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beautiful moana
romrf online
who wants to see the kakamoras together with the minions? coconuts vs bananas... that would be an epic movie!
Mm, i thought this movie was boring with barely any plot
Francium Agar
Look at my profile pic XD
A disney movie that doesnt suck? finally
frozen and zootopia was absolute shit.

thanks dwayne johnson
Wafer Waffle
who else thought this was going to be Avatar the Last Airbender?
79 Louise
Pretty neat film though I never seen it it does look good.
Moon Lightning
What is the thai song name?
one scorpion
The trailer makes the movie practically scary when you see it! But I love this movie, I blimmin' cried my eyes out! Hdhdhfgdhdjdndhsjkaakqjqqjwjksnsndjovovvlc,cmcf DISNEY RULESSSS
This movie rocks..
Marko dežman
ok to much singing
يوسف العسيري
I love moana❤❤
Francisco Bacelar
Wenger out.
Maria Jane
All of my family and friends say I look like moana like exactly because I'm from Mauritius
Chickens And Kittens
Superheroes VS Bad Guys
Itz Nurin!
She's the second prettiest princess because when Princess Fiona became a human, she's goddamn pretty
Itz Nurin!
Do a Muslim princess movie or a Disney Princess that has cancer to support cancer kids!!
Yugen TV
one day I will direct a animated movie better than this
Emily Waugh
Moana had obvious connections to New Zealand and the Cook islands. I myself am a New Zealander and the stories of Maui were one of my favourites to listen to. The story of Maui in Moana is quite different from the original. Maui is infact a demigod, but he is well known for fishing up the land, New Zealand. He snuck into the boat when his four brothers decided to go fishing. He made a fish hook (Was not a gift from the gods) and threw it over the side of the boat when he reveiled himself. He caught a large fish (The North Island of NZ). His canoe is the south island.
Joe David Pineda
are you making moana 2 the movie
pezkendy پەزکەندی
This movie is not worth watching. there are more songs than movie story. If one removes the songs from the movie it will become 25 minutes long.
my hype was best when I saw the name lin-manuel miranda lmaooooo
ana beatriz araújo
filme chato
Gash0 Ali
very beutiful
Metal Sucks
The best Disney movie where the women and the songs are not actually shouting and yelling.ll
Blue Panda #GingerovaTeam
Moana and Zootopia are my favourite Disney movies! ❤
I will work in Disney... You will see!
Blue Panda #GingerovaTeam
they said this disney princess was different than others bc she wasn't interested in a Prince but let's just stop to think that they might not have put mowy and moana together bc he kept calling her kid 👌🤔
Brook McAlister
I actually watched the movie and I liked it. it didn't blow me away but I liked it. I hope that for the next Disney movie they can have a romantic interest for our heroine. I miss princes.
Denisse Elvira
I just love this move and Moana's hair gaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm in love! lol so jealous
Tactical Clan
is anybody else just pissed off at how american they turned this in 2.
محمد صالح
Apple by Wright VEVO
the funny thing is i am friends with the girl who voices Moana
Patricia Dormoh
good for children
Payton Unknown
I was nervous about going on the Mindblaster ride at Calaway Park because I just ate a lot of food, and I was afraid I would vomit, this was my best friend's response: "if you do, when you get off say, 'what can I say except you're welcome?"
Julie Jacinto
please be a sequel and more musicals🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gaya Ffrdsetdd
the part that touched me the most in the movie was when she told the ocean to let te Kai come for her and she started singing I started balling tears because its such a powerful scene
lazy lil person
Wait, if the ocean is a friend of hers, why does it keep trying to drown her? Think about it.
1:07 that moment when Maui tries to drown moana

I'm shOOK
She is the newest Disney princess but technically she is not a princess. 👸
counter strike 1.6
John Bahr
I just watched this movie I really liked it thought it was a good movie
Good movie. Except Samoans weren't voyagers.
Lurch Hightower
Disappointment. Beautiful, yes. Kind of funny, yes. But it seemed very one-dimensional; the story was lacking interesting side-stories/adventures. There was very little chemistry between me, the viewer, and the characters. I felt like I was waiting for the movie to begin after the first stunning island scenes, but the journey never commenced. For a movie about freedom and ethereal love, it felt very claustrophobic and simplistic. But then again, I'm a grown man.
cauê lima
vai toma do cuuuuu moana
Bia :3
Eu amo esse filme 😍😍
The Rock (Dwyane Johnson) is a DemiGod...
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