LeBron James Chokes and Doesn't Shoot Game Winner

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LeBron James Chokes in Loss to the Hawks! LeBron James Needs Kyrie! Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights / Week 3 / 2017 NBA Season
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Nicolas Miles
No he didn't because he was lock up but Frey wasn't so he passed it to him so did LeBron choke no
ClashRoyalJr 1.0
Kyrie it's u
LeBron James double team and passes to the open man. "he CHOKED!"
i thought the title was Lebron choked someone
Jae Smith
Dude who cares....this is like game 6 of the regular season these early season games does not have any meaning ....
Kobe Bryant
Lebron u ain’t clutch
Hugogamer 560
D.A. Productions
He doesn't fcking give a crap if you want him to shoot it
Asher Alpay
It was a right decision, but the killer instinct is still not there .. but As the leader, considered to be one of the all time greats, it's his role to be great during times like those. Times like those makes greats even better, something MJ and Kobe learned the hard way. That's the difference. With that frame and size a double team is not that hard for Lebron if he wanted to.
Dallas Budde
Mr. Rainier
LEBRON: im not a CLUTCH player but im good at flops
Kyrie: hahahaha lol
Jim William Semilla
lebron is a pussy that's all
Captain Peppers
Ya'll are just realizing that LeChoke James sucks nuts???? Have you not seen how LeChoke can't shoot 3's, misses easy freethrows, and turns the ball over??? LeChoke been choking all his life.. he needs real talent to get him out of tough situations like the ones they've been in.. Kyrie has talent, LeChoke doesn't. LeChoke is all hype and if you think otherwise then you've been brain washed by the talking heads on ESPN.
angel dulay
lebron made the right play..
How much you wanna bet if Lebron would if make that shot he’ll be throwing shade at kyrie
Commander !Yes!Yes!
be quiet kyrie is so trash he cant make it to the finals without lebron and got croosed by derick rose
Kyle Kuzma
You know who didn't choke against the Hawks and rose to the occasion Kyrie Irving. He's 9-2 now with the best record in the NBA.
jorge ramirez
Kyrie never made the playoffs before bron y'all stay hating on bron kyrie was a ball hog on cavs fuck that nigga
John Louis
LeBron is not Mj n Kobe.... LeBrick always Brick
Alex Garcia
He didn't choke. He is an amazing player. Jordan would of clutched that
Karl Pimentel
The man played 800+ games with dub digits score, how is that a choke. Yall hype when he loses. This video is trash. This is not a analysts video. This one is a hater’s video
Goomba F* You
he did not choke. thats how he is. he's always been criticized for passing out on the clutch shots most of the time, take note - most of the time, not always.
Omg you said LeBron James so many times
james jeans
You right he has to take game winning shots.However we have to wait until Isiah comes back, to see if going to be t turn around later in the season.
knowledge bk
This is becoming a regular thing with lebron he's always avoided the big moments
s h
Y'all no not shit about basketball that was a good pass to a good shooter an he missed but u can't hit them all
Robert Brent
no lbj is the goat....nothing he does is wrong....its always his teammates fault.....always....never lebrons.....
No cuz he was practically double teamed
Kristaps Porzingis
Unlike Lebron I come back from a 19 point game
Steve Harvey Ray Lewis
Is this a computer voice on this channel
Steve Harvey Ray Lewis
I don't like lecrybaby but the man was double team
Ginuess world record for the amount of times someone can say LeBron James in a YouTube video.
jay12 jay
Lebron u need kyrie
*omari *
Dwayne out here looking like lebron James😭😂
Maurice R
Fuck lebum crybaby add bitch. How u that big and act like a bitch whinning for players
Spiritual Muscle
How can he shoot when he was locked down they swarmed him. He had to pass. Plus he's never been a consistent game winner player
Hello random human beings
23.6 points and 7.1 assists? It's either Dennis or Jaylen for most improved.
Michael Matejka
He forced a double team. And gave it to a open man who is there for 3 point shooting
Martin Huerta
How does he choke?if he passed dumbass
Syns Daddy
Chokleland Blunderliers
Yo why dafuq I thought he really physcillay was choking. I thought that because of the thumbnail smfh
brian green
never been a closer
gigi auguste
Its Russell Westbrook here can I please get 2 LIKES not 1 not 4 not 100 no 1000,2 Please
Tony Lawliet
When you lose to the worst team in the east.....😢😢😢 Will the Cavs ever get their shit together
Joshua Parsons
Can’t wait till isiah is fit
Ethan McEllen
He definitely looked like he didn't want to take the last shot ....yes..he choked. I have seen Lebron get through double, triple teams if he really was hungry for it. Lebron is a smart player. His double team was to his right when he could have EASILY gone left for more open lane to the basket. Watch the video again (in slow motion or stop and play) and you will see that Lebron INTENTIONALLY WALKS INTO THE DOUBLE TEAM KNOWING HE WAS GOING TO PASS IT TO A WINGMAN. WATCH IT. He could have gone left when there was more opening before walking into the double team. The double team could be seen like a mile a way yet he walked right into it....because he knew he didn't want to take the last shot. That's always going to be his legacy. He scored 57 points the other night. You honestly think he couldn't have shot the last basket if he really really wanted to. He's afraid of missing free throws too is his reputation in the last minutes of the game. Very disappointed in him. I'm a Cavalier fan. I can't make any excuses for him. He choked! BTW...thanks for posting this video. You captured what I was seeing also. I also believe strongly it's time to FIRE the coach!!!
jabso thelaw
You sound like a rat
Basketball Fan 101
So lebron passing the ball is choking y’all haters always find something to hate on
what ??????
He didn't choke that's who he is
MC Vinz
Well Kyrie wasn't there lol
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