Ed Sheeran live at the Victoria's Secret

Ed Sheeran sings Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran sings "Thinking Out Loud" live at the "Victoria's Secret

Was so excited about seeing a VS Ed Sheeran performance but this is so shit. Should have had a mic attached to his head & girl interaction like Bieber/Maroon 5
Zane Anderson
U can tell he's been working on his range sines the release of the song since the high notes sound a lot easier now than on the recording
lusor marvin Liechti
wooow thats taylor swift nice dude
Gaz P
They didn't even put money in he's guitar case
Bathen Shuster
3:39 "look at that ass"XD
hamsa M
3:40-3:42 is my favourite!! 😝😂
who's the beautiful girl at 3:03 ??
Romy Kamphuis
only the clothes are a kind of weird xD
Romy Kamphuis
good job ed sheeran! <3
These women are wayyy too skinny
vladulienka tridsattri
ambrosio is so ugly! and all they cant walk... horrible...
Ömer Adanur
Gigi nerde
Daniel Ops
Admit it everyone cheered for ed
I genuinely despise how VS replaced their unique mash-ups and remixes with commercial songs regardless of how ridiculously unsuitable they are for the theme of the segment or the runway in general. "Thinking out loud" is imo the worst song that VS has ever chosen for the runway. This song doesn't fit the theme of the collection at all. I watched the live version of this segment and it was one big snoozefest.
Ms. Burgundy
sayuri guadalupe carrasco mejia
Tay & Ed ♡
STEVO 1967
The boy's a pure sellout!....Imagine demeaning yourself to sing for this!
what a champ, doesn't even react to all the flirts from the models....
Nikhil Paul
ed was best of all.
Issa Isa
Love you to the moon and back ! So awesome ed ! ❤❤
Lainey White
Weirdest juxtaposition ever.
The real cheo
a romantic song plus angels...omg to much to me!!
Marna B.
Ed look so sexy
he made it so much better and yet he looked uncomfortable, every time you saw him he was looking at the ground
I wander if Ed bought and undies
AMD joy!
Ohhh my God that voice comes out of that young man....Wow!!! I am quite sure all these views are for him!!! The girls are amazing too!
3:40 I do it for myself
Do someone GIf
Julia Skagfjord
Ed Sheeran looks like my first cabbage patch from '86 named Henry. But I know he is not a doll, he is a hobbit.
Nucleus Research
amazing !
syex rotarix
hey thats pretty good
Logical lead
omg... i fell in love that many times watching this..
Lart xbb
the thing that did not look good was the ladys abbs
Wilson Ribeiro de Almeida
Uma canção belíssima do Ed Sheeran e um desfile simplesmente espetacular... quase a maioria das modelos BRASILEIRAS, simplesmente LINDAS !!! Super Fan Brasileiro !!! 24/03/2017
amberley torca
Yagiz Ceylan
Ed "Shy"ran
rodney howarth
luv ED but models mean nothing to day .sorry means nothing to me ,they are the past??????
Chainsmokers The
jhonatam dias
Naya Posadas
i want to be one of the vs model too
Fee Joordens
Taylor lip singing his song was the cutest thing ever
Fawk Yu
As a straight male, i think it's quite safe to say that the short ginger is the hottest one here.
Cocomint Smoothie
I bet Ed is hiding his boner behind the guitar ;p
Jules Marie
The two outfits in the beginning is worth a couple million
Mario Botti
belle fighe
The first two women were OK. The rest made me a little bit worried about their weight (not that I'd really care but it's horrible to see).
"I felt like a hobbit it an Elvin Kingdom." I C O N I C
Alba Star
Anorexia!!!!! wow amazing they are like skeletons
Domenico Santini
miiiii La LIMAAAAA!!!!!
suga cidal
abimael galo doido
bom demais da conta!!
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