Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Drop Test VS iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S8 Gorilla Glass 5 Compared To 7+?

S8+ vs 7+ BEND Test:
S8+ vs 7+ WATER Test:
S8 Liquid Nitrogen FREEZE Test:

Noah Abbott
could i have the broken iphone 7 plus
Rich Martinez
You dropped the s8 twice, ya DUMB-BASTARD!!!!
Not fair because you did the water test on the iphone
I hate that shirt you need a apple one like that it would be more ch better than that dumb Samsung shirt
dat boi
That's a fake iPhone 7+
JP_ 04
WTF! ok so first off the only cracking the Samsung did was on the back, which you can ALWAYS replace. the front was working just fine, and even if there were cracks it would be smooth. but then the iPhone IT LEGIT STOPPED WORKING FOR A WHILE, and after the biggest drop it's front was completely shattered and it really affect the displays and the sharp edges could cut your fingers. and then when samsung did the highest drop there was no visible cracks in the front. and yet you give it to the iPhone?! you even said how impressed u were by the samsung! I think this test came from personal bias
Fahad Mujeeb
the iPhone is tweaking because of water damage because the water went deeper when he droped it
Is called EverythingApplePro but likes samsung better...
mario ivan araojo
Dude can you give me either one of them i really appreciate it
jayant kainth
I think iphone 7 plus is fake
well what did i expect from an apple channel.
try this on black top or the street because my friend dropped his naked 7 plus from 2 to 3 feet and it shattered
Nischal thapa
likes for samsung
I don't know if I'm the only one, but I think the iPhone was at a disadvantage considering he used that one for a water test and it got water damaged in the test which could've contributed to the display
Connor Martin
ummm you can't use a water damages iphone and a brand new galaxy and call it "even"
The iPhone already had water damage. Lol seems like the water wedged itself in deep after the 10' drop.
Arcarde Azhurk
Could you send one of these for me to test?
florence howship
That wasn't a fair test he didn't drop the Samsung from 25 feet
Abel Ostrem
Why is your name everything apple pro if you like Samsung more
Korey Handler
how did this dude give the win to iphone when the liquid from the screen is slowly taking over the iphone screen rendering it useless?
Wanted s8 for my graduation but got the iPhone 7 Plus I’m quite happy
Lucio Rodriguez
Samsung won the iPhone broke more from the front
Denise Smith
Galaxy Galaxy more time GALAXY!!!
Alfredo Hinojosa
Alfredo Hinojosa
dude u got scammed on the Samsung galaxy s8
Robin Singh
i would raher have a cracked phone than a flickering one
Jeffery Northcutt
how the F do you give a win to a phone that doesn't work properly after testing just because the screen didn't crack ? ...... and the unusable winner is ??? how does that make sense when the other phone was usable? I didn't know you were testing paper weights
Daggies Daggies
dude i get cases all the time so samsung
Ruben Andino
You know you fucked up when you hear that sound
Jacob Viator
my galaxy s8 front AND back SHATTERED and CHIPPED while in my best pocket at work!! without hitting anything!!! Most expensive cheap piece of shit ive ever owned!!! I wish I could break the Bixby button off the phone too, that's worse than the shattered cover
who else saw that LV belt on his waist 😎🔥
Proofy131 Mystery
1440p squad wya
Fanoel Gutierrez
only point is gs8 was drop twice, the accidental drop then the test
khloud abo elnour
then how the fuck mine breaks throwing it on the fucking bed ??
CristianGaming GamingToGo
It was water I knew it
Alan Salcedo
Wee la dureza de la parte trasera no c compara, cómo sabes el del s8 es cristal, y el del iPhone 7 es de metal , sabes que el cristal es más frágil
Bailey Mate
the iphone already had water damage so that wouldnt have helped
Do u guys expect the iPhone 7 backplate to crack? I don't think so... cuz it's not glass.
Nikicha bg
Result: It only takes one drop to break your iPhone.
who else thinks Samsung clearly won this?
Sxdona Actually
So how much money did Samsung pay? Free shirt your wearing? Or¿ 🐸☕️
Sxdona Actually
Uses water damaged iPhone¿ first drop galaxy's back screen looks a mess there's scuffs on the iPhone¿ but they're even¿ but I'll sip this tea.
I really cannot agree with you about the iPhone. In what way did it "win"? The whole chassis is messed up, the screen is no longer working properly the screen and so on..?

The Galaxy lost its back which is not that bad, and the screen seems to be working properly?
easy win for the iPhone7. Yes the screen is shattered af but who throws his phone from 10 or 25ft
The twitching is caused by water not the drop.
Yash Dave
It should've been jet black iPhone 7 plus instead of regular iPhone 7 plus
iejshg dhdhdhd
11:40 so its not a plus
Nevaeh's Crazyness
That is a lie that Samsung was the winner it didn't glitch and only the smallest crack happened not the whole phone and you can just put a case on to cover the back
Extreme Gamers
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