Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Drop Test VS iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S8 Gorilla Glass 5 Compared To 7+?

S8+ vs 7+ BEND Test:
S8+ vs 7+ WATER Test:
S8 Liquid Nitrogen FREEZE Test:

Teddy Brown
ugggggghhhhhhhhh.... This gives me sooo much anxiety
Frank Garza
Frank Garza
Tyler hemmingsen
WHAT?!?!!? The i phone won! You could not even use it!!!!
Basil Awni
Wtf thats not the real s8 u can see that from the box and the packaging stfu layer
Jelly Bean
I didn't see him drop the S8 at camp the end? Wtf. Or I'm just blind
Nathan Anthony Pardo
I honestly think the water inside the iphone somehow helped it absorb the impact...cus my little sister barely dropped hers from waist level just the other day and that shit is cracked af. Even chips of glass missing so much so that she cut her thumb. I have never seen such a durable iphione in my life haha
amirhossein rafie tari
to be fair the s8 won the iphone started freaking out and was not really working anymore
marcos Alcántara Aldon
Me da pena
Colleen's Cookies
I got a ad mid drop for the 10 foot one😂😭😂
Colleen's Cookies
iPhone 7 can stay under water for more then an hour
Peter Johnson
he has a screen protector on the iPhone
Vaultzy G
I'm really doubting the Samsung break on the first test because the break origin wasn't even where it landed, plus I've dropped the same Samsung onto rocked and left mere scratches. And you really chose the iPhone as favorites cause you mean to tell me you'd rather have a tweaked ass screen popping out of your phone rather than a fine usable one with minor cracks to the top corner and a cheap fixable back. Plus replacing the LCD screen and possibly fingerprint scanner
Nadeem Iqbal
samsung wouldve never been here if apple was never founded
frosty thunder
Monster Eneergy!
Cauane Gomes
Nossa o iPhone 7 e resistente viu
melany garcia
I love the Samsung, because they are the best. WTF Men, is awesome. Hey men give me an samsung s8 or iPhone 7
But for the iPhone wasn't it used for a water test and who drops there phone that much I freaking out just dropping my iPhone on a pile of clothes on my floor
Dabi Games
Legendary nokia arrived


nokia : (speaks japanese)

iphone not understand

samsung opened gogle translet

samsung speaks japanese bak

iphone jelly and cri

iphone calls steven jobs

steven job : no idea what to doo

iphone : oh wow oh wow oh wow

samsung attacks iphone

iphone craks

iphone mor cri

iphone battery 0%

iphone ded

nokia cri

nokia falls from tower

no dmg

samsung falls from tower

no dmg

all live long and happy


motorola arives

says hello

asks : iphone is ded??

everyone YASS

motorla happy 2 nomore useless phones in world
Yay Apple Wins!! :)
Ali Zaidi
Samsung designed good but developed poorly . They stopped plastic but still quality is poor
ツ xxxpvpmester004xxx
Why drop to 1,000,000 $ Phone?
Ax ZeZo Ax
Galxy S7🤔🤔🤔🤔
mr tech
3:56 I noticed some black patch at the bottom on iPhone
Adolphus Arku
Your expectations didn't come true on the samsung, under no conditions the iphone is stronger because the back of the iPhone is aluminum while the Samsung is glass and it is easily accessible not with the iphone, what matter much is the front of the phone,
C&L Clips
The moment a person that promotes apple wears samsung shirt
baby, you're a rich man
Kelly Vasconcelos
não quer me dá
Why isn't he using the jet-black glass iPhone 7 it doesn't make any sense
Andrei anonimul
Samsung is a full glas and iPhone are a protection
Frozen Elsa
How did I get here??
Alicja Wesołowska
Nie rozumiem ludzi, którzy kupują takie zajefajne telefony, TYLKO PO TO żeby je popsuć -,- No trzeba mieć nieźle nasrane w bani ;-;
Coco Coco
❤iPhone 7❤
Error_404 PL
Samsung Galaxy S8 is fully covered in glass and iPhone 7 is in alluminium or plastic, Idk. Everyone should now, that its easier to break glass (Even Gorilla 5)
Gustavo Oliveira
I want is iPhone
Keana Susaya
Samsung shirt tho ahahah
M Megamind
S8 or iPhone 7 Plus ,what you want or loved
Bruh galaxy s8 has gorilla 5 fuck iphone 😂🤣
hridila Khan hridila Khan
Iphone is bestest
If you are a iphone fan dont compare it whit samsung i have a samsung s8+ but i bought a fucking protection for it and guess what it was cheap protection and who is so idiot to drop an phone fron that height
_R4v3nx sksk
fake iphone 7 what samsung galaxy s8 )=?
iphone lost so hard
apaka dost
phone s are free for you or samples by company
Apple 🍎 is the best
ibi vlogs
He is taking more side of Samsung
You didn't drop the samsung from 25 feet
TicTac Gamer
At 9:10 The iPhone screen was freaking out because where the iPhone was bending out the water from a previous vid got into the battery at all the rest around it
Alli Vlogs
I feel like this is fake because his user is apple pro and when I drop mine nothing happens
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