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Sex education varies widely between school districts, leaving many teens without comprehensive information. We made a video that covers what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

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yeah, in Utah we just learn that a woman can get pregnant and that STD's exist. it's more traumatized into our brains (not like it helps at all)
can we just fucking ban anything that has to do with religion from education outside of religious studies ???

secular nation my royal ass
Yeshei Oragalleig
That video at the end was way better than the fire and brimstone rendition I received, especially given the fact that I'm as far from religious as I could possibly be!
I've had non monogamous sex but I didn't pay anything for it
Xavier M. P.
why does that motherfucker from utah sound like tommy wiseau?
We may be ready to understand Latin, technology, math and science at a tender age, go tot the army, but learning how your body functions...ouch
So how did we get on this planet, you weasels, puritans...Christian heritage too, the only religion that from the start banned sex, except for in the Vatican....
Puritan legacy...thank you Britain!
Anglos, please grow up.
Wait, do people actually put condoms on vegetables? At my schools we put condoms on wooden penises.
icet99 804
that chick from no screwing around is like the Rosie O'Donnell of sex ed
Patrick Summers
The sex Ed system in America is terrible, especially for me because I had so many questions and none of them were answered. We never even got a proper education on the subject. I learned nothing from school in that regard.
this must be the best video ever made
United States is a third world country
Shouldn't sexuality remain a taboo (private) subject instead? I think that if it's brought out in public (e.g. with most forms of sexual education), it kills the innocence, spontaneity and eroticism.
Tommy Wagner
Its weird hearing the voice of Louise from Bob's Burgers and Mabel from Gravity Falls talking about sex
Tommy Wagner
The closest thing I've gotten to sex ed is the puberty video in 4th grade. Even friends of mine who have graduated high school told me they haven't gotten any.
Nikos QcD
wtf america :|
Literally A Pineapple
My old school still does abstinence only
Stephanie Luiz
Can you guys please send that video to every school district so that it can be implemented every where?
Julie Jacobsen
Computer flee come supply clinic assume afraid smart salt concerned.
And the bowler went on to eat a pimento cheese sandwich
Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town
if no means yes then I'll just ask those guys if I can kick them in the balls with my steel toed shoes
Derpy Derp
the more i watch john oliver the more I hate America
That black teacher was just perpetuating racial stereotypes
Just graduated high school in Michigan, a abstanance only state. You know how I got my "sex ed"? My ex abusive boyfriend, although I didn't know he was abusive because I never learned about consent. Now I have been sexually assaulted 3 times, I blame it all on these stupid laws
Mika the angry German
My school does abstinence only education.
Mark SM
Using reality, I had a lot of human biology classes before sex ED in the 11th grade. And the 12th grade also. It mostly was about the germs--the STD's--and symptoms.
William Glen
Damn, I never even considered this was a thing in America. I mean in the UK we had scientifically accurate sex-ed from intermittently from the ages of 10-11 all the way up to around 13 years old(at that was 6 years ago). It doesn't surprise me though, Americans have always been weird about sex.
After watching John Oliver it becomes hard to grasp how Americans preach about being "free" and the "leaders of the free world" when a lot of them are told sexuality is wrong, you can be penalized for walking across a street in the wrong place and in all but 1 state you can't even have a beer while standing on the street.
alabama might be the best home schooled sex
ChaoticWaffle12 _
My sex Ed teacher found it too hard for her to do so she just said to ask our parents when I was a kid
I just noticed that Pam Stenzel does not actually tell students to avoid "GENITAL TO ANUS" contact. If you happen to support her, there might be a loophole...
Ain't that a Meme
Hugh Jazz
How the hell come that the country that produces the most porn worldwide got such a bad sex ed?! Please also tell me that this isn't correlated...
John Oliver sort yourself out
Odin and The Human Pigeon
I paid no attention in sex Ed during sixth grade, so I let my friend answer all the questions, he got them all right, I laughed it up as his dads a doctor, to years later he ended up nearly having sex on a bus, and then a few weeks later, tried to cheat on his new girlfriend, and then got mad when she broke up with him, and didn't understand why.
Kazoogle Koogle
It wasn't until my junior year of highschool a couple of years ago in which I realized in the 7 years of the school system teaching my class about sex they never taught us how to have sex. The teachers would teach us about the urges we would get and about how our bodies would change. They would also would teach us about the anatomy of the vagina and the penis. It wasn't until my teacher referenced how to have sex in which I was shocked; she was teaching us about condoms and she stated they should be tight so they don't fall off because there are a lot of in and out movements during sex. It wasn't until then with the in and out movements in which I realized they never said the penis goes into the vagina or how to have sex, that they just taught us the same filler year after year.
Sammy Majed
In the middle east you would be ostracized for suggesting that sex ed should ever be taught so the situation in the U.S. isn't that bad
...should i go to one of the seminars with porn booming on my phone?
San Alpha
At least you guys have sex ed. In India, there is no such thing as sex education. They want us to think sex is a myth lol
ffs wtf is this shit
Daniel Daring
Love the show a lot, bu c'mon John, 11:40 is a half truth. She's not relentlessly anti-sex. She's saying sex should be part of a commitment rather than casual sleeping around. You're fantastic at exposing these kind of half truth's in others...
The Platypus Legacy 2.0
I live in Minnesota and I am in 10th grade in 8th grade we were taught abstinence-only and knowing that is dumb and irresponsible thinking I asked my teacher so should I not ever drive a car because I might get into a accident or should I never have a pizza because oh I might burn myself. telling teens to just not do it is dumb
Tom Patterson
No hand to genital? How do I even pee? My penis can't find the toilet by itself!
Julie H.
As a very sex-positive person I'm shocked by this sex "education".
( And that's actually a vulva, the vagina is internal. )
Once again, religious zealots causing a problem in my country that doesn't need to exist. I really want to respect everyone's beliefs, but american Christians, and especially the southern baptists in the bible belt (of which I unfortunately have family on my father's side), REALLY make it difficult sometimes with bullshit like this.

Also, almost every single person I've met who had a kid in high school came from a super conservative religious family, so they're only hurting themselves. Maybe religious people actually want to be grandparents in their mid 30s and are using reverse psychology on their children to get it to happen. It's the only explanation besides them being absolute morons.

That lady screaming no genital contact has absolutely never had genital contact.
I can't fucking believe Mable Pines just gave a Sex Ed lesson.
Simon Turner
My sex Ed had the tape thing and a anti abortion video thinly veiled as "pregnancy education" thrown in for good measure. A similar thing happened with a sexual assault victim as well.
I dont care if its your birthday Rebecca I DONT WANT YOU TO PUT YOUR FINGER IN MY BUTT
Magister R'yleth
Ah, I remember the tape thing.
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