Inside a fake Rolex Daytona . Replica Chinese copy

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Inside a fake rolex daytona
pretty poor copy, but its automatic movement, j12 i believe, watch case and case back are pretty sturdy and its got a good weight to it.

LOrd of bEES
chinese movmts = lotsw of problems,

and you run out of money
where do you buy this
Rupert Meyer
Here is my take on this ... Buy a real Rolex and a replica of the same model at the same time. Wear the real one to important shindigs where some would appreciate the timepiece and possibly recognize the fake from the real - and where security is tops of course. Wear the fake for everyday use and pray that some thug doesn't chop off your arm to get the "Rolex" ... You may be short of a wrist, a hand and definitely the "Rolex" but you will still have the real one in your safe to sell and pay for the medical expenses ;) ... Be safe out there Rolie wearers ... (Y)
Tel whatsup
Stuff is stuff. Like putting a Rolls Royce grille on a Chrysler. it still works.
now everyone can take selfi with Rolex . good !
It's fake and two tone, disgusting
Andrew Villanueva
why would anyone want to buy fake Rolex watch. save your money and buy the real watch. look at the back and see writing rolex watch would never have that. got my Rolex submarine 25 years ago and love it.
Luqmaan Makda
How do you remove back cover
i'd rather buy cheap japanese authentic watch than fake watch. it is just unrealistic regular people wearing rolex watches, so it must be replica, and that's not cool. but if you are normal people and wearing casio, seiko, orient it is reasonable and you looks cool.
Fake Rolex could be great "training" watch. If luxury watches are not your thing you save thousands.
this is the cheapest fake Daytona you can buy.
ab bii
now the real deal is you spent $50 on the watch, wears it for a couple of years, then turn around sell it for $3000 to a sucker. that is indecent. you keep the $50 for yourself for ever, that is decent.
Danny Whitmer
do Rolex rattle
Ryan O'Sullivan
its a date day-tona
Captain DMw
hey plse send me the link to the site. i love this watch
Kelly Fletcher
I've been looking at this video i have a Rolex datona replica more than five years now it works great the only thing is that the color starts to fade on the crown and one of the push buttons sticks ,but it keeps time great i wish to get the crown replace and the push button, but here in Grenada its not easy to get parts i love my fake rolly am happy with it if any one read my comment if you can help send me a link so can get it thanks.
Harry Yeung
I'm sorry. I have a real Tutor watch but have a shorty warchnachlce what can I do ? it's a real one.
Mo Nihme
this no fake
Michael Nurse
A waste of the worlds precious resources
Hitesh Ahuja
I have a replica Breitling, I took it to the store in London and asked for servicing cost. The guy there couldn't recognize that it was a fake one. He looked at it for good five minutes and said 200 pounds. Hell.. 200 pounds just for cleaning a 60 pounds watch.. ha ha
What does that signify? Was I a clown in front of him? OR buying replicas isn't too bad in the watch kingdom if you are short of money.
Hey will you be willing to sell me that watch!
jack brooks
Hey people I was wondering if you could tell me I have exactly the same watch as in the video but it doesn't work could you tell me how to get it working please thanks
Loyalty -
which do you prefer, 250 euro for japanese kinetic (automatic) or 700 for swiss kinetic ( automatic)?
gavi deem
calming tap dripping lol...
John James McCartney
a lovely watch. I'm getting one.
Fuck a fake rolex I rather buy nothing at all
brett kelly
Im sorry but what the fuck am i the only one who notice this man has one casucasian and on sub saharan african hand. Hes littleroy black and white
Why would anyone buy a fake Rolex made in China . That's theft of the manufacturers patent .Buy yourself a nice Seiko instead .China sucks !
why is there arabic music?
I got given one of these fakes today- I thought I'd take it home and polish it up a little bit to remove the wear & tear. Stupid me.
About 20 seconds into polishing the apparently "stainless steel" case, copper color started to show. WTF. On closer inspection, these stupid things have cases made out of cast copper, with thin chrome plating over them, to look like stainless. What an absolute joke of a watch.
Tomasina Covell
Never ever buy anything that has gold plating on exterior parts!
jacky ch
fake one is more safe then real one...when u got rob v have fake iPhone, a pad's hard to tell.....when the bad guy come give to him so u won't get hurt....
Here's a lesson for all people who think "Fake", "Replica" watches are for losers. I have a real Rolex Two Tone DateJust. I'm on my fourth crystal because they made it in plastic and it always looks scratched in between changes. The gold in the Jubilee bracelet has stretched so the band sags when held horizontally. I have a Breitling Two Tone Chronomat that will not wind enough to keep time. The "Bullet" bracelet clasp won't stay closed if the slightest pressure is applied while wearing it. I have a Breitling Aerospace Emergency watch that Breitling won't even change the batteries for less than $500 which includes cleaning.I have a 1974 Seiko Self Winding Chronomat Day Date that starts working the very second I pick it up, will continue working all through the day and long after I take it off. All the features work and it's never been cleaned. It probably cost $150 and hasn't cost me a dime more for more than 42 years. I look at my expensive "Original" watches and I feel ill. With the quality of today's replicas, I would never consider buying another "Real" one. If they look great and tell time.....
same mouvement in mine
reck coe
I owned more than 10 real Rolexes. Now that everyone know got used to it, and replicas are becoming better and better , I wear a replica sometimes. It is just fun when you have both.
Idiots love fake WATCHES:


A Bugz
you told one of the commenters below to buy a real and a fake Rolex and wear the real one less, why do you say if you don't mind me asking?
Fede Ro
Repliche di qualità:
I have a fake Daytona I got for $15. Looks good but pushes wrong. It is definitely not a stop watch as top pusher does not do start/stop and bottom does not do reset. Ok, so you would think it was day/date. Well, nope. It's crazy. The dial looks exactly like the original.

The small sub-dial left side counts up to 12 with 12 on the top. But it requires pushing the button 14 times to go full circle back to 12. Hmmmmm......? But advancing the time foreward a full 24 hours advances the small dial hand 2 units. So I highly suspect that this side is day of the week (sun, mon, etc..).

The small lower dial in center has a 60 on top. But advancing the hands forward a full 24 hours does one revolution. So this dial is probably a 24 hour dial.

The right sub dial has a 30 on top but pushing 31 times for full circle. So it's date.

What I am wondering now is how I can go about finding the correct dial so to keep this watch. It's not so bad and maybe I will keep it for a beat around watch.

Now it would be interesting if someone put a real Rolex Cosmograph dial on a faker. I doubt it.Ideas appreciated.
ludwig EAE
This is very low grade copy without working chronograph functions.
You should select a better quality copy with an asian 7750 movement.
Dave Gen
Hey guys, if you would like to purchase VERY high quality replica watches from Audemars Piguet to Rolex then visit my instagram page (genuinedave) i currently have a very reliable supplier who offers insanely fair prices with international shipping. i look forward to hearing from you :)


Where did you buy it ??
Simon Bergeron
should i buy a fake one if i don't have the money for a real one... or should i look for another genium watch that cost little less?
Great video! I hope it all went back together okay. Looked like a Tongji CSM movement. 21 jewel job. How did you get the crystal back in?
This proves that buying 'real' is 98% overrated. The difference between real and fake, is who wears it.
I've been looking at Fake Watch Videos lately, and they look AMAZING for a fake watch. I'd still recommend buying legitimate ones
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