Trang Nguyen
Daksh Raina
It's very cool
Good Stuff Experiments
Cool ;)
Md Sijan
Joem Catog
bb phhyygyhyhyyhyyhyuyjnjok
Robi Ol
Bejat iyo
The emergency light is stupid. Just connect the lamp to the drill's battery.
تلك الخاصة بالمنشار خطيرة جدا لا تحاول أبدا تجربتها circular saw was very stupid and dangerous.never try it.
sanjay kalbandhe
sanjay kalbandhe
Gabriel Jojola
If you take away the glue gun from all these so called life hack guys they would be lost.
Edelmiro Acosta jr
Those are not 10 drill hacks, those are 10 accidents waiting to happen, please change your Title.
What was power of the green resitor ?
Maria Faur
roninul e inventiv in ori ce situarie ni l
Super Smart City
Very Nice Sir, Please subscribe to the channel for more videos
Ben Sharp
I may have been too quick on my answer. I have done some soul searching since the first one:

Hm. Maybe in his world, owning that ONE power tool IS a big deal. I grew up poor. I can remember my excitement when my Mom saved all year to buy me a 1/4" B&D corded drill for Christmas. I think it cost about $10 then. I put that drill through HELL. I did things with it that a drill was NEVER intended to do. I was 13 then. I am 63 now. I still have that little drill. It barely works and throws sparks everywhere. But it was American made. You try making one of these Chinese made B&D drills today do what it did AND last 50 years!.
Yeah, I can understand this young man's excitement and enthusiasm!
Haha.."enjoy the boby massage"
Riley Hutton
boby massage 3:12
No_Wisz_Kto 1939
you need wash hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ajinkya Pawade
Ajinkya Pawade
Superb drilllllllllllll
Varun Tharwani 12345
UCK O _ fill with f
Barna K
Pretty much very shit. Thank
this video look like it was made in third world country.
Home Made Gallery
Roger Moffa
I don't watch your videos to watch ADVERTISING FOR PRODUCTS THAT I DON'T CARE, STUPID GUY!😬
Roger Moffa
TOTALLY USELESS AND DANGEROUS VIDEO, and you know it because you put a warning at the start of the video!
Everything here is DANGEROUS IN SOME MANNER here.
In case of healt damage or dead you will be in morality responsible to put this video online.
You are completely mad because there are always a stupid guy to try this «kill yourself tricks». 😨😫😬
Juciane Silva
Muito bom
Naroknok Studio
LOL!! Emergency lamp?
But drill machine also need electricity
I know
KUMARI entertainment channel
Tighten the wire is time wasting...
U will go with cutting pliers with shorter time than drilling machine
Roger Lerma
You need another fan to cool down the B&D battery operated drill. Connect a 120 volt AC fan to cool down the 12 volt DC drill.
Roger Lerma
Black and Decker? Really!!
Chipsof Stihl
Seriously how many cordless drills have you burned out fucking with stupid shit
Just so you know there's a spelling error at 3:11.
Tom Cat
A2C : Stop watching McGiver or the A-Team , PLEASE :D
Samuel Chavez
get some fucken real tools you hacks !!! for dam sake useless and dangerous
anas Hossain
wow very nice
Khoa Nguyễn
no 4 can be made small to replace an electric tooth brush if you got the balls
Les D
Fan=stupid. Bottle massager = super stupid. Wire twisting = useless stupid. Wall cleaning = stupid. Egg beater = get an egg beater stupid. Light bulb = WHy stupid. Saw blade = ridiculous stupid. Tighten wires = ya right! Stupid. Pencil sharpener = $ what a waste stupid.
Tech Master
John Sheppard
i got one , its good
Chris Teale
Ag nee man, is jy befok?
Callum Jenkins
majority whom fund yell modern upset raise until can guideline gathering engineering.
Well it cheered me up. Especially the circular saw. Too dangerous and stupid for words.
Manolis Zervos
If this one is the brains of the family , the rest are doomed.
Wow... when it comes to DIY crafty life hack videos, this one drowns in it's own juices. Seriously? Some of these are not only stupid, they're DANGEROUS. DO NOT use a power drill for a saw!!!
And a massager?!? That's not only dangerous, it's retarded. Almost as retarded as turning a pair of SCISSORS into a freaking egg beater!!!

And removing a screw....? If I didn't think this was serious, I'd be laughing at how objectively stupid this is, especially since this is titled "Drill machine life HACKS." Seeing as this is exactly what a drill was made to do, I'd say this is as much of a life hack, as saying a toilet is good for taking a crap.

And then there's "sharpening a pencil." Listen, if you have to use a damn drill to sharpen a pencil, you've got bigger problems than needing new ways to use a drill.

I wish I could just keep hitting the thumbs-down on this until my computer breaks.
Italo Lima
Good Ideas !!

(Pra quem é BR ou fala português)
Pessoal faço projetos relacionados a eletrônica ,dentre outros .
Chandra C
No way it's useful.
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