VERY IMPORTANT! The VAULT 7 LEAKS and Why You Should Care.

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IT’S TUESDAY! Hope you’re kicking this week in the teeth, Nation. ;)
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Philip DeFranco
Hey you Beautiful Bastards! You're behind! Catch up to us here:
I came here thinking vault 7 was a secret vault in fallout 4 lol
Cory Baxter
Heh, I knew the CIA were doing this, expect the unexpected nigga
Jaqen H'ghar
@Philip DeFranco I have to say when I was first exposed to you vids I was not a fan, but years later I am now a HUGE fan.
You've come a long way and really appreciate all your hard work to keep us informed.
Thank you!
Krolle Varas
Hideo Kojima predicted this
david doroteo
Trump is vindicated.

No Russ an connection.

Just a method everyone uses to blame someone else.
ANT - SATAN who are you?
speed talk turns to gobbly goo
Studio 1117
This is why we now are dealing with Wincry 2.0
gabe torres
oh, i thought this was about the fallout franchise :(
Rebecca Kerr
Steve Stevens
whoa. everything I've been telling people for 5+ years. and got called crazy for it. anyone barely figuring it out now is a goner
RhinoStreamTwitc_ h
smill pupstick
I don't trust the government not just of America but of the world.
Dude! Healthcare is NOT a right! The whole reason healthcare, insurance coverage and college tuition are so expensive is because of government intervention. Look we didn't have a healthcare problem when we had free market competition and charities that sufficiently helped the poor, but now since the introduction of governmental intervention expect all this to get much worse! Research this by studying our US Constitution (limitation of Federal government) and Austrian economics (Mises Institute).

~ This said from a hard working blue collar guy.
LeAnne Cooper
Wish you would have covered an update on the vault 7 topic. Unless I missed it but I'm pretty sure I didn't
beth98362 R
An off TV or appliance is one that is unplugged!
I stopped watching when you decided to go on a rant about healthcare. Thats not good journalism/reporting, you obviously have a personal bias and are letting it show.

First of all, while jason chaffetz could have worded his statement better what he means is he wants people to have control of their money. You, as a consumer, should be able to choose what you put your money towards. Here in canada we dont have that luxury, we get our money forcefully taken from us by the government for health insurance that isnt even tailored to our specific needs.

This brings me to my second point, yes it can cost thousands of dollars a year for health insurance and if you need treatment that your insurance doesnt cover it will cost you extra, but thats how insurance works. When you get car insurance the insurance company looks at things like your driving record, the condition of your car, and how much coverage you personally want when they come up with a price for insurance. You can get collision insurance so you'll be covered if you get in a car accident, or you can pay significantly less money per year and forgo that extra coverage for a more basic insurance plan. Private health insurance works the same way, you get charged based on what coverage you need and how much of a liability you are.

Lets assume for a moment that car insurance was universally provided by the government. First of all it wouldnt be free, the money would get taken from your taxes by either raising taxes or cutting funding to other government services that taxes pay for in order to pay for car insurance. The amount money you pay for this service will be determined for you, you'll have no say in it. The nice part is you'll be covered if you get into a car crash, as will everyone else, however you could be a confident driver with a clean record never get in a car accident but you have to pay the same amount of money as a reckless driver who gets into accidents often. On top of all of this insurance would more than likely be more expensive on average because there is no competition.

You say healthcare is too expensive for the average person who struggles to get by yet fail to see how a free market can lower the price of these services substantially. There can still be a government "safety net" for people who still struggle to make the payments, I'm not saying to let sick people die, but we dont need to put everyone in the same safety net at the cost of personal freedom and that sweet sweet capital.
This is why I use Tor, it has more to offer with privacy
Henrik V
We're going to need a bigger tinfoil hat.
It's always been my SOP to assume that there are built-in exploits in all of the software/devices I use and to proceed with that in mind. This brings up a decision: either live in constant paranoia or not give a fuck and say/do whatever I want anyway. I choose the latter, because living fear is simply a waste of life.
Mischief Gaming Show
is it sad when I saw the title and the thumbnail my first thought was they probably need a new water chip.....
SaGe OwL
Michael Lorah
Ia am never buying a new T.V., phone, or car. My first car is going to be from the 50s. I would really love to see the CIA hack into a carburetor and manual window cranks.
Jamie Roth
Something we, the good people, need to remember. We are the majority and this is our world. We need to take back our Governments, our country's and our freedoms before these systems of control destroy what we have left. We shouldn't let the top 1% who only care for money, control and power affect the 99% to this point. It is time to stand up and be accounted for because the message has begun to echo that our freedoms and privacy are slowly being taken away. Now these tools to invade your phones, computers and televisions are out there and you don't know who is watching or listening. Now truly the things you own end up owning you.
Jerrod Volzka
It's really funny how you see the great expense of health care when it is coming out of your pocket, but then can't see it when it is coming out of someone else's pocket. Grow up and take an economics class. Your socialism is showing, not your intelligence.
Michelle Chini
you had me at "fuck you, you cunt!" which you said to a condescending govt pig on CNN... well done chap.
Obamacare doesn't effect rich people's income, as they are so rich that they can get out of the taxes imposed by it. Obamacare helps out the poor, because they get easy access to healthcare at low costs. But the problem with Obamacare is that it punishes the middle-class, who are too poor to be exempt from certain taxes, but too rich to fully benefit from Obamacare. Obamacare is really just helping the poor at the major expense of the majority.
I really wish everyone else watched Burn Notice in its entirety. It may be a fictional television show, but it's desensitized me from this kind of nonsense in the real world. I'm not saying I'm cool with everything the CIA is doing, I'm just not clutching my pearls in shocked horror over it.
Guess what phil... I NEVER buy the newest phone. I get the one that is a year or 2 old. THEY WORK GREAT! and I DON'T WASTE MONEY I could be spending on other bills. HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH Mr 5.4 million subs?
I like Phil's videos overall, but people should think about where they are spending their money... do they buy a $500 phone they DON'T NEED, or put it into their health.. Phil, you're normally reasonable, but try to not be a stupid ass bitch.
that_guy_right_there _
well fkn said!
Feel Team Six
Jokes on the U.S. government, all I do is beat my meat all day
Fallouts real
So the cia is a... spy agency... NO FUCKING SHIT!!! Jesus people why are we surprised by this? My rule of thumb on the internet. Never assume you're privacy is protected.
Is it shady? Oh fuck yes. But dude come on literally every other fuckin spy agency does this. War ain't clean y'all.
Divided Reality
What about Vault 111?
Alexander Walker
I thought this was about Fallout.... pass.
Roger Clemons
Go to the WIKILEAK website and look at how much CIA material they are releasing. Mind boggling.

It is like someone has come to the farm and is letting the cows out of the barn one at a time. No wonder the CIA is furious.

All their inside secrets are going public.

The CIA hates any of their secrets being made public, much less tens of thousands of them and there is no end in sight.

They were knocking off eye witnesses to the JFK murder, who knew just one detail that differed from THEIR storyline.

Julian says he will be making lots more of Vault 7 public and there is much more to come. I read only 2% is made public so far.

Soon after Snowden decided to talk, there were reports his actions motivated others to become whistleblowers.

The Vault 7 data dump is proof there are other CIA types who are letting all the SECRETS into the public domain.

To quote Seinfeld character Neuman........... Snowden !!! LMAO
Mordecai Kinsey
naming it "Weeping Angel" is the creepiest shit. thats like full blown X Files. so scary!!
brandon sneed
None of them are against each other...They are all against us! They create the illusion of opposing forces to make us choose a side like we're a part of the game...WE AREN'T A PART OF SHIT... wake up people, we're clueless sheep who need to be entertained
Natalie Salazar
idk wtf you just said and you're cute so I'm dizzy
Vladimir Putin
I live in the Russian Federation and I say we didn't hack your election.Like do you see Trump now. Why would we make him win?
JJ Lore the government can watch me when I jack off now...

...nobody's safe...
I am starting to see that you;re changing. You used to be more thorough and open minded and less definite with what you used to broadcast and had opinion about. Nowadays not so much
"Why does everyone hate America? I don't get it! Why did Hillary lose? What's wrong with the establishment?"


I can't even talk to my goddamn therapist without worrying the wrong person will hear something out-of-context.
Social Media With Mr Info only know the 1/4 of it.
Need I say more?
Mr Info
Cliff Lowell
You're usually pretty dead on. But with this one you're dead wrong. The poor people who remain poor their entire life are usually the people who are just straight up bad with money. Personal responsibility folks, you don't need the new iphone when you can't put food on the table. #CryAboutItPhillyD
Before hearing the the whole story, I thought we're going to hear about a secret nuclear fallout bunker.
^_^ Hello
Die in a hole you family ruining doxxing piece of shit.
Well said all the way through,but especially the end,perfectly said about Chafing Dish "fuck that cunt" you've been hanging around with Irish people too much!
So can I use it to get into my ex's phone and get the pics to help my divorce?
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