Mama Dog Begs, Brings Food Back to Pups


Occurred on December 16, 2016 / Bangkok, Thailand

Info from Licensor: "This mother dog was begging for the grilled chicken for the second time. The first time she held it in her mouth and ran away. I decided to follow her to where she was going and discovered that she was taking it to her litter of puppies.."

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MáññaM RáJ
what the hell... 156 dislikes... fuck off dislikers
vivian cortes
Would love to know what was the point of this Video uploaded ??????? gave the mother Dog this chicken on a stick making it dangerous for her to """""Choke"""" and got stuck in her throat..................... instead of having them pieces split up to be distributed evenly for and her babies.......... this video is """Heartbreaking""" !!! wish I were there right NOW to help this family from Hunger AND danger. If we see something DO something about it! :( :( How about calling a animal rescue organization please ??? Or telling me/us where is this Family right now ???? so I can direct myself to numerous Animal rescues in your country ???????
speedy coster
very intellegent dog
Rosa Acevedo
thumb up to the camera men
first make kids then worry about how to feed them later (a philosophy not limited to dogs)
Laura Carrillo
😭she took her babies some chicken. ... how cute
That one pup who went straight for the human.
George Luz
Did he go into someone's backyard?
The government needs to get involved in this vertical video shit. Sterilize people too stupid to hold their camera the right way. This shit has gone on too long.
Holly Anderson
Poor thing hope she got feed well
Ned Thumberland
A mother's love conquers the fear of a stranger in the desperate hope that her pups will be fed, too. Thank heavens, we have these creatures to remind us of the power of love.
Emily Ann Clemente
aw it looks like they are all very healthy happy puppys moma does a good job
kevin sims
Thats a smart dog damn
kevin sims
Smart ass dog!!
Tushar Malap
melt my heart.
Lion Heart
This vedio makes me cry
Private Baconn
0:58 momma dog is like oh I'm so sorry you want this back?
it made me feel like absolute crap because I never let my Lil bro use the Xbox and he's always there watching me telling me what I should have done and this momma dog can feed a litter BY HERSELF and still keep them fed....GOD IM SELFISH
Lionel Hutz
0:54 the fuck you following me for?
Gabriela Agüero Zapata
todos los que manejan manadas,tienen que preocuparse por la suya
Rynn Tinn
My dog would gobble up that chicken in 0.5 seconds. What a good mama.
may li
God bless you and God bless Thai king
take that
you never follow a lady home.
Thank you for this. The MOST HIGH IS A GOOD GOD. Such love even in the animals surge from him.
ashli valiyakath
0:5 the moment she thanks him in her language
BeAsA Roze
My neighbours dog died painfully because of such a meat stick some idiot must have given it. Please don't do that!!!
Taylor Miller
I feel bad for the poor pups and the mama dog... if I were that lady, I would have kept them
Rudy Chan
Those people dislike this video must be some kind of heartless shits
Jaws Soledad
Almost makes you forget this world is a piece of 💩💨
bernadette pilar
poor fur babies!! any rescue for them
Abe Lin
So unselfish and the care of her pups!
Jan Shankenstein
Good on you for feeding them. Nice to see the mothers devotion. Nice to look at pleasant things on YouTube once in a while.
She's such a good mom! I just want to pet her and tell her she did a good job. I hope she didn't get separated from her puppies.
Ray Hansen
They NEED adopting
Michael Gedies
So sweet
Jhon Lampost
wtf they live in a cemetery 💀
G Ks
mother is mother whether she is human or animal.
She has bigger tits than me
God bless u
Siddharth Chauhan
0:11 - who else spotted a distant cousin of the Stig? 😎
Lucy Kelly
What a good mother dog! Im glad you fed her and her babies!
K.S. K
this is sad😔😔😔😔😔poor mother..why the people where she lives can't feed her nd her puppies...
Anthony Smith
Good job...original poster.
Twiggy the lizard
I keep saying,some animals are better than some people.
I have to go call my mom
Adam Lapidus
Aww, that's cute. Are the dogs still stray? Or did someone take them?
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