Can you solve the three gods riddle? - Alex Gendler

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You and your team have crash-landed on an ancient planet. Can you appease the three alien overlords who rule it and get your team safely home? Created by logician Raymond Smullyan, and popularized by his colleague George Boolos, this riddle has been called the hardest logic puzzle ever. Alex Gendler shows how to solve it.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Artrake Studio.

Fifi Phoebe
I never answered TED-Ed's riddles
What If the suck in math.
Just bring the damn artifacts to them you don't need to know who is who
I knew the logic. but I couldn't figure out exactly how to apply it.
Braulio Gates
I solved it a different way. First I would ask the one on the left what he's name is and since he always tell the truth he'll tell me his name. Let's say his name is Arr. that's one down. Then I'll ask the god in the middle if his name is Tee or Eff and since his answer is always wrong he'll tell me the wrong name. So if he says he's name Tee then that means his name if Eff and the God on the right is Tee. But if he say his name Eff well then that means his name is Tee. And that would mean the God on the right would be Eff. There Riddle solved. 😁
Sgtdavid Primary
i would kill them and gain their powers, then ascend to the heavens
Hinata aka Tris
crazy how we still didn't figure out what means yes and what means no

You can say there names out loud and see which ones responds to which name...
Mica T.M
wtf i didn't get a thing
But then you need to ask more than three questions
ShadowedLight171 Gaming
Why don't the god just grow a brain and understand what your thinking?
Draydin Bardon
sorry but any riddle that requires you to get lucky in order to work is a stupid riddle.
4:39 hello darkness my old friend
Claire & Tim Lagula
what about if i say
"Tee thinks Eff is fat"
they fight
the one that attacks first is Eff
that one that is being attacked is Tee
the one that doesn't move is Arr
Wouter R
(If Tee is blue) ask Tee if he is blue. Whatever he awnsers means 'yes'.
Repliar of Ancient Comments
I find it offensive to announce a finitely long riddle the hardest logic riddle ever.
you can get around the whole riddle by including their name in the question. tell me is that against the rules.
Jane Phua
ULU means no and OZO is yes
Genji Shimada
Or just ask Tee if Uzu means yes...
that's more than 3 questions
Sydney Cole
He explained the whole thing but I still don't understand.
Joey gerbasio
I was somewhat close.
Imogen Bell
Isn't that more than 3 questions
Zorranco Z
Knowing things without knowing the answer.

Fuck logics.
christian pollock
2+2 was actually the question I thought of
Random Person On The Internet
I'm not upset that I didn't get it
Franco Msgl
While asking the Alien Overlords the yes-no questions, tell them to answer with a nod for positive answers.
well this one had me beat for a few hours. got there eventually though
Helios Dragoneer
The video is trying to psycho us even if ask the question the result will still be indifinite, I suggest kill the overlords and use the artifacts yourself
237 Memes
Fun fact: Eff is a fricken idiot
2+2 does not equal 4 i mean WTH
But what if in the first question the overloard is ARR????
Sans Sansational
Mystogan Edolas
You need at least 5 questions to be able to solve it 100% of the time, 3 questions are needed to identify Arr.
Marta Celio
The original riddle had one more condition; you can ask only one question to each god. With this condition, you have to juggle logical connectives to get the answer.
Troy Linn
ask the same question 3 times is tstill three questions by itself. so the ending of the video screws with the whole thing. so that alone uses all three questions
pink fairy armadrilo
i think there are number of easyer ways to find thos out but you do you i guess
Cruzwindu777 DEfFSFF
Kill them and drink their blood, that'll make you a God yourself, and if you drink the blood of the 3 of them, that'll make you tree times more powerfull.
Justin Mark Rivera
You and your team. You mean your dog right? how is that a team?
Bolt Strikes
hold on, you would have to ask 4 questions in order to determine which is yes and which is no
FrostBit Gaming
wait how did you know which artifact to give to the three overlords? :P
How do you determine if the right one isn't arr or the left one isn't arr if you don't know the meaning of ulu or ozo?
Dora can't say yes or no?
Mathias Kotikoski
I didn't get anything of that. but it was intressting
Caleb Pittman
Simple answer if the artifacts look like there respective overlord then it doesn't matter who is who give them the artifacts and leave artifacts like this usually look like the person or alien they're based off of so just play the matching game
Caleb Pittman
Why not just read the wall again and figure it out
Their names are what, who, and you
sagar vedanta
you are asking 4 questions , but you've mentioned that according to the initial conditions you can only ask 3 questions :

and more over your firt question of asking whether 2+2 = 4 does'nt make sense, because if you ask whether 2+2 = 4 and the TEE or EFF says ozo or ullu.

even then you can determine which is true or which is fault as you don't know among two aliens which one is tee and which one is eff.
Wait so how are you supposed to know their names in the first place?
nina b
i thought this said goats
Willy Kibet
is it allowed to google translate OZO and ULU?lol
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