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Moana is on Netflix for those who want to watch it.
Latajc Matiasi
I Love moana
Rafiel Rosario
The visuals and colors in this movie were so beautiful, but the songs were not good at all. And I found Moana to be quiet annoying.
You can watch it free on pornhub.
don't ask why.😅😂😂
Ethan Hands
I love this my favorite movie mona
this is a great movie just like the rest of john Musker and Ron Clements resume
Nur Syahla
ternyata seru ya moana!😄😀
zully cortez
It's on Netflix now so !💗🤗
Khelood Jubber
the chickens nane is heihei
Lindah Ferguson
Christina Kuhn
BEST Disney movie ever made! Saw it with my four-year-old daughter, and she LOVES Heihei! I could relate to Moana back when I was a teenager, too. Well, and now.... Because I still wish I could get out onto the beach and the water. :)
DjTressa 1's n 2's season 4
my child like Moan she watch it once a week for 5months now
Ernani Palhano
Então eu não sei se é um nome mas o meu nome eu vou te apresentar meu nome é Emily Meu nome é lindo né então gente então gente não né gente porque eu não conheço você fazer um adulto adolescente ou criança porque eu sou um adolescente já né Eu já tenho 12 anos então né então você tem que que que eu sou sua amiga e tal e tal não pode ser adulto ou o que você é você me manda o mal ele tá então né então até mais até mais
Brianna Shorting
hi Brianna I miss you
I swear this movie is better than all the Harry Potter movies combined ( i still luv Harry Potter more than life itself, since i read all 7 of the biographies XD)
preeti soni
I love this movie I've watched it many times
Mariinha Acácia
Coisa linda mel Deusss
Just watched this movie. Great work by Disney! I can't fathom the creativity and dedication of the whole Moana Team!!!! May the good work continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denis Dražetič
let me guess a brave girl?? jesus.
Maddy Shillito
Chief: I dont want my daughter ever going near the ocean ever..
Friend: okay so what you gonna call her?
Friend: Oh... But doesnt that mean ocean chief..
Cheif: yeah but still.
Nature Lover
Hello everyone! I am not trying to promote my channel on someone else's. I just thought you would like this little news after a GREAT trailer <3
I am doing a giveaway on my channel, I was wondering if anyone would like to enter? It will be ending June 30th :)
the storyline is messed up like my grandpa's pantz
Noelle Busolo
B k
Geovana Kalyne
o filme moana vai passar ao vivo no face hoje 10/06/17 na página (filmes em live) as 18:30(antes do filme moana vai passa mais dois filmes ,zootopia as 13:30 e sing as 15:30) vao lá assistir
jimi peank
Linnet Mbotto
so this is the movie eee?!
Brian Dempsey
Funny thing is moana is actually my mom
Adriel Nikolao
the man in the murr
what is it with disney and retarded birds
Kelly Mitchell
that really impressed my dad because ive watched it before and my dad wants to see it so thank you yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Inam Joni
very very nice
Kaley rulez
OK dont yell at m but I haven't seen moans.BUT I have been dying to see it
W B.
Should have released it during the summer!
Moustafa Maloul
Karen Emilly Farias
intendi nadinha, mas gostei
María Leon
que familia
Jozee Dutra
yok malegro
Thumb up if you need a movie about Maui!
Bab Baby Channel
I like your videos very much
patsy hawkins
Maria Isabel De Azevedo Theodoro
eu já vi moana quem viu deixe seu like no meu comemtario.
Ericka Salvatierra
Moana es una película. Hermosa

But Also
Who wants to see Moana and Maui together in Moana2 ? Or who dont want and think they must be friends?
Krijg kanker
Danielli Figueira
tá tudo em gles
mak lee
I've noticed that every 3D princesses like rapunzel, merida, elsa, anna and moana were shown when as kids when they're young.
mak lee
Moana Trailer: "From the creators of Frozen"
Frozen Trailer: "From the creators of Tangled"
Tangled Trailer:...
Jackqueline Sirleaf
Nor asmida
| ⇐
i love it
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