Parents Explain PTSD to Their Kids

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Okay so I get that the parents are explaining PTSD, but it's not all about being killed. Like when someone is raped, they have trust issues and if someone even tries to touch them, it's uncomfortable. PTSD isn't just attempts to kill someone. Sometimes it can be rape, torture, bullying, and much worse
Frogs Dance Rhapsody
I dnt know much on American politics cuz I live in Canada and have never researched. But is there any sort of disability compensation for these veterans...!? Are their medical expanses covered or anything like that...cuz this is not a fair way to suffer...
Natalie Parker
This is why ice cream was made to make us happy and smile ice cream is the best
CJ Eastt
my heart...i think it just melted by that last scene
i can resonate with these people. i have ptsd for a different reason. i have ptsd because of my last time attempting to kill myself. I cannot go back to the house i tried. if i go, i have a panic attack that can last for up to an hour. at the time, i was living in my aunts house, so my aunt has to visit me whenever she sees me. PTSD is a huge part of my life. Whenever people mentioned suicide id have to leave the room. its gotten better, now i only cant visit that house.
Isabelle Vargas
My mother suffers with PTSD because her daughter was taken away from her in front of her own eyes๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Trey the OG
i think this is an awesome youtube channel and these kids are very mature. I respect and admire the kids and parents for being brave enough to do this.
Edde E
5:55 made me drop a tear
Abby Smith
let's go get some ice cream hasha
Josie Bibi
Can kids with divorced parents have ptsd because of all the fighting...
Lily Blish
The end was sweet when he told his son they would go get ice cream.
Kam Robinson
As A current Marine myself, my mos is combat support. I have ptsd but not severely to the point where it's haunting me everyday. it's simple things such as just watching people body language, or if I'm in a store or mall I have to know where the doors or exits are, etc. I can deal with it but I definitely understand why some resort to suicide.
Chloe .Owlicorn
This made me sad. I have major respect for them, telling there story to not only there children but the world๐Ÿ’“
Sarah Davis
Don't get me wrong I completely understand why these are the examples used for PTSD. But PTSD does not solely affect just those in the military and I think more light needs to be shed on that fact. I was hoping when I clicked on this that it would be people from all different walks of life that struggle with PTSD. I personally have PTSD from sexual assault and I think that it needs to be more talked about that PTSD is caused from experiencing trauma, of all kinds. And it effects everyone differently.
Saif Al khafage
The girl is fucking racists at 3:17 fuck her and her dad such a slut
Wayne Tang
does that kid have ear piercing
Reece Kaneda
I have the exact same chairs
Sammy Hannat
The troops died for oil and amerikkkan hegamony.
you definitely need to explain that after the sex videos
Fyn Alexander
This is so inappropriate. They are talking to kids about things they can't understand and should not hear.
Vincent G
They're all fat
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
this touched my soul
Chocolate Lover03
I don't have ptsd (I'm only 14 and obviously never been at war) but I do kinda sometimes describe it as "almost like ptsd" when like I even get the slightest idea that somebody maybe might be having sex in the house I'm in, I get sooo much anxiety because on the Fourth of July, my mom had a "friend" over. He got drunk and said "ohh. I think I should stay" and I slept in my mom's bed back then. So I woke up in the middle of the night to him raping her. It was awful. I literally was so traumatized that I was considering killing myself at 10/11 years old.

Don't get me wrong it's nothing like what these people went through and I thank god all the time for those who survived the wars. But just kinda reminded me of that.
Awareness is nice but what about those like me who haven't been in the service but still dealing with the very real and scary affects of PTSD
sane man
So these people fought for the us army? IF they did they deserve their ptsd. us imperialism has killed so many innocent people in the name of corporate interests.
uh... Im back... sorry bout that...
uh... Im back... sorry bout that...
you guys need to end this series or atleast chose the kids to be older its absolutely disgusting some of these. childreb this young shouldnt need to know HALF of this shit.
You're Art Okay
This video made me cry so much. "Lets go get some ice cream." WHAT THE HECK IM SO EMOTIONAL
i love you too, stinky
Calico Rose
dad has this and it almost made me cry
Mizore Shirayuki
I don't know personally but I feel that opening up about this kind of would help to some extent, because it's never good to hold in your problems
Timebreaker Bardock
wish me and my dad could've had a talk like that.......
Kiwi Sprinkles
1:15... dang no sugar coating today
lil pump
let's go get some icecream
Gaming With Xtoph
Seahawks for the win :D
Aoife Drummond
This makes me think about my life and how lucky I am for everything ! I cant imagine what they have been through...
Michael Mejia
My dad was in the marines. He was in because his girlfriend was pregnant. He had friends die in front of him and carried his friend miles and his friend died. Later he goes to Newyork to train there and then my dad realized that he wasn't the father she cheated on him. He has killed people and had people been killed in front of him. He says he stills has nightmares and he had major PTSD for years as always would to get mad and depressed and going insane but he started to change when I was born. He still has it but I'm glad he's ok.
asdasdaw asdwasdw
Ay they're Seahawk fans! What am I saying I don't watch football I only live in Seattle
joey moen
" let's go get some ice cream"
what is PTSD
Tristan Dunn
That one girl always confuses me because she looks older ( no shade)
Nino Gorgone
5.40 i cried
charmaine hansen
That kid at the end tho ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Olivia Smith
Can I have some ice cream too?
Roman Parsons
I cried i hate that great soldiers have to suffer with this tragedy of a disorder they don't deserve it ๐Ÿ˜ข
This made me cry
angie faith
my dad is on deployment and now I'm really sad
Radioactive ray _ 20
Vietnam flashbacks are returning !!!!!!!!!!!!
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