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It's soccer (football) time!
►See the football vs football video we did with Soccer AM!

►Click HERE to watch us play Bubble Football vs Manchester City Legends!
►Click HERE to watch us hang with Arsenal!


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Diego Gamer
Like si soy el primer Español
Alex Rodarte
i play soccer
Alex Rodarte
Cam Stratton
Raheem Sterling? brother of SCOTT STERLING
Jackson Lu
Rip Ty’s hair
Why does Kevin de bruyne remind me of Nathan mckinnon
Anton Jernstedt
Man city is best, Arsenal what a joke
Tracy Anderson
tys is better
GoldenWarrior 99
Gina C.
You should have got heskey
Peach Perfect
Why dont you guys played with steohen curry?
Ali Akber
Its not soccer its football
Qizaraziq Akim
Charlie Romero
I didn't like the African
Caitlin Nguyen
Cody's haircut is better
Flint Anitok
Neymar bro
Dyllan Maple
Get steph curry on the show DP
The South Side Brothers
Codys haircut was better
Thomas Herlev
Beach stereotyper jar
Daniel James
It's called soccer BBC you wear long socks
Game Forest
Есть русские ???
Bball Plus
U should have got panda to stop the PK
Delvin Davis
can u give me this song name ?
Peter Setiabudi
Ty looked like otamendi
Devansh Kothari
Dude perfect, yes you do! You have panda!
Hillary Rooten
Do Eden Hazard and Harry Kane
Justin Stackhouse
I love soccer played it my hole life and I'm older than 9
Joeri Hooft
Kevin iam duch
spyreal 9
[Grafico] Antony
Bravi raga
Nikhil Bahirwani
do q vid with the f2
SB 812
His celebration
Landon Thao
I'll be on ur dude perfect
Landon Thao
They should have got Neymar jr I'm dead serious
Chen Gaming
William Roberts
Ty we say football in Stead of soccer in the UK
Jdr Drummer
Make A Video With Messi
Zivorad vasic
Kevin de breiner
Jeremy Roberts
i dont know
michael fitzsimmons
I agree that it's football and trolley
Gaming Max weekly
Chambers is good
Noelle Haskell
Nick 2711
being a soccer (football) fan i think they could have tried some harder shots yes they probably spent a lot of money but still I'm 11 and i could probably make all those like if you agree. also being a Arsenal fan couldn't they get some better players. Like COME ON DUDE PERFECT!!
meadow Azzarella
codys hair was better
Hussein Hazamy
Codys is way better Ty's suck
Footy Flynn123
More like football trick shots
He dure
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