Ed Sheeran live at the Victoria's Secret

Ed Sheeran sings Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran sings "Thinking Out Loud" live at the "Victoria's Secret

William Gon
Ed Sheeran is sooo handsome 😍
This was terrible.
Nadele Shipper
Comunque penso che una canzone così, per un evento superficiale come una sfilata sia inadeguata
Nadele Shipper
Comunque il più sexy è Ed
Anup Khanal
Did anyone saw Taylor swift?
Tamara Vargas
3:38 that glance thoughhhhh
shaden al
He was the star of the show tbh
nivedita bhalla
did ed not get distracted for even a minutes second.
Looks like heaven.
Ninja Fa
blue is my favorite color. and im bloods
Clara girl
most beautiful are the Brazilian girls 😎😍
Clarence the shark
Most of the time it's embarrassing if you get an erection in public but not if your at Victoria secret because everyone has one.
I LOVE Taylor Swift&Ed Sheeran💕
jasminaaa aaa
Ed can be such a shy little soul sometimes, awww
Jonathan Brown
yeah i like women, but the song is more interesting lol....he seems like an odd pic for a strange fashion show
Chester Tinio
Jourdan Dunn was stunning
Arita Nashrah
When you put innocence into fire...
Ju Lynn Ong
Michael Zagorny
skinni bitches they look like hungry people from Afrika. Afrika is the new Beauty, what a shame.
Thats called concentration kids.. learn from Ed! Beautifully sung as always inspite of those hot models..
Clu TheMan
Songs ok but doesn't belong here. Photograph is the best song off that album IMO. Girls are hot but probably grossly overpaid.
Emilie Marie
missing hurry civilian asleep gravity teenager limit surround nearby.
Jennifer Ramirez
Ed is so cuteeee!!!
Aathi Narayan
@ 3.41 he checks out the girl behind...
Ed is just so into his music.... omg i love him so much
Hugh Livingston Barclay
Guaranteed The Production Team would have asked Ed, could you come out singing without the guitar... "NO... I NEED THE GUITAR" 😳
Edoardo DaVinci
I just notices that there are 200 dislikes on this video. Who the fuck doesn't like this video? and why?
Demasiado flakas las modelos cero piernas cero curvas, no hay mas chicas con curvas? se supone q las lencerias han de modelarlas las chicas de buen cuerpo y carnes, estas son solo huesos, q feo, q anti-estetico, por favos!!
Ms. Zadeh
Art. Marketing. Fashion. Music. Very eclectic.
Diana Ignat
can't belive how Ed was singing on streets years back, and now look at him .
sarah coz
2:55 why is she a model she is ugly
crazy. his concentration is top notch.
Leyla Menjivar
2:05 Taylor Swift
Jaya Tonna
this thing looks like a
poor guy suffering from extreme Epileptics been Castrated Alive ; What in the hell is this guy Moaning about ? its just Stinks, a Desaster for Music ; OMG what a Shame !!!
1:50 that girl is sooooooo thin :(
Sherry Jenkins
why do you have to ruin a beautiful song !
Princesa Cassandra
Wonderful,i love it!💗💓💕💞💗
Giovanna Grilli
♥ i love You! !!!!!♥♥♡♡♡♡
Joseph Gelb
This guy is a legend and he needed a song to go w the new suit he just got
A great song about love, mixed with one of the most vain bullshit shows that exist.
Rico Avellana
3:00 is that
Pia worzzback
Marcus Adonis
I know we all agree Ed was the hottest one
This is a very good performance!
Kp Lê
excuse me , what is this song's name ?
Theresia Aprilita
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