Can you solve the three gods riddle? - Alex Gendler

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You and your team have crash-landed on an ancient planet. Can you appease the three alien overlords who rule it and get your team safely home? Created by logician Raymond Smullyan, and popularized by his colleague George Boolos, this riddle has been called the hardest logic puzzle ever. Alex Gendler shows how to solve it.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Artrake Studio.

Your language skills are some BS because if I were to learn a language yes and no would be one of the first things I learn.
I asked the middle God the first question and he answered Covfefe. Now what?
Przemek Goździk
Are you sure that there are no logical problems in this riddle?
1. If I do not know their language, how they can understand my questions?
2. How, in your solution will I know which artifacts belongs to which alien? Your 3 questions just gave me the proper names, but not the answer about artifacts.
I suggest explicitly telling us that the connection between each artifact and a particular alien name is already known. The phrase "the correct artifact" does not tell us this. The animation is done so that no artifact may be associated to a particular alien based on visuals, such as color or number of eyes. This makes sense, but neither the vocals nor the animation tells us that a particular artifact is already know to belong to Arr, for example, even if we don't know who Arr is yet. I thought I had to get more information out of the three questions allowed.
Watched 4 times and still didn't get it. Smh. I'll watch again tomorrow.
Orlando Pockets
without spoiling it, i have a question. What happens if you ask a question that the alien does not know the answer to? do they say nothing? do you get another question if this happens? for one example, what if i ask the 'truth teller' alien how the 'random answer' alien will respond to the question: does 1+1=2? since he does not know how that alien will respond, what is his response? neither of the two mentioned responses is correct and he must tell the truth...?
Jaimie Hong
Wait i think i may have misunderstood something but I'm confused because he said the god on the right was definitely not Arr, but then in the end it was Arr. Can someone help? I've rewatched it several times.
First I'll ask them about their appearance! For exemple if u suppose that the 3 eyes god is the ambigiuous one. We can ask him about his own appearance, he will successively answer ULU or OZO even if the informations about his own appearance are always true.

About the 2 other left we can simply ask them: What is the opposite of ULU. The always True God will answer OZO.

Not sure if that works ! Tell me if its logical guy !!
cedrick deveza
well it defend oh how they give their feeling ito the word ozo and ulu .. because ulu is a strong feeling word so it is make it the false ang ozo is the soft feeling version so it make the true version..... alien have feeling to
Coral Maynard
The answer went over my head
Slimey Unicornee
You and your team= you and a dog 😐 why tho
IngRand'lo Russell
I feel like every time I do a riddle video I tell myself "yeah your the kind of genius that will solve it while no one else can"......and every time I'm humbled lol
Mi Cara
tee eff... too
richárd horváth
But in some magical way you know which artifact belongs to who ? Is their name on the artifact or wtf?
Matthew Elliot
Lol it doesnt work
Alex Ng
Will you say yes?
Justin Hylden
That was more than 3 questions! You should have phrased the rules as, "You may ask any of the three questions multiple times."
Emily Mihelich
couldn't you just ask tee if they are tee? since they always tell the truth the answer would be yes and that would tell you which word means yes.
is m
run this answer 100 times n i still dont get it.
Elijah M
Lol um... The last one means it would be a long way to earth either way... Idk how that got past editing
Michelle Shang
It should be impossible for them to lie to 2+2=4 because it's a fact and you can't lie to a fact.
Deonte Harris
I saw this this in a movie
chivalry dead
Dint you just ask tee 2 questions.
so much for only ask one question each!!
Hdujsjs Hsjejeh
My brain hurts😄
Ashraf Louati
in the end why is it too bad that i still don't know what ozo means
if now i know who is tee (the one that always says the truth)
i could ask him again is 2 + 2 = 4 ? if he says OZO then OZO = yes and if he says ULU then ULU = yes since now i know that he says the truth
Ali Mousa
How would you not know what yes or no means if you know how to say ANY question?
Manuel Herta
What ? You need to give them the correct artefacts ! Knowing who is who does not solve anything. You still don't know what artifact belongs to who. Do i not understand the problem or is this thing flawed ?
Alexandre B.
I have a different approuch. The Riddle states that all 3 aliens needs to respond Yes or No in your own language. Lets think about Tee's and Eff's answers. The both need to be always correct or always incorrect. If I make the follow question: "If I ask the 2nd alien if he is Tee's he will answer OZO ?" If the 2an alien is Arr's, neither of Aliens (Tee's or Eff's) CAN'T answer because both can't be sure about the answer of Arr's, so the both will be mute. With this in mind, 3 questions can be made and the Aliens can be found. One more think, althouth math is a Universal science, how can we be sure that this especifically alliens can calculate ?
Sener S
Boring puzzle
Well, I don't have the time or even want to really a lot time to do this, but just for anyone wanting to do this riddle, you might want to make a graph, or some system to keep count of what questions lead to what outcomes. That being said, without a graph it should be worth noting the meaning of Ulu and Ozo don't matter, all that matters is if you ask certain questions you'll know the order in which each god (besides Arr) will answer, so it doesn't matter whether Ulu or Ozo means yes or no, all that matters is what order the gods answer Ulu or Ozo in. I think I need a graph to be sure how to rule Arr out of this, but I don't have the time, but maybe I'll come back to this sometime.
Err sorry I don't get this bit explain please"F always answer falsely"
2 + 2 = 4 (if ozo = yes)Shouldn't F say ulu (no)?
I know if F thinks "ulu" (no) then F would say "ozo" but err the riddle said "answer"?
Rahul Ravanan
Easy. Take all three artifacts and hold them out to all of them at the same time, they'll take theirs
Benoit Pierre Germain
Found this from Old Norse seem familiar? High, Just-as-High, and Third Hár, Jafnhár, and Þriði . What if you ask a question wich they cannot answer? What is their response?
Christian Munoz
I have a riddle

1 arabian says "allahu" the 2nd arabian says "ahkbar" the 3rd arabian says (nothing he died from the explosion...
Sankarsh Kulkarni
just ask them will you all answer my question. one of the alien would say yes followed by no and maybe it sums up our conclusion
You ask 4 questions and not 3.. this whole riddle is invalid
Marshye Books
Simple :

Bring the Doctor with you, and have the TARDIS translate it for you.
-No- *lol*
Well he answered zoo when you questioned so Ozo probably means yes
If you identify them by using ozo and ulu you know what meams yes and no because if you don't know you can't solve it the presented way
Nina Treboux
This solution only works in languages where double positives and double negatives both equal a positive outcome. For example in languages such as Russian or Portuguese where there is no negative concord this solution would not work.
Andrei Lee Buencebillo
I dont get it😂
محمد محمود
I think I've made a very detailed explanation.
Bryna Young
Wth is this
Jacob Braun
Who else feels like a moron
James Paul
But is u where talking to arrive for the first question then the answer would be meaningless and u get murdered by aliens
Pokemon & DBZ fan don't judge
Oh this is The one that the Lake guardian riddle was based on.

Mespirt I think always told the truth
Uxie is random
And azelf always lies.
I came up with another idea:

First you ask someone if he is lying. Now you know what "no" means. Then you ask another one what the first guy would answer to the same question. If you receive an answer you know, that the first guy wasn't random. Otherwise it wouldn't be a yes / no question, so you wouldn't understand it.

Now just ask the first one (who definitely doesn't answer randomly) what another guy would answer if asked if the first guy was lying. Now you know who is lying and who's random.

Can you tell me if it's right and if it's wrong, why?

*Edit: if the first one was the random one just ask the remaining question to another one to find out what's yes and no.
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