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After documenting and researching over 50,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, Bill Eckstrom shares life-altering, personal and professional development ideas through the introduction of the “Growth Rings.” The rings illustrate how dangerous it can be to remain in a state of comfort and how being in discomfort is the only way to sustain growth. You’ll be amazed at the world-changing outcomes discomfort can have on your life and the lives of others.

Bill Eckstrom is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, outdoorsman and father of three. With a passion deeply rooted in growth and development, Bill has always been fascinated by the role a coach has on the performance of individuals and teams. As a result, he founded the EcSell Institute whose sole focus is to educate, track and measure coaching effectiveness for leaders within organizations around the world. This has led to hundreds of keynotes, published articles and e-books created from the research and documentation of coaching interactions and outcomes. You can learn more about the EcSell Institute here: https://www.ecsellinstitute.com/

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swamy bolisetty
Trigger it yourself!!
Then why does the vast majority of wealth come from already rich families?
chas berg
He is just a motivational speaker looking for slaves (like)
Albert Albert
Think and act outside the box plus embrace challenges.
I just saved you from a 12.34 min talk.
Huy Vo
"comfort breeds weakness."
Capricious Conch
Not an absolute. Continued discomfort is ineffective towards growth as well. Don't take 6 points and try to make 7.
Alexey Pilipenko
Wow. This is amazing. Thanks.
Bernard Popp
This talk is meaningless, without any idea what is meant by "growth".
Zooks sFX
Hej keeps talking about growth is the ultimate goal. If you live in "order" with a well paying job and a great family, why strive towards growth, if it is not needed. Wait till discomfort finds you, and let it form you.
Pete S.
I haven't watched this yet but my argument is that will comfort really ruin your life. Do you really want to be uncomfortable for the sake of progress or for social status?
Granted though to get good at something discomfort is obviously essential but I also think that for most of us there is a limit. To get good at something we are naturally inclined to discomfort is expected but there is also an element of comfort since we are inclined to that thing.
Pep Cearnal
Seek new experiences. Always!
Johnathan Owens
Laying in bed not at school this is comfort
Ash Versache
one of the best talks I've ever gone through.
Pity the billionaires!
Nin Ulus
No comment...
TinFoil Overlord
Discomfort? Everything you do will land you in jail. Can't even go to bars anymore
Thankyou Very Much
vsleboss cacakaka
Before buying on gearbest, know that it's thieves.
They do not repay,
on google search for "Thieves Gearbest".
Bill Carson
You wanna move into move into a discomfort zone, try taking a cold shower for one minute or half a minute and see how it feels ?
Avneet Singh
So should we hail Kim joun yun, China n Trump who r all challenging the present world order. (All in their own way) ????

dave dave
more rubbish to digest
The title of the video is so confusing and wrong. You need comfort to be productive. But i get the point that hes trying to put into our minds
Yes, make life as horrible as possible, don't fight poverty, criminality, corruption and the like. It means growth, guys. When your beloved grandmother dies of a heartattack, don't be sad, thank god for this opportunity of GROWTH. When you've lost your home and you're on the street with no food, no money, boy howdy what an amazing opportunity for MORE GROWTH. Really cease all resistance to everything you don't like. Being a mindless workdrone isn't all that bad. You'll be amazed just how far tons of suffering and stress will bring you in life.

Was I clear enough?
Jeremy Corbyn should watch this, he doesn't believe in growth, he believes in Socialism so there is no need for growth
sexylitehaiti sexylitehaiti
Future should be unknown. A 9 to 5 Give the Same paycheck.
Pioneer 37
Stagnation, Order, Complexity, Chaos!
Pursue Complexity from Order ~>Growth
Pioneer 37
Mason Shaffer
what about marriage?
this is my favorite TED Talk ever
Afrah Alharbi
I need an explanation . What does ‘forced upon you ‘ mean ?!
Frederic v. Leibniz
Getting out of ones comfort zone sure is the origin of growth - I get it! But breaking your daughter on the tennis court over and over again, indoctrinating her your theory about pushing! pushing! pushing! even in things that are supposed to be fun is the other extreme and in my eyes not a good mindset to implement into your child! The theory is appealing and a good mechanism to grow, but you shouldnt be fanatic about it - especially when it comes to raising your kid!
Rizal Djohan
to what extent do we want to grow into? isn't comfort? do we want to grow into eternity? :)
yes no
After documenting and researching over 50,000 deaths on the internet - discomfort is normally experienced in the last second before death.
Yep - I am sure comfort was the last thing on their minds...
Ben M
Well that's my excuse not to attend lectures.
nancy mukui
Just plain awesome. What we know abd sometimes can hardly put words to.
Psychic Gregory
Motivating video! thanks for sharing
Yeah just imagine a world without mass shootings and wars. Too comforting. I know I know he's not talking about real discomfort but a harmless, first-world problem, a diet-cokish, a TED-talkish discomfort.
Kanishk Hamirwasia
Watch this video, potato couch, this is for you !
muhudin Bashi
Thanks Bill Eckstrom
King Savage
Key to success = be comfortable with discomfort
You're a creep.
William P.
Death to NWO.
C9 > Complexity
Lachlan Angus
Although I prefer a bit more scientific evidence in a TED talk, there is truth in what Bill is illustrating. Take the film Captain Fantastic as an example: Ben Cash wanted his children to become the strongest versions of themselves, in a world where the traditional American education system is depicted as a generator for spineless shopaholics. Nothing would prevent him from breaking his routines, schedules and parenting virtues. There are obvious downsides; his children have minimal interaction with modern society, but the pros arguably outweigh the cons – they can always learn the rules of social behavior later on. He assigned his teenage daughter a book on M-THEORY for Christ's sake. His 8-year-old son described the Bill of Rights better than most adults can. And it all came from the discomfort of complexity.
SVN Starr
Awesome way of communicating that point brother.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom sir!!! I'm Grateful.
saying: 'everyday do one thing you really don't want to do'
Maxime Boivin
Listen to Jordan Peterson!
suhas pathak
Great speech, I know that comfort will destroy years and years in life. I was experienced it.
DJQ 15
This is what I understand about my experience and I think I can relate to this:
Being in your comfort zone is not guaranteed security. Going out of it once in a while can give you potential for success.
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