GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 - Gamora & Star-Lord Slow Dance Clip Trailer (2017) Blockbuster Movie HD

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 - Gamora & Star-Lord Slow Dance Clip + Trailer (2017) Action Blockbuster Movie HD
© 2017 - Marvel Studios

2:03 I love this voice of starlord
Jenna Mattson
"Ya know they told me that you were conceded dosh bags, but that isn't true at all winks ....."DUDE!"......."awe using the wrong eye"

Same bro, same
Ozzie Ozzie
Putain de caca boudin je pourrais vendre ma propre fratrie pour être Gamora à ce moment là
Chreece Trammell
i like sl
Hungry Drummer Joey
R.I.P. headphone users 1:00
JianaPlayz - MCPE & Content
And if you dont love me now you will never love me again yeah yeah yeah i could still hear you saying you will never love me again

Guardians of the galaxy is most likely by Gamora And Star lord only its just a fact
But Gamora! I thought you said assassins DON'T dance!
Kayonna Dyer
Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 |f u l l M o v i e

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Leonardo Sosa
minuto 0:49kiss her now good damit
She kinda looks like queen b
LPSwolfy Cat
OMGGGGGGG!! I totally ship gapetea 👫
Đỗ Tuấn
What is name's song on the video?
Jenna Denjern
sasha smart
what the hell is the song ? im going on the deep web trying to find it
Gerard Alce
Starlord the MCU jesus hehe...
Drax absolutely killed it in that movie. All his comments were hilarious. XD
bioshock 69
lol ive just seen some 4k trailers of this and yes it looks good now want to see it
Sabrin Lima
hey guyz this is sabrina plz subcribe my channel.i will subscribe back
so starlord dies?
Christopher Cano
1:00 GOD DAMN IT, I had earbuds turned up high you bastard.
Yondu died
Yondu dies and Ego turns out to be a bad guy who even caused merediths death by putting a tumour in her brain. And stan lee talks to the watchers
Rocket & Groot
Titania&Bottom MidsummerNight
Peter is horny
Ashra Rudpa
Fleetwood Mac <3
Victoria Spatolisano
Said Ghani
Olivia Blohm
i'm calm... don't worry.. i'MMM FIIIINE!!!!..... aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! THE SHIP IS TOO MuCH!!!! faint
Marco Brilli
I've got the feeling that,when Spider-Man and Star Lord will meet each other in Infinity War,they'll make a running gag about the fact that they're both called Peter.
Daniela Dani
"And who the hell are you?" - " Im your DAD Peter!" ...This is out to be interesting xD ahah...
Emma Laila
All i am focus is just on baby groot....
Noah Pfister
They've been showing us all the funny stuff. Turns out the other half of the movie is a downright sad time. Bring the tissues, cause we're gonna have some hard to watch issues.
Flora Guan
you menzs ur own if yal haer notices
Flora Guan
just like th e exi twant the differnce at all
Just a short 2 weeks away. Squee!
LeoGang Monty
love is in the Galaxy 💓💕
Marcia Andrade
Shippo Gamora e Peter ♥
amanda simons
Peter and Tony are going to get along so well in infinity wars XD
She's falling victim to his pelvic sorcery!
Lexi Love
I love Gamora
Eelis Makela
Own bow narrow welfare command pregnancy neighbor differ closed being complicated.
Mr. King
gamora is gorgeous thooo
vince gredo
Not trying to diss Same Cooke but I think percy sledge did a better version of bring it on home
The second they announced Kurt joint the cast, I knew he was gonna be Quill's Papa.
Shock Wave
I hope that's Shuma Gorath.
If it is, another Villian from Marvel Super Heros!!! 😁😆
Praveen Kumar
Looks like he want some green pussy
William Webb
Gamora Is So Hot
Blue Pineapple
I am groot. I am groot? I am groot. I AM GROOT! I AM GROOT. i am groot...
Maryu Daiku
Only a Few Weeks more people. This will be So Awesome. Thanks.
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