Parents Explain PTSD to Their Kids

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Jesus christ. A heartfilled video about vets telling kids about PTSD, and all these people complainong that their brand of PTSD isn't there. Jesus Christ, to have the fucking balls to do that.
5:40 that was so sad😭😔😢
Danny Keiss
right in the feels...
Ilhan H
grown folks telling kids their emotional problems as if the child can relate... you run the risk of adulterating the way they render reality you moron what is wrong with you keep that shit to yourself until they are old enough to comprehend it then its worth telling them. At this point they view you as their stability and you're making yourself look totally unstable..
Daniel Fonseca
I'd totally lay with the big chick in green👍
Awkward Forever7
3:13 Dang....she said *one*......
Zara Crumb
I have anxiety and depression and had counselling but nothing really worked for me so I try my absolute hardest to suck it up 😭
men it make me cry 😯😢
TomatoMan CZech
Easy to explain : A soldier goes through war and sees a bunch of their friends die or they have to kill people which are begging for their life and stuff after the war the soldier has to most likely rehab just to calm down and after that rehab not everything is all right they will still remember their friends dying and stuff and it scares them and everything else.

EDIT : I didn't know the parents were explaining their PTSD and how it happened and why. I thought they are explaining what it is. In a case of explaining their PTSD It's hard and I cannot believe they bringed themselves to tell about it.
Poop Poo
The little boy is so cute, the hug he shared with his father really moved me.
my dad also has PTSD from going to Iraq and Afghanistan he hasn't been the same when he came back my dad also refused treatment​ I understand that
I have PTSD and depression
Julianna McLaughlin
My dad has ptsd from the military and I remember his first outbreak I was about 11
Matthew Gallegos
I would feel bad for the black guy but he's a Seahawks fan... fuck the sea cocks
I thought the title was "Parents explain LSD to their kids" lol, I instantly clicked.
Charmaine Roberts
this made me cry ... damn
Svensk Hund
Wow, the woman almost got fragged twice. Ain't nothing like the old military. Still not perfect now but better than it was in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Fragged is military jargon for when your own comrades try to kill you. Popular in the Vietnam conflict where soldiers would kill their officers due to mistreatment, disliking to them or hopes of being sent home if they have no one to lead them)
Livie Gee
He knows that there are good people in Iraq :,)
Mymax GFX
God this is awful. People think the children don't understand,but they do. Your understanding of life isn't necessarily right. The kids might not think like us,but they are thinking. They are assimilating,and this will help them later on in life where they have to adapt to society,because they'll be mature.
Famie Jitzgibbon
this channel is a lot better when its not saying that all white people are cops that shoot blacks for sport
The people who say they get ptsd over menial shit are disrespectful to actual people with ptsd
Vero Zuleta
They just told me I had PTSD..
"There are good people there too" ..bless
The dastardly Penguin
They were like "lets go get some ice cream" after talking about PTSD, father points +100
Captain Maskaaa
So they were soldiers ol of em
PoTatoe Babii
This made me cry ;(
Ethan Eifert
The end made me cry
Illustration With Eveii
War, What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.
Hell ya i love those 2 guys.
We need to help our soldiers more. I'm sick of seeing our protectors be on their own. They've done so much for us, I have so much respect for those who've served.. thank you so much for keeping our country free of harm! God bless
Al Funcoot
This is great, though it would be nice if everyone remembered that you don't need to have been in the army to have PTSD. It can develop because of all kinds of dangerous situations (rape, car accident, child abuse, witnessing a murder etc)
Trinity Nelissen
ptsd is not fun. the slightest thing can trigger you like for me any bald skinny old guy or dreams or videos about something that reminds me of memories with that guy like a beach or a sand dollars or trailers or bunckbeds it really sucks so if anyone ever says that its not a big deal they can go fuck themselves
Zombie Prodigy
I used to not believe that PTSD was real. But one day I broke my eyesocket playing baseball and now whenever i see a baseball i flinch and have a small flashback to it. Its crazy fr... Nothing compared to these people though. Bless.
The Cheshire Cat
im 14 and have ptsd
Yall ever seen that ugly ass blob fish?
Her fat ass daughter is ugly af
isobelle fox
I cried
K and J Beanie boo fun
That end where he just wanted ice cream
Random Otaku
185 people's finger slipped and missed the like button
It's Big Gab
yo but the little boy has got fresh j's
3:16 damn never knew racism started that young SMH
This hurts my heart.
Lynne Baker
I have been traumatized before. I saw my brother naked
Emma Medina
That is so FUCKING SAD 😭
Iona McMurray
these are all so sad, the one that got to me the most was the mum and the daughter, i think it's because of her age and that she actually understands.
Erin Advise
That poor woman I feel aweful for her like my heart physically aches for her I'm so sorry that happened to her.
Eugene Coleman
Now i wish it was this easy to explain mental disorders to adults.
Milli W
Kids understand Mental Illness way better than adults
You tell an adult you have a tumor many run to your aid... tell them you have an Mental Illness... they run
Both can kill you too
Ice Bear
omg I'm crying ok omg I'm crying
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