William Flikeid
It was so funny when he imitated jakes singing voice
TheWay LifeGoes
I like rice a lot but that song is nice(the first tho)
William Evans
You sexist geek girls can make diss tracks
William Evans
Ricegum is a big head butter face
kuba wojcik
Stop making fun of Jake!! Ur the one I’m gonna make fun of
W2s look like autism kid
skylar the fox :D
Rip head phone
Jake D
Fair dinkum, this bloke needs some acting classes. Everytime W2S said anything close to a diss, his expressions can be likened to the acting of a disney channel kid who only got the part because his parents knew people
Hey ricegum you are the best youtuber
Yelrihs Claire Polinar
F*ck u ricedumm
Yelrihs Claire Polinar
F*ck u ricedum
Hunterthunderxx Jackson
Ricegum yourtrash and stop hating on Jake Paul
Zoe Mendez
Theres always a reason that people dis track but some is over little things
Liza I’m dead
Ryder Yellowknee
England is my city
Emerald Kao
I laughed so hard when the girl started rapping
I'm a girl and I could probably make a diss-track 10x better then most of these people
Brandon Lacasse
your awesome
Lil messi 21 Gonzalez
suck a left nut you bicth cox sucker
Hunter 12
You are stooped
They diss me for no reason!

Look in a mirror cunt
jeremiah britton
Jake paul is a fucking mental retarded fuck boy
Sir Farts Alot
Love you <3
Bryahna Pruitt
Jake Paul is the bomb if you don’t like him I don’t like you
Joanna Phung
What did Liza do anyway?!?

Nothing. She did nothing.
ty scooter trecks
Bro don't listen to the haters just make up to every one but I will bray for you God bless🙏🙏
Your in the title because you made a diss on the side men
Ashley Bee
I love how he says Liza's name 😂
Veronica Gonzalez
Ricegum caught no sense of some diss tracks good job ricegum
Richard Ortega
Don't hate just appreciate
Vicente Del Mundo
You should do a song feat. your boi Banks😜
Mushroom Hacker
Ricegum my chigga
Falling Squid
Noooo he put superwoman instead of Liza nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Matt Monschein
Ricegum great video man
dion villani
rice is always to scared to watch the whole diss track
Barrett Tripp
Your using Jakes name for views
Jay Sullivan
Shut up shut up ricegum Jake Paul and Ethan is the best YouTubers of them all and roll to soul so you can shut your big fat mouth
I did Smash RiceGum 2017 😂😂😂
Syed Abubaker
Kid: ricegum your dumb
Rice: WHAT!? I’m dumb?😂
D_Boi_GamER HD
He said why is liza Koshy in the thumbnail then he shows a pic of IIIIsuperwoman
Harry Marshall
Connor Edwards
I hope u die
Prashil Shah
No hate
Prashil Shah
0:22 man seriously “badder” fix ur English bro
Aditya Singh
Y don’t u react to bartbaker
CodyT Vlogs
I made a diss track on you 2 times go check them mean
Master Luck
You are the worlds ugliest not lit person
Kevin Is Keaton
Since the twitch days
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