Huawei Is Making Fun Of Apple And The iPhone X In A New Ad | CNBC

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Huawei, one of the world's largest smartphone makers, is taking jabs at Apple's upcoming iPhone X.
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Huawei Is Making Fun Of Apple And The iPhone X In A New Ad | CNBC

ORO 0147
Love it Huawei keep up the good work of putting a little personality and life into your company.
Lance Smith
I'm not an Apple fan but I don't understand how they can poke fun. They made some of the worst junk I've ever seen 3 or 4 years ago.
Rei Gon
Have you seen the bend test of Huawei phones?.. They are the worst
Paul Bonifacio
iPhone X copied the essential and Xiaomi Mi Mix/Mi Mix 2
Adrian Camacho
They end up saying that that the iPhone X is whack but then other companies make it similar to the iPhone X so I don’t get it they talk smack.
Kalanademash 31
iphone is best
Waleidbrhem Brahem
هواوى اثبتت بالفعل انها الافضل فالعالم من حيث الجودة والسعر
Dilshan Maduranga
GreekMadness Maro
Wtf is Huawei?
Asad Rehman Begh
Must be.atleast those going to sell their both kidney should be aware. iPhone SUCKS.😎
Filthy Ogre
Huwei is a Chinese restaurant chain right
Ren Ashbell
at least apple dont eat dogs?
Kai Tang
Huawei's logo is making fun of the CNBC logo.
Fahad Masood
Apple died with Steve Jobs.
Hammad Shah
Wow the sheer amount of ignorance in the comments!
You ignorant sheep don't know what Huawei is?
Well let me tell you they're they're the 3rd most biggest brand in terms of market share after Samsung and Apple.
Ismael Arlen Reyes
This is why I like competition. Pushing the limits!
Jonathander Drouenyuk
Apple fanboys calling Huawei phones cheap but their precious iPhones were made in China and are some of the most fragile phones out there 😂😂
John C
Huawei and Samsung both need to stop taking jabs at Apple. If you make a good product people will buy it.
Also, nobody honestly believes Huawei will really exceed our expectations, at least not positively.
M One
Fake salla
Poor Huawei Nub little guys trying to lead the smartphone lol nubs. Apple and Samsung still leads u dumb Huawei
Anything and Everything
Seriously iPhone X looks ugly.
Legends just ignore
mubariz salim
Ballistic Missile made by Apple inc
Search "how big is huawei" and you'll be amazed.
Nokia 3310
at least Huawei not from North korea
Vinayak Maraj
I've got a Huawei P9
Luke Rosan
i think they should because iphone i crappy huawei is wayy better
Zilong zhan
C'mon guys, are you serious? For all this people saying stupid things like “huawei unknown” or “apple crashes huawei”... well, you don't know ANYTHING about tech. All the people into tech know what huawei is and they know it's more than a simple chinese brand, it's the world's 2nd and largest phone manufacturer surpassing apple. Also P9 won last year's best smartphone award and they made it again with the P10, and mate9's scores are actually higher than the iphone7... Please, stop talking like you know a lot about tech when you aren't really into it
Deny Zedd
I hate being a apple user might switch to andriod
USMA 0 vs WAC 0
Hey can you say where is that building in the video please reply me soon
anthony adams
I like this company.
Cartney84 Ian
They will copycat the iPhone again until Apple bankruptcy lol
Lyri Mae
Huawei and Iphone FTW
The Clone Family
Ok,i just love how Huawei thinks they're a big company,and they can judge a company that actually makes good phones😂
Abdullah Ab
Apple is just repeating the Old technologies as a New Innovation.... Try something new Apple.
Osama Pervez
facial recognition didnt fail. Get your facts right
Karandeep Pandher
Hahahaha so Huawei tweeted about Apple and CNBC is asking Apple to reply to their tweet? What are these news reporters doing there? Running after flies in the office? 😂😂 Do something productive with your time 😂😂😂
Stainly Stewart
NBC = Nothing But Crap
danny16 usian
Apple is having enough of money to buy huwaei and order them to make huwaei p10 iPhone.
tridib saikia
I m an Huawei >Apple...
Rosendo Ernesto Rendon Jr
I'm an iPhone person myself but it's funny to see so many butt hurt Apple heads on the comments. 😂
Aaron Hung
The ones who bark loudest have nothing to bark about. Coming from an Android user since the beginning and am fed up with the constant restarts, crashes, and overheating. Not one single iPhone user I've known since the first gen has ever had any issues remotely close to what I've experienced with Android. That's HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Google. Not even considering Chinese made tech. And yes I'm Chinese. Going Apple. You pay for what you get.
Erick J.
And apple cant hear with all this $$$ 😂
Apple can learn a thing or two about Huawei.....Apple Iphone is so 2007
Zony Yu
The question is, when has this company ever gotten anything right? Samsung and Sony got waterproofing right, Apple got the core user experience and facial recognition right, LG has gotten headphone audio right, and Google had its services done right. What about huawei? Judging on its release of force touch one week before Apple announced 3D Touch, and its attempt on AI, I have low hopes for this company.
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