Ed Sheeran live at the Victoria's Secret

Ed Sheeran sings Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran sings "Thinking Out Loud" live at the "Victoria's Secret

Tickets the white guy
song doesn't really go with the show but hey I still liked it
guga abramishvili
Red-haired Harry Potter
im sorry i think you mean ed sheeran FEATURING exotic traveler
I am Blank
02:05 SWEERAN 😍
Leo Kabeer10
I bet it was the hardest performance for ed sheeran😂
What was with the skeleton's coming out? i don't get it!!
Mike Kusano
Who is model at 3:12 ??
Bruno Molina
Ed and Taylor <3
Pulse TV
3:40 "Take me in to your loving ass"
Ed's mind at 3:40 : Damnnnn, she fine.
adriana harris
ale was like adri lift the cape slowly adri does it in a half sec *ale face palms herself *
richard best
everyone there was giving ed nothing jus looking right past talent and straight to the females 😴😴
How do you not lose train of thought with them walking by
marta rodriguez
Que lindo es Ed sheeran,con su carita de niño tierno e inocente.
Santosh GC
The dress is too funny.
Strikeel - CS:GO Fragmovies
I was trying to see if ed was checking out the models haha
It's great that they dedicated a whole show to the fashion style of the 90's.
Bitch please
3:41 THAT LOOOOKKKKKK dayummmm
Michael Torres
Damn!!!! The first girl on the left is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Hot dayum girl
Susana Alejandra Mosqueda
the music is exelent
nati casalotti
baile un lento en mis 15 con esta cansion
andrielle rezende
Amei.., nossa sem palavras
Bianca Huesca
Can anyone please tell me the name of the latest model?
why did alessandra and adriana walk together?
kinda inappropriate combination isn't it! ?
The way Ed looked back as the last model walked away and he was ending the song just makes me feel like they are meant for each other! She was also such a free spirit with this ❤❤ I keep coming back to this video because that brief moment makes me happy, sort of a forbidden love kind of thing lol
Варвара Добрынина
what's the song name?
Jatin Kumar
omg every single model was like angel how is this possible even single one was so so omg\
seiji iwaguro
Beautiful 👏👏💃💃
Tsener Here
Clapton's Strat is a nice touch
For some reason I liked the sound of the bells.
Luis Hugo 17
when estas Sad y escuchas musica sad pero ves a esas modelos y se te pasa lo sad :v
This is so weird, I just wanna listen to the song... 💀
Sell out
Monica Carolina Gonzalez
i love this song
Lotta Visst är
He have such a beautiful voice. I really like this Piano Version from "Thinking out loud"! ♥
I think it´s time to Marry. You and me? What whould you say? :D
Beautiful Performance!
Sophie Chikhradze
Ed's "Shape of You" should be on Victoria Secret's Next Show !!!! #EdSheeran #VSfashionshow
Mr. Chicken-Duck-Woman Thing
Out of The first two angels, the one with the blue cape was way more attractive in my opinion 😎
Mathias Philippsen
U may try to pull my attention away from the awesome Ed F**** Sheeran, with ur pretty girls with very little cloths on - but i promise u, that u will fail !
1:36 name?
Ana Gázquez
It's the first time I watch him singing with his eyes open... i don't think it's a casuality 😂
Stanford Leeham
Not a Looks, it's Souls
Crazyness of gift for her.
Paulette Bourgoin
never get tired of this song
Magnus Lewis
anyone else here for Ed. I hardly even care about the women and I'm straight
­The guy who makes fun of little mistakes
are models supposed to be this thin??
Revanth Nelaballe
Love to Listen to Ed Sheeran and Love to see Adriana Lima always.
life love
Wie kann man live nur sooo gut singen?
ich liebe seine stimme
Angelo DelSenno
Ed killed my boner.
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