Claribel Velasquez Caraballo
me encanta este video😊😘😗
Rajkumar Sharma
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Rakesh Ranapaheli
I like it.
وليد الزيداوي
Maria Neves
que legal queria ser você muito bem ese jogo que você está jogando é o cuqual é muito legal didou um laique 😄😄😄😄😄
Raandeer Baloch
I love you
wonder full
ريحانه الجنه
مـمـگن آسـمـ آلعبهہ
Hadoo Doosh
عندي واللة
Hadoo Doosh
هذه العبة
Samina Javed
Nice video put more of these in 😠😠😠😠😠
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jfg f ox j xirdi8xof8jd Vitorino
Nilesh Tayade
Gidwtypfjtigi Gidwtypfjtigi
Fukuoka wtlary
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Fjljgj, GH jkgrj
Hasan Raza Siddiqui
Nice game
Pankaj Patil
very nise
mhsnmajd77 mhsnmad77
Khaled Banat
Ilove you it is prinessec
mahesh sharma
What the buck is this? Is this for children? It's to inappropriate for children! Why does Hannah want to get a make over, doesn't she know that she is perfect the way she is? Is Jack some sort of dick boyfriend that wants Hannah to do exactly what he wants? If Jack has buttons that can wash his car can't he just press a few buttons instead of asking for help? Why are they sending notes in class? Why in the background are people talking in class? Are they doing a partner project? If so why is Hannah all alone? Why was Hannah scared by a creepy kid clown toy thing? Isn't she in high school? Why did Hannah say pick anything of your choice and let you pick even though she's the client? If Jack's a dick boyfriend then why does he act so nice? So he's not? Why is everything so near? Why did they go on multiple dates in one day? Wouldn't that just be call the best date at the end? Why does Jack look like a douchebag? Is that what 6-year olds find attractive? WHO MAKES THESE GAMES?!?! THE GAMES DISNEY MADE LIKE CLUB PENGUIN(dead 😿) WAS KID FRIENDLY AND ALRIGHT! OR PONY GAMES ON THE PONY SITE? Commonly these games that's made for "children" needs to stop. Kissing, surgery, dating, giving birth. That should be a topic for older children. Infact, if these games were made for high school or middle schoolers, there wouldn't be any popularity. I'm in 6th grade and me and most of my classmates find it disgusting. I say most because there's this one kid in 2 of my classes that's annoying and too girly trying to roast people even though she's so dumb and if we roast her she'll just cry because she's a crybaby
Iva Milosavljevic
Iva Milosavljevic
Dilshada AKHTER
not cute
eid eldeb
very nais
Janet Dsouza
Catarina Arantes
Muito bom
Rajdeep Dey
Fatima Barbosa
amém meu iPhone início da mensagem encaminhada
nice games
Reptilski Osmeh
roselin rosario
Yasmim Vit
Yasnmi io
ابراهيم ابراهيم
hameed nrges
أرجو التعليق
hameed nrges
كيف يمكنني أن أثبته
Natalia Itzel Juarez Bonilla
sige. asiendo. de. maquillaje
ด.ญ.รสสุคนธ์ เขียวทองน้อย
ˋε ˊ●﹏●
Kara Keep
مكياجهه موحلو
Kara Keep
عاشقه السحاب مرحبا
شو اسم لعبة
Mona Elalfy
Very niccce
Kamal Ahmab
نونه الحنونه
Melissa Ruiz
Be the best
Soo nice..... :)
Barbie Doll House
so funny
Claudeete Rodrigues
Esses vídeos me ajuda muito
Khaled Alsalhe
حياتي عسل
بسام بسام
Dr po💙💔❤
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