Samsung makes fun of Apple#3(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

Samusng Galaxy S8+ for 810$ Amazon -
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Post questions for my first QNA video[I might reveal myself(not sure though)😀
jackson debbarma
Samsung so cheap
Leo Jeong
i will not mention about your contents, but please use lower volume at outro scene. please.
stick face games
Samsung is a bomb
Samsungs are ugly asf
Wait, wait, wait, wait, who was first to make THE first smart phone again? Oh yeah, APPLE!!!!
Theresa Bongiorno
I still like apple and hate Samsung
10k Marksman
I like both but my next phones is going to be a Samsung
Billy Cheddar
Id rather have a mute switch than a useless edge screen
Billy Cheddar
I dony hate apple
Miley Mae Vlogs
Still love apple
Michael Wilson
Just choose the phone you like and STFU!
Savage catishere
who is watching in Samsung
And yet iPhones still outsell Samsungs.
sarahi carrillo
Who’s watching this on a apple phone
Noy Vongvivath
Samsung is for people who can operate difficult task ...iphone is for people who is simple and don't know how to funtion difficult task ..i love Samsung
Denise Fournier
Three dog night music videos
Divesh Rulz09
2k dislike is apple user
well look at gay apple section in the comments. Apple will always be the copycat of the samsung . To me iphones and ipad will always be boring because nothing changes in the design and will always look basic
Jan _The_Savage
Nah still love apple 🍎
People don't realize that almost all the iPhones are literally compromised of 70% of Samsung parts, cheaper to make than Samsung phones and cost more than they need to.
King Po
Even how upgraded it is it still runs android which means a lot of unwanted junks, i used to use android for the pass 3 years and all i ever did was to clean junks i never saw existed, i shifted to iphone and can't believe what i got, PEACE OF MIND,
Essence waddy
2:20 dude that's n
Bowie from andi mack
What’s funny is that Samsung claims to have a better phone but spends a lot of money & energy trying to bash the IPhone X LMFAO! So ask yourself if your phone is better, then why do you have to make all of these commercials to try and convince people otherwise; while Apple’s just sitten back making more money than you utilizing your fucking OLED screens! Hahahaha! Face it if you own a Samsung your just made that you can’t afford an IPhone!
Generull Sodaman
Apple is more iconic than all of ya"ll dumbasses
Zayaan Bawany
Instead of hating apple it made me hate Samsung even more Samsung noobs
Khoa Nguyenhoang
F.U.C.K .Y.O.U .S.A.M.S.U.N.G
IT'sJohnny Gaming
Hated apple from the beginning
Samruddhi Ekhande
this is stupid
Samruddhi Ekhande
this is stupid
Adams George
Galaxy S5 was crap though
how is the first ad meant to hate apple .... 😑 it is showing . the ad is showing that samsung blows up
I actually hate samsung now!
The Flame
I like both. You should not make fun of apple or Tim Cook will kill you.
Samsung They Keep making a their shitty phone copying iphone
Teraffic Channel
Apple is alwys bttr thn Samsung...bro
kk. 2nice
Android for life
6 > 6
I can't believe I am so bad at math.
Irelandball Productions
Who carries a battery around with them? I mean I have a Samsung and I don't exactly have one in my pocket
Bilal Berzouz
iPhone is the best
Billy Cheddar
What does it mean STILL BETTER THAN APPLE boi
uncle fy
wtf . let you try for gaming the samsung s2 to s5 if u didnt found any lag .maybe try for a camera . totally loss samsung . fuhh
Leo S
I still like apple btw😂😂
Wailky Ac videos
:( haters are coming I n tis video soon guys why don't we stop fighting about apple and samsung
Gamer Life
They should do the s4 line thing again
mexican rick
iphone users: i dont need a big screen

apple bigger screen
iPhone user finally a bigger screen
Jensi Oquendo
turns on Gear 360
Kids blow your ass up
jorge Mendoza
no hate appel. i hate my money after seen this😂😂
Ravi Kumar
Your Tech Expert
truth is, Apple lost its way after Steve Jobs died
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