VERY IMPORTANT! The VAULT 7 LEAKS and Why You Should Care.

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IT’S TUESDAY! Hope you’re kicking this week in the teeth, Nation. ;)
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Philip DeFranco
Hey you Beautiful Bastards! You're behind! Catch up to us here:
^_^ Hello
Die in a hole you family ruining doxxing piece of shit.
Well said all the way through,but especially the end,perfectly said about Chafing Dish "fuck that cunt" you've been hanging around with Irish people too much!
So can I use it to get into my ex's phone and get the pics to help my divorce?
Luis ThisIsNotMyRealName
I'd laugh if Fallout 5 has vault 7 in it.
Luis ThisIsNotMyRealName
I'm Canadian, so none of this really matters to me, I'm just watching this.
Leiff Lewis
Well, to be fair I had gotten extremely sick of hearing the kids in my high school complain about how little money they have, then going off and buying the newest Jordans. Meanwhile wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt to school, getting bad grades, and overall just being a total douche to people who are more intelligent.

So yeah, same thing as the iPhone shit, but with shoes. You can't complain about money and then buy expensive shit. SAVE UP.
The people who can't afford it can't afford it, and never will. Obama care essentially allows even a homeless person to have healthcare :\
Daniel Bushnell
yo all his videos are gone now WTF, I wanna see that shit
Billy Causey
seems to me like the arrogant bull in a china shop way the US cyber intel groups work feels more damaging than what random hackers do.
givem thefinger
within 100 years. i give it. for biblical stuff to be happening. imo
I'm not at all surprised at any of these theories, are they true? probably, is it alarming? Definitely. But we all know the government has a lot of skeletons in their basement, as any other government.
Something I've always expected and also TERRIFIED BEYOND ALL HEALTH. Stress levels skyrocketing. I've expected it but kind of never wanted confirmation because the possibility leaves room for hope and peace of mind. Knowing means you can't lie yourself to relaxation. Aaahhh
i am going to need info what type of lawsuit samsung will have
Ben McKinlay
"Fuck you, you cunt!" now that's journalism :)
Future 7
The information in Vault 7 doesn't surpirse me at all,
That's what I expecting them to be doing,
Everyone knows as soon as you log onto the net anyone who can see your ip address knows exactly where you are,
Vault 7 is just more of the same thing, just collecting more data in greater detail with audio capabilities, all they had to do was write software programs, which they could hide and download through operating systems for pc's, tv's & phones.
Which are all connected to a network that already pin points every users location in the world anyway.
Obviously the CIA would be spying on everyone because they could do it so easily.
Charles The Handsome and Brave
Is this a new fallout lore?
Hugo Winchester
this is scary
Fork Unsa
Keep up the great work. We need media like this.
Holy Emperor of Kekistan
The lack of coverage on vault 7 is disgusting
RK Recordings
First thought when I read this title: Vault-Tec is real gasp
Mikeman Thepiglover
Disdain for the lower middle class? Sure iPhone's can "connect you to the world" but so can an 180$ android phone, I understand how you took it Phil but this statement made total sense to me, an owner of an 180$ LG Stylo 2 that does what an iPhone can. Oh and the only thing an iPhone can do better than my phone is camera quality and processing power, which is really only useful for games, which are a bit less important than a medical bill.
Alexander Martin
Wtf is going on
American Toxicity
crazy I can trust Russia more than my own country
Chantae Lox
This is amazing proving some of the internet "nuts" right. They are trying to sensor the internet because we are investigating better than the mainstream media. Lol Humans always adapt we have seen this over and over they will have to kill us if they want people to trust them.
Kyle Simon
Lol @ thinking the CIA is somehow duty bound to tell Apple how it hacks their iPhone.
Bro come the fuck on. At not point have they ever been constrained to releasing known exploits of software to anyone. YES the CIA can hack your phone, google can hack your phone, Apple can hack your phone.
But what can be done with the information? Is the CIA going to steal your money? Look at your dick pics? Contact your gf to tell you your ex texted you?
No, they don't give a shit about you as long as you're not a threat to your country. The limited man power and time factor presiding over the actions of the CIA mean if they're listening to you, THERES A REASONS they are. YOU did something.
I just wish they're officially identify antifa as a terrorist organization so they can be monitored more closely.
David Hailes
Snowden and others have already leaked this information. This is old news to those already in the know.
Kyle Shebilske
I think an Equally Important Question to ask is who Released this and Why? I'm not buying the "story" & I think it's highly likely that this "Info" was hacked/stolen and given to wiki-leaks by an enemy state of the US to damage the USAs International Trust & Cyber Capabilities, all while Trump is Feuding with the Intelligence Community. While I'm not a fan of massive survailence it's how they catch spy's. While we defenetly need to do more to create a new secure internet and communications network & have more oversight with Government acountability. Reality is it's impossible to create software that's bug free and will never have exploits. Cyber warfare is happening and every country's involved with espionage, and by Releasing Top Secret US Targeted Intelligence Gathering Program's that cost Billions to Develope, Only makes us More vulnerable to our real enemy's which these Programs are developed and used for. We have to develope these things so we can better protect our selves from it being used against us. The NSA was Recently Hacked big time. How Would you like it if wiki-leaks published blueprints of Nuclear/Atomic/Hydrogen bombs or WMDs/Chemical Weapons to everyone in the world? Now I see Edward Snowden as someone that was a responsible whistle blower and I'm Sick of Anonymous sources cause their motives are unclear and thus aren't as trustworthy that the info is untampered with. Also a lot of the Slides were nothing more then Failed pitches that never made it off the ground floor. Now these thing's will be used against us. And China has already Hacked & Stolen all of our Country's Best cutting edge Intellectual Property, from Both Private Companys and Government agency's. That's Why Acts of Cyber Warfare need to be dealt with Seriously & Stoped. It's such a complex issue and not easily solved.
garrett salter
Fuck it.
bernie b
This is why I do not use cell phones.
is the CIA the Illuminati?
or like... the New Illuminati?
or just the same old illuminati?

What I mean is, did they get out of control and take power away from the American people in this last election? Or did they get out of control and take power away from the Illuminati this election? Or did they just do what they always do?
Infidel and Proud
do you think editing and talking 250 miles an hour is enjoyable..?????? perhaps if your paranoid and gay......, but not all of us are....... slow down or loose customers
Philip DeFranco, you're right, it wouldn't have made sense that the CIA leaked the DNC emails. It's also impossible to prove that Russia "hacked" the DNC considering the recent revelations regarding the CIA capability. But the one theory you failed to mention in the CIA vs Russia "who hacked the DNC" bit was the possibility that Assange was telling the truth the first time when he said it was a disgruntled DNC insider who LEAKED the info and that Russia had nothing to do with it. So it was neither Russia or the CIA who leaked the emails.
What if........entertain me for a moment here...........all of this Wikileaks stuff is now just a tool for Russia to further destabilise the United States by creating Controversy and causing public outcry that will hinder US intelligence ability to fight Russian intelligence? I'm not American by the way, its just a thought that crossed my mind.
Mark Prothero
I agree with where Jason Chaffetz is coming from.

Someone who spends several thousands a year just to keep up with "latest trends" (when there ARE cheaper and perfectly practical alternatives), doesn't have the authority in common sense to moan about food being too expensive, or even health insurance.

Priorities. Get the basics right, organize yourself, and build your life from the ground up... instead of spending money just so you can "look rich" while going broke in the process.

Then presumably these are the people who expect others to bail them out (often family, otherwise government) when they "can't afford" their water bill, while parading about with their new I-phone. No.
Modren Dimetrodon
Welcome to dystopia
Geoffrey Mate
You can't have security with absolute privacy.
Blake Winn
reread 1984 , and see just how far we are past it ! the war to come will have to kill big bro .
Taylor Bee
I remembers when you were just for giggles. Now you are a legitimate source of news. 2017 is weird.
Michael McMillion
Guess that means the CIA hacked Hillary and made it look like Russia did it.
Andy hoff
most Americans are stupid, apathetic and care more about sports and Kardashian than their privacy (4thA rights). very sad.
Welcome to 1984.

Yes, get rig of state lines to promote competitive cheaper prices for health care insurance
T Dogg
i mean Americans are very entitled and think they deserve all the latest luxuries even when they cant afford them. get last years iphone for half the price, its pretty much the same thing anyways
Kathy Borthwick
iPhones are hooked in!
Baron Von Trenk
Verbal Diarrhea.
You,Me,and Baby Makes 3
Runs to go throw my Samsung Smart TV in the trash ...
don't you feel violated? I'm just listening to all of this in horror.
of course it makes sense, how else are they going to do it? specially if they've ben hiring hackers, this is hacking MO 101.
Eileen Clinton
Spaldäm's FJ Adventures
It something I suspected. The CIA has been out of control for decades.
its tuesday 11 am and still in bed
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