31 Unique Dogs With Unbelievable Fur Markings

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From a Puppy Wearing a Mask to a Fancy Moustache Dog and a Dog with Eyeliner here are 31 Unique Dogs With Unbelievable Coats.

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# 15 Puppy Wearing a Mask
Plenty of dogs have mask-like colorations, sure, but few dogs actually look like they’re wearing a straight up mask! This guy looks like he’s wearing a luchador mask and is ready to jump into the ring at any moment.

# 14 Black Masked Dog
While the previous dog looked like he was wearing a white luchador mask, this dog is wearing a black mask fit for a dashing criminal vigilante. 

# 13 Light Boston Terrier  
Boston Terriers usually have black coats with a white mask across the board, which is why this ginger Boston Terrier is so unique. It is almost unrecognizable without the iconic black and white coating. 

# 12 Blonde Mudi
This bunch of puppies are called Mudis, a rare breed of Hungarian herding dogs and usually only have black or mostly black coats. As you can see, these Mudi puppies are a little blonde.

# 11 Baby Panda
These babies fooled the world when they were born because they look so much like soft, newborn Pandas. Even though they’re just puppies and not little cubs, they are still irrrestibly cute. 

# 10 Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dogs are highly sought after dogs even without a rare coat, so this rare patterned Bernese Mountain Dog is even more of a prize. It looks a bit like a Vanilla flavored dog dipped in chocolate, which is super cute. 

# 9 Cheetah Dog
This dog might be a wild canine rather than a domesticated pet with that coat. Those markings are more Cheetah-like than anything.  

# 8 Siberian Tiger Bulldog
This coloration on a bull dog is completely unique - there probably isn’t a dog out there that has a coloring quite like this one. It may be a bulldog but it has the coat of a Siberian Tiger. 

# 7 Freckled Dog
Australian Cattle Dogs have beautiful coats that are often spotted or freckled, but this Australian Cattle Mix has a much lighter and blonder set of freckles. 

# 6 Panda Dog
Puppies are already some of the cutest things in the world, but combine that with a panda bear and you have a cuteness overload. Let’s just hope it gets as big as a panda when it grows up.

# 5 Light Brown Dalmatian 
Dalmatians have a classic look: black, white, and spotted all over. Well, sometimes they come out a little differently. This dalmatian is completely covered in coffee colored spots rather than the usual black and white affair. 

# 4 Patchwork Dachshund
People breed dogs all the time to achieve what they believe is the perfect dog. There are a bunch of designer dogs, from the Goldendoodle to the Schnoodle, but sometimes the result can look different than what you’re expecting. Like this patchwork Dachshund which looks like three distinct dogs sewn together. 

# 3 Fancy Moustache Dog
What’s fancier than a curled handlebar moustache? This dog has a sleek black and white coat and a clean moustache that is perfect for any black tie event. 

# 2 Dog with Eyeliner
This Husky puppy has a super unique coat that makes it look like it’s got some killer eyeliner on. Complete with light eyes and a heart shaped nose, this dog is picture perfect. 

# 1 Rottweiler with Vitiligo 
This Rottweiler has a pretty standard coat pattern, but its coloration makes it unique. This Rottweiler was born with vitiligo - a genetically inherited trait that causes depigmentation in random patterns on the body. That is why parts of this dog’s coat are completely stark white.

Thanks for making me smile today. They were all unique,but #3 was my favorite.
Heart butt xD
The husky is beautiful.
shelbi darner
on the Australian cattle dog it is acually common for that, its also called a blue heeler bt the lighter color like that is called a red heeler
animal dad and animal kid Animals
also I am animal kid as dashanda spence except different account I have 3
Twilight the majestic tiger
The thumbnail husky picture is fake. I found another husky ( a normal husky), the same picture on the internet
Fanni Nóra Hazai
it's not ridiculous, because there are some animals who come into the world so
Christian Riddley
Who ever bred those dogs is lucky
6:06 it also has a heart nose
Irving Munoz
Please give my video a look at
Gugu Slime
my dog parent's are both brown but my dog tured out white (i know why he is white)
Neko nyan weirdo
it's not dashhound it's dockshund. I'm just telling you how to pronounce it
awww heart butt 😍
Eli Ak
just by 1$ you can help my dog :'( :'(
Patty Fickling
it's pronounced docsund not doch hund
Luna The Grey Wolf
sorry dude but i couldn't stand your voice and your comments .-.
Perfectly ImperfectForever
he doesn't even know how to say vitiligo!!! lol
Saphira Luxray
If an animal is born with strange spots people want to be near it or adopt it. If a human was born with strange spots people will be staying the fuck away from him/her.
Just Give Number 3 A Pink Mustache
And You Have A Markiplier Dog.
katana -chan
Chofe Estegosaurio
My dog has a mark on his back that looks like Iberian Peninsule and that's curious because I'm from Spain
Basit shoeb
blocky eyebrow is like a half human face
Aleksandar Velinovski
I want them all ♥-♥
Davide Bertilotti
Aaron Jackson
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Misty McCubbin
You said the panda dog twice.
Goddamn Dog
Llama Gamer Animation
Theres a jack russel that looks like the dog with eyebrows and the jack russel has bigger eyebrows and it stays two doors down from me!
Camy Cam
Spinnyboiz meme AJ
Who thinks the dog in number 1 looks like houndoom?
like if you agree
Taylor Granger
i have a bernese mountain dog!
Kally Morgan
why is every single other marking a heart that made it real boring
Kylee Garcia
my puppy has a heart on his nose and a shark on his tummy and just white tipped paws and a paw print on his nose
candace carsrud
they are all so cute i love dogs there the best
Cdude 0305
Dog with little booties is like my favorite on the list
J. Potter
Coolkevin 969
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Marenia Pet
Best video ever
Miss Moxie
Dog 29 looks like Martin Scorsese
cool guy 77 new
#battle cats
Lillie Sangu
the dog with bangs looks like two dogs half
Mossad altruista.s
thankyou 4 this vídeo..very nice
Noble Beast Dog Training
These are really cool but the first one is my favorite!
supermoon 321
Avery Kampe
They are all so cute
jesse lasalle
#8 Jaw dropping awesome. That dog is beautiful.
Say Dope
they're so cute even though the
fur is unique
Kadri Aalto
4:55 Siberian Tigers are orange... Tigers having white coats is a mutation. A mutation that has only been seen in Bengal Tigers.
i cry myself to sleep goodbye youtube
666 dislikes D:
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