 Swiss pencils = Remastered game.
King LAF
TBH I like the 0$ better
Jack Schroeder
Anyone else watching after midnight
Matthew Murray
I figured out why I sucked so bad in art class
C. Sheehan
'Just like they do on BUZZFEED' ROFL
Not at all my boy Deeueugh
Dude the 0 dollar pencil dosent look bad
Chara Dreemurr
Markers vs colored pencils
Cyprezz Cool
I really like the 0$ one because it's plain and simple but with effort it looks beautiful.
Also Shading with the 0$ ones are much more effective because of how the color are light and not really dark really meant for shading.
A combo of both would make that picture So MUCH better.
Personal opinion.
the 80 dollars are so beautiful!!
Random Drawing Yeah
I like the cheap pencil version. Why? It's because it is so simple. 🙂
Magnolia the witch
Cheap pencils always bring that pastel tone you will never get rid of if you need to. Lol
angel links
I like both drawing because the one with 0$ pencil is really pretty so do the one with the Cardan D'ache so maybe it's because you are good in what you do
Shadow Smile
I mean... yeah, the expensive pencil art is better, but you hade more color choices then with the ones that you got for free
honnestly i like the cheap ones best. idk i guess i just like pastel colors and not so bright
its like play a game on 1 fps for 2 hours and then go to 500 fps you feel so alive
Fernando Lira
the luminance are to much to you
Hannah Shin
"just like they do at buzzfeed" OMG LOL
Total idiot
I think most of you won't agree, but I like the cheaper one more. It's showing that you don't need expensive items to create a nice artwork.
LittleDoodles With Rachel
I like the 0$ pencil drawing better :3
Moukazaru Gen2010
if you heat up the tip of cheap pencils, you would get the same effect
Kimicvyla Nokerano
I like the 0 dollar one better
Fridy Cat
I like the first one better
kietya byaku
can u compare art made on Photoshop to traditional art? I've compared digital art to traditional art before but I have Paint Tool SAI and I'm curious to see how Photoshop compares to traditional art.
Luke Corey
Honestly, I like the $0 dollar ones better.
LootBox [GD]
How can I get $0 color pencils
Look in--Tras.... Can
How can I get $80 color pencils
Go to store
Make sure to bring pistol or knife
Come in and put pistol up
Shoot yourself and hope that you will born in better family with lots of money
The only thing is, I like the cheap color in better, it looks like it can be on a kids show(which says a lot)
Ring Chen
2:00 who else thinks the left ball looks better
Synae Alexander
that's baylee' s coloring book page anybody else a fan of Baylee Jae??
Zero Sinitheria
Gawd I'm so glad I got the expensive colored pencils for my B-day! Jesus!
bonkle arple prederctions
might as well make a "why I left buzzfeed" video XD
sonic sonu
Its like playing a game in 480p compared whit playing it in 4k XD
Electric Anime
If I had the 80 dollar pencils I couldn't even bring my self to actually use it
Bhanu Gajera
anxinic and alicon
hi coolest dad
Sven Nero
0$ looks like PS3 and 80$ looks like a PS4 remaster
Anubis Darkcrawler
I think you should retry the piece with the $80 pencils, but with the same colours as the crappy pencils.
William Nicholson
$80 versus $0 zero dollars it is
For this price they should be self-drawing pencils?
kc galactic
Buzz feed is a feminist channel 4 fags lol
Lucy Farrell
Yeah red door

It's orange
And pinning your own comment is really egotistical but still love you
Lucy Wilson
Growing up with cheap things when I saw an expensive pencil I really just felt like I didn't matter. Kids don't need expensive pencils, it's not like they're just going to draw the next Mona Lisa with them but I'm not saying go and buy your kid crappy pencils and markers for their birthday because markers or felt tips can run out really easy or some have terrible nibs that break the second you start using them. Sometimes it's worth the extra money to buy something higher quality and more durable for your older kids and yourself
Ms Glasses Man
I remember a while back, I'd use better/more expensive colored pencils for the initial coloring and follow up with waxy cheaper pencils for blending.
DragonicQueen Xx
I quite like the cheap drawing more, ahaha. Like Jazza said, I prefer the more pastel tone.
alli_ xo101
I use studio series pencils (I think that's the name) aren't too good but being I just started to get into drawing. but they aren't that expensive
How many times did he talk about how the pencil bled in with each other 😂😂😂
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