Parents Explain PTSD to Their Kids

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Benji Fend
Probably not the best video to be funny but at the end let's go get some ice cream got me 😂
foffisimmer G
That little guy was adorable! I wish all of the participants in this video the best and everyone else that struggles with something. We are all important!
just stop invading countries (like Iraq). A lot less people with PTSD
Rav3 Leek
While I think this is an important topic to cover and for people to better understand, I really think that there should be awareness raised about the fact that NOT everyone with PTSD has been in the military. I don't say this to downplay their condition in any way, but it seems these days that PTSD is only ever talked about in conjunction with issues surrounding having served. There are many other traumatic events that people have suffered through who live with this condition and I kinda feel like they are in jepordy of not being as understood or taken seriously because the conditions surrounding the onset of their condition are not, I don't know, patriotic enough, if that makes sense.
Branden Hylton
I'm not crying my eyes are sweating. .... "come on let's go get some ice cream". Oh thank god for saying that and breaking the sadness
Noah Rogers
These videos are great
Ega - IG:egatehpro
~ 5:00 I teared up so much here
Eli Shane
"not everybody in iraq is bad, there's good people in iraq too"

Moral of the story if you fight in the military you may die or see others die. Make sure you can handle possibly getting ptsd! My family wanted my brother to be in the military but it would be too much for him.
jort nagy
i have PTSD
joe nolan
a hospital diagnosed me with PTSD, Panic Disorder, General anxiety disorder, ocd and depression. They think i could have other things to and also im about 99% sure i have ADHD. Yet everyone i know including my family treats me as if I should be acting normal and call me lazy for not working more hours at work after ive told them 100 times that the fear is so intense that i can barely do what im doing now.
Mae Night in the woods
Explain aids
Grace Bach
damn who's cutting those onions...❤😔😢
Bork The Swedish Chef
pfft american soldiers are fags.. go kys
Bobby Drake
That moms story doesn't sound true at all she making shit up
Annie lauber
Aww this is adorable "Luv u too stinky let's go get some ice cream" 😂❤️
Vickie Dean
The last part made me cry so bad 😭😭🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅
Erik Del Rio
and thats why I will not join the army! you come back different and messed up :(
The ending with "let's go get icecream" was so sweet
"This is the reason why I don't like Iraq" now while I respect the little girls father quite a ton for all the sacrafices he has made for our country. invading Iraq is perhaps one of the worst decisions our country has ever made. We should of never invaded there. i wonder had her father never fought in Iraq wheter or not the girl would still dislike Iraq
Margaret Olivia
When the teen girl was talking with her mom I started crying
Mercworx Deployed
Anyone have a link or info to the ladies story?
Olivia Morrow
I think that each parent communicated to the level of the child's understanding the youngest boy couldn't understand as much as the older girl. They each did a good job telling their child about a very difficult mental illness
Rosie does Everything
Shelby Wise
1:13 the daughter shying away from her dad when he leaned forward... that body language is not comforting to me
Layken Nungester
So sad u should not be jumped by your own chief
Ally Smith
llama fam!
My father killed himself due to PTSD. : (
William Wood
My G Russell crowe
You guys should do a video about PTSD in children.
MamaMia Virgo
This is so incredible. Very important. ❤
Diamond Kittens
Gosh, I hate that mentality. "You fought for your country", no, actually you were fooled by a crazy, brutal government and were so so lucky that you survived!
Laura Martinelli
PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
It can develop in people who have experienced shocking, scary, or dangerous event.
After and during a traumatic event it is normal to feel scared, but most people will recover from initial systems. People who continue having these feelings may be diagnosed with PTSD.
Destruction Daily
"I love you to stinky"😢
paige rowlie
"ok lets go get ice cream" 😂😂
holy crap. these stories are real
Joshua Raya
hit me in the feels early am shit
Andrew Crowther
Can we just - ''This is the reason I . Don't . Like. Iraq.''... Jesus Christ..
Orlando Rossano
thank u for ur service I feel really bad for them I hope the government does there job and helps these soldiers
bunk__girl_ _alice
what date is the guy saying at the beginning September twenty - 15th
Nothing Better
3:20 so much respect for this man that after seeing a lot of bad parts he can still recognize this, respect for all of these people lots of respect
Osama Bin Laden
Holy fuck, is that a kid or a whale?
Nidus The Plague Doctor
Vietnam flashback,shell shock etc.
People don't fully understand that-- the people telling this to their kids? They would have to tell their children this eventually, young children want explanations for things they don't understand. My niece and nephew are fully aware that mommy doesn't feel good and did try to hurt herself, but they make her happy and she won't do it ever again.

The father and mother especially, explaining to their daughters about war is them teaching their kids that the world isn't always beautiful but that's okay and they want to EXPLAIN why they act like they do in situations.
And the father explaining his depression to his son that is so young is just- inredibly sad. I hope this do explain to the son that he is loved by his dad even if he can act very sad and tired. Depression is difficult for kids to understand especially at such a young age but the son took it very well, you can see that it also opened his eyes slightly to see his father that sensetive.
May Green
I'm sorry but what the fuck navy? That woman came to fight for her country and you try to kill her not once but twice? I'm disgusted that people in the US army are willing to murder women for wanted to fucking protect our country
Avatar Gaming
At 3:16 you can tell that girl is Donald trumps daughter
Garrett Guin
"Let's go get some ice cream." Absolutely heart warming
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