Mama Dog Begs, Brings Food Back to Pups


Occurred on December 16, 2016 / Bangkok, Thailand

Info from Licensor: "This mother dog was begging for the grilled chicken for the second time. The first time she held it in her mouth and ran away. I decided to follow her to where she was going and discovered that she was taking it to her litter of puppies.."

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Ray Hansen
They NEED adopting
Michael Gedies
So sweet
Jhon Lampost
wtf they live in a cemetery 💀
G Ks
mother is mother whether she is human or animal.
Smitb Smitb
chicken bones can kill. they shatter into sharp bits that puncture the intestines... so ive heard
She has bigger tits than me
God bless u
Siddharth Chauhan
0:11 - who else spotted a distant cousin of the Stig? 😎
Lucy Kelly
What a good mother dog! Im glad you fed her and her babies!
K.S. K
this is sad😔😔😔😔😔poor mother..why the people where she lives can't feed her nd her puppies...
Anthony Smith
Good job...original poster.
Twiggy the lizard
I keep saying,some animals are better than some people.
I have to go call my mom
Adam Lapidus
Aww, that's cute. Are the dogs still stray? Or did someone take them?
Good for me I love dogs
SUCH a good mom. it's just too bad some human moms aren't HALF that good.
that's one good mom she didn't even take a bite.i hope some one saved them all.
Great video, but too bad we could only watch throught a small window.
This happens rite here in the good ol' USA. Nothing, no where, is exempt from hunger.
Awwww!!! Omg this made me cry, shes such a good mommy! I hope u rescued them, or at least fed them more food. :'(
that's a long walk back home to her pups :( wonder how they are doing now!
New York Apple
pls rescue them😢if not continue to feed their precious souls
OMG!!! Cuteness overload....thanks to the person who fed her...
Manoj Ravoori
Plot twist: The pups ate their dad
Jason Tang
Did u give them more food or do they have feeders?
that one dog just took it though
I'm gonna cry.
Good man!
Nice but Maybe next time get meat off the stick :)
First Last
So touching.
dogs are awesome
Mary Budd
I hope you gave them water and proper food.
Cutie mimi
poor mama is hungry but would rather to feed her pups instead
Bengal Ghost
I know this isn't anywhere near Chinatown.
That's how they find the rest to eat them.
Connected One
Oh, my....😔😢....Beautiful.
Ayush Bhardwaj
damn cute...
Anastasia Kvan
Poor homeless domesticated animals - product of human hands.
Mary Pelton
even the mama dog thinks of her kids first
Brenda Lopez
awwww im sure she was hungry but put her pups first 😢 I hope she gets food everyday
Barbara Washington
Mama looks like a Jack Russell Terrier mix. They are the smartest, sweetest dogs.
I love this man for being so compassionate.
Malcolm MacLeod
The maternal instinct is natures gift to all of us living creatures. And it is so supremely powerful.
could've eaten it herself but didn't! took it to pups instead more loyalty than a lot of people.
ickep yj
Chris Affinati
My gawd. I love this so much and dogs are so smart!!!
Karen Romero
he didint save the pups😢😢
You needed to remove that wooden stick :/ if they eat that they could die
Where was that Chicago?
Alexandra Lehman
The dog you see in my profile pic may be one of those puppies because she looked exactly like them when she was little and she was found abandoned you can check her story at Millie's story ( Alexandra lehman to make the search quicker) on YouTube
Joanna Sebelski
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