The Creators Of TrumpCare On TrumpCare: 'Don't Call It TrumpCare'

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Unlike House Speaker Paul Ryan, Stephen Colbert doesn't need PowerPoint to break down the finer points of the GOP's health plan.

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Screw all of them
Joel T135 EAS RSMV
Why does the camera man say "fingers, fingers, fingers" to Stephen asking him take it off of screen? What does 3 fingers mean?
I thought this was from yesterday until he got to the PowerPoint.
David Weiser
I want to see the Republicans take the Sun to court for Tax Evasion. LET'S DO IT!
Ivoy Luo
trump knowledge is taking over every body now behave like him
James Kidd
Paul Ryan, "The people on the Blue side pay for the people on the Red side." You mean, like the Democrats paying for the Republicans?
james myers
wait so he wasn't being sarcastic when he said tax the sun?
Mark Twain
That piano-guy should rly shut up!!!
Manthan Shah
I kinda agree with Paul Ryan...don't force healthcare.
Connor Phebus
Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton. it doesnt matter they are all just turds floating in the same toilet bowl. Sure some smell worse than others. some are a slightly different hue but still, at the end of the day they are all still just turds who will pass laws, deceive the people they are sworn to protect, and are just all around terrible human beings.
deusex machine
Charles Darwin for usa election 2020
It should be called "Trumpdoesn'tCare"
Katie Morris
Rep Jason Smith is totally & completely out of his mind on drugs right ????? I mean he's not saying this messed up shit for real is he !!?!??
David Palmer
They use to tax the rain in Maryland :/
Elan Sun Star Photography
THE ATLANTIC.......Can satire save the republic?
Dezi Lue
Republicans are childish as fuck.
Mishjen Cockles
thank u for actually speaking up against these stupid ppl
Gerald Gardner
Saw a list of "celebrities" threatening to be troublesome for the GOP. Ron Perlman, Mia Farrow, and Patton Oswalt. They should star in a remake of Browning's Freaks---they wouldn't need make-up. A gorilla, a living bag of dust, and a lumpy penguin.
I never watch this show because I don't have cable television or an antenna so I don't know what the deal here is...but get rid of the clown making random comments off screen. Holy shit that is annoying.
So many twerps spewing and bloviating!! Too bad you cunts have to wait for your utopian Nirvana! LMAO!!!! Fucking millennial twats!! Mass Joli
Trump is most stupid president America
as a Democrat I want Obamacare repealed because most people who benefit from it are the Republicunt deplorables. I have 0 regret for them. hahahahhahah
Bill Haltom
You are a Loser
jerrell haynes
So if I get soler panels& go off grid,will I have to pay solar tax?
Please check spine at the door :D
Sandra Molnar
Why does someone who looks like Trump think he deserves only the most beautiful, surgically enhanced women and gets to judge women based on their weight? Hasn't he ever looked in a mirror? He doesn't have a current picture on his Twitter account. That photo must be twenty years old. So he must have some idea how unattractive he is. He should take a good look at the size of his ass in pictures of him golfing. Yuge.
Are you Trumptards getting it yet? hahahaha, LOL,,, just kidding, I know you morons couldn't pull your heads out Trump's ass if a tow truck helped you.
Tucker Bowen
5:39 "how's your dad the president-killer? still killing presidents?"

we can only hope, because right now i can think of a president he can kill >:)
Jerry K
why havent we proposed a tax on the sun?! why do we have fingers?! why am I hungry?! why is that cop looking at me?!
Rafael Navarro-Rubio
I dont get the 18 hours thing... can someone please explain?
Thomas Fruge
Its called Trumpcare. Its called Trumpdon'tcare
Political Comedians are great because they are allowed to call out people on their bullshit. The media is required to take what Trump says seriously, if they want to be taken seriously themselves.

Comedians aren't.
oh my god now I realize it......they elected this government for these comedy shows!
Yvonne Duggan
Is that US time or Russian tume?
If anyone actually wants a "Don't Care Bears" T-shirt, this is one option:

sohk13 smith
Steve Colbert is not one of my favorite talking heads. Today is 4/7 and perusing the channels I came across Colbert. While he is entitled to his slams of President Trump, through Colbert's disengagement with reality Colbert failed to understand the correct action of President Trump approving air strikes against Syria for it's use of nerve gas against his own people. Perhaps if Colbert took his boring head out of his useless ass, he would offer support for the President during this very perilous time. Colbert should put his money where his mouth is and go to Syria to view, first hand, Assad's treachery against his own people and the devastating results of nerve gas, which just as an aside, has been outlawed by the Geneva convention. So that he can actually provide funny political commentary Colbert and his family should ingest some nerve gas so he can develop an appreciation for the profound suffering of Assad's victims. There is certainly a time and place for Colbert's shot at humor, but now his delivery is poorly timed. In conclusion, let's remember the famous words of Larry Flynt, the creator of Hustler magazine and 1st amendment advocate: Opinions are like assholes everyone has one, well maybe not Colbert. Well actually another final word. When Obama, our first mulatto president was confronted with Assad's use of chemical weapons in 2013 he talked big, but did nothing.
Trump's real invitation was for his wife so she can chat with her Goldman Sachs
As mentioned below in the comments, we shouldn't call it TrumpCare; it's the Republican Insurance Plan (RIP).
Dorrett P
Looks like nobama and rice got caught spying on Trump.... disgusting. Hang both of them side by side for trwas in.

MAGA, God Bless President Trump!!!
Thalius Belinti
I agree... Metallica does rule
See now I don't get some of you haters. You seem to hate Steven Colbert, yet you find yourself here watching him. Make up your mind!!! If this bothers you so much then don't watch. It's as simple as that.
Casey Heidt
While I am obligated to get irritated at Democrats for stalling the bill because I get irritated when Republicans do the same thing... "Republican Pay More For Less Care" Act XD hey at least I can laugh at it
Religions are usually tax exempt, praise the sun!
Aura Star
Colbert is brilliant , insightful and source of News
Gene Green
Call it NOCARE HEALTHCARE ! With NOCARE HEALTHCARE PLAN you get a bottle of aspirins and a box of band aids !
Who's the guy do the adlibs in the back? STFU
Shashwat Khurana
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