The BIG PROBLEM With The Cleveland Cavaliers (HARSH TRUTH)

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The Cavaliers are now 4-6 through their first 10 games, and in this video, I'll tell you guys the big problem the Cleveland Cavaliers have right now.

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Killer x Diamonds
It's not really Lebron fault if someone on team can run the offense he wouldn't have the ball in his hand all game if Lebron doesn't have the ball they wouldn't score.
Moto-Z Giraffe
Also gotta realize I.T was the 60th overall pick he had to earn everything he's used to the fact he at least used to be not number 1 guy
beats producer
U deserve more subs and i never get ur notifications
slayyha haha
This dude talking about we don't know him 4 losing way is he high or something we watched u lose five chips not to mention all day times u lost in do playoffs b4 u went to Miami smh
Von Madden12
My guy.... you do know Isaiah Thomas is coming back in January right?
Jamar Mckay
Jamar Mckay
Yow bro Im 100% CAVS fan bro and i hate to say it but ur pointers are all right on point but lets see like you said what happens when IT comes hopefully its not tooo late.
nesar noseph escribano
the head couch is the problem he dont know how to make a strong team only strong players
Xuanzheng Zhou
the coach is the problem
carlo bagongon
shut the fuck up
Marcus Mims
The only reason they playing like this is because they need a point gaurd
Davian always up to di time a Gaza mi sha. Edwards
That's the truth brother.
Aisah Mandangan
i think there problem is defense and they need to move kevin love and tristan thompson as a power forward and center and they need to put d rose and d wade
Jan Mejares
Don't call yourself the best player on the planet if you have a problem about your age limit. MJ won rings until the age of 35 and still was able to win season MVP. Dream more lechoke!
Randy MI
cavs of lebron sucks !! that is the problem
Your only telling half of the story. The problem is the style of play. They need to stop running everything through LeBron. Why do you need to do that when you keep picking up ISO players? How about set screens and run pick and roll for some other players. Love is great in the post and could use more opportunities there. LeBron is in his 14th season y'all brag on his IQ he should be smart enough to know that is bad strategy.

The problem is that y'all give him the pass every yr because of his numbers and he is ok with it.
If you ask me. If the best player plays the most minutes I would expect more wins but the truth is his effort is half ass and thats why weak teams beat them and give them close game that require LeBron to play longer. If they had a better game plan then they could blow teams out and rest him like the Warriors do but let's not hate on the Warriors because they handle their biz.
TNT Section
The minute system of Cleveland is so funky because ty Lue is still out there trying to figure out who needs to be in the game and when. Lebron playing 37 minutes is ridiculous when you consider they have the TALENT to rest him. If Lebron gets hurt Cleveland will start to win again
Casa Station
lol - people have been triggered. #warriorsin5 lmao
Mark Rickard
James leaves his man wide open for 3s every game and doesn't help out other defenders.Thats the problem.He gives other teams easy points every game,.Just watch the game.
tomie myspace
Cleveland? More like Creviceland...Cavaliers? More like Cave dwellers...
tomie myspace
Why? Coz they're L team. A single man team. In fact it is not a team at all but one-man demolition club...crying when got no help.
Celtics VS bucks eastern finals 2018
ma elena atienza
They lost Kyrie. That's why these happens to them.
Brooklyn Butler
Defense is there problem
My life hacks
lmao cavs
ZThe Real
I predict Boston vs Goldenstate if the CAVS don't pull through
Nikki Preston
yo IT is going to kill everyone, watch
Meraki_v 100
look, I'm a Cavs fan๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ฏ, ur entitled to ur opinion, but the cavs are always the "considered" the underdogs.... I STILL HV FAITH IN THE CAVS!
Dbrotrue1000 Jones
๐Ÿ˜‚ the cavs got expose i believe they wont have the best record they will get in the playoffs they are not go win 60's and 70's games. not hating just speaking real facts peoples was talking bout the cavs got the games on lock nope the Boston record is 10 and 2 the last time i check โœ”
DMV guy here too. I wanted to catch that game but a buddy of mine went out of town I wanted to go with, so I watch the live But yeah, Bron is playing WAY too many minutes. But this is his fault. Lebron is record conscious. That's why this guy won't come off the floor. I'm not sure if you saw the Houston game last night, but during timeouts, Bron was in his own world. There was a point when NO player was sitting with Lebron during timeouts. Wade was the guy talking and encouraging his teammates, not Lebron.

It was so bad that the cameraman must have realized it and never panned to the Cavs bench again during timeouts. They just went to fan So there is a much bigger problem than just players not scoring or giving Lebron help. I think he's alienated his team with something he said or some sort of expectation they don't want to live up to. That may be why Ty Lue is running plays for his bench players and let's Bron do whatever he wants because he knows Bron is on a mission by himself.

During last night's game, Lebron missed like 3 str8 buckets playing with his back to the bucket. The problem wasn't the misses. The problem was Lebron didn't let ANY of his teammates touch the ball those plays. These Cavs fans can spin it however they want, but Lebron is a disease to the league. His time is up and he knows it so he's going for records. And it's icing his team out of an offensive rhythm...while Kyrie is proving why he was frustrated with Lebron. He's back in a system offense and str8 up ballin! I KNOW Lebron is mad at that because it devalues all that talk he spit out about trying to help "the kid". Look like Kyrie sonnin' Bron right now.

Still a long way to go so we'll see.
Lakers forever
I hope the cavs won't make the same mistake the lakers did back in 2013 cause i don't want LeBron to end his career due to injuries
studio XPS
what happen to 'the best player in the world" shit even M. jordan not saying like that......karma is real....the power OF shrek is gone>>>.HAHAHA....the king shrek!!!!!!!!!no more
Troy Prince
Share mins df are u talking about..IT is clearly gonna be getting over 30mins after he comes back.. itโ€™s the first 12 games they have 70more to go so ppl need to calm df dwn with the problem sht once they figure it out who gone stop them
drick cabangon
the main problem is over confidence thats it
Sean Able
Play Defense please guys,.....Your 2nd Unit need to be hard core bulls on Defense and have a transition core that can mix between the bench , and first Unit team.,..Commit on Defense ..and communicate more.....
kenny jam
Cavs need a new coach.
Logic Wooden
The Cavs are losing on purpose to be 8 th place so they can play Boston first in playoff . Crush Kyrie dreams early.
hatagaya hatsudai
Easy fire the head coach (because he is trash)
Boj Ayon
Ty lue sucks imo hehe
success for life
Coach is the problem, look at the spurs they play tall their players , ty lou didn't know defensive schemes, he needs to go,
Patrick Alan Raymundo Esmundo
Im going to have to say you are pretty spot on bro! But I believe the ROOT of the problem is...TY LUE. He is not getting the best out of his players. He's the Leader and Lebron is listening to he's gotta sort the stuff out. As you said, he's gotta get those other four starters averaging same minutes or around about what LBJ is doing...TY LUE is the key and TY LUE is the problem. He's the freaking coach....whats he doing to get his players going?
Ken Ikpe
It's early defense is the issue fix it are nun else really matters gotta put up a better effort
jim cachola
honest to goodness defense is missing and that's the main thing
Luis Ramirez
LeBron has to do to much? But I thought he was the best player on earth? I have 0 idea how anybody can say he's the best but he is not supposed to do these things? And he needs help to? Huh? What is this? I'm not understanding this..... I really don't understand how he's the best when he needs rest and help? Please explain.
Crowder no defense...everyine goes pass him...lebron cnt do it all by himself...
Nobody aint nothing but lebron. Oyeah he leavin...
Defense, Hustle, Trust, Heart
Azrael Archangel
How is it lebron's fault that he HAS to play a lot of minutes? You just trying to troll cavs fans to get views. Pathetic!
did dis man just say assaliers
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