John Cena and Jimmy Totally Nail the Whisper Challenge

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Jimmy and John Cena take turns guessing random words, names and phrases while wearing noise-canceling headphones.

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John Cena and Jimmy Totally Nail the Whisper Challenge

maurizio mura
Jimmy sei un grand
That guy looks so stupid !!!!
Grand thief
I waiting for john cena to join marvel and become as huge as dwayne johnson aka the rock
Amelia ;-;
Who tf is he playing with?
Black Shadow
Omg! Jhon Cena !
Jacob Ottinger
You can't hear me- John Cena
Mo22 Hq
how is he interviewing an empty chair
wtf is this shit is jimmy talking to himself?
Fillip Finne
jimmy is just talking to the air..... wtf?
He is the biggest star in the world, not some Hollywood guy. In Asia, kids follow WWE, not Hollywood. Trust me.
Vanessa Jimenez
hey guys go check out my "whisper challenge" and let me know what you think! (:
Fernando morales
little did he knew he was messing with juan cena
diiiiiiidgeeeeerrriiiiiiidooooo lol
Hello It's Me
John Cena looks goofy!!!
Sven van de Kerchove
Why is jimmy talking alone?
J Andy
I don't like John in those types of suits...they look ill-fitting. 0_0;; I think a better fit would be an open collar button down shirt, in darker colors, or something, cut to his physique.( says the person who worked at Men's Warehouse years ago )
Elody Witcomb
Hind ag
wtf is john cena wearing 😷
Spammer 007
He must be DELETED.
Gab Riel
Wow, Jimmy has a floating suit guest
Dura Ibrahim
Nikki nik
It's crazy how jimmy is playing by himself
Flying Machine`
Why are you talking alone Jimmy??
Olivia H
He's got similar eyes to Heath Ledger
Tino Vehikite
Who Is Jimmy talking with?
0:33 that dance though
Abigail Koech
Who is Jimmy yelling at?
Stop these "You Can't See Me," jokes. They aren't funny. It was funny the first time. But now, stop this. He's clearly there but if you can't see him, get your fucking eyes checked. You retarded ass people. All you want is attention and you're getting it. The next person who writes a invisible joke, I'm going to freaking bomb your country. (Jk. But seriously, stop these jokes) The jokes are retarded and you can't even make them funny. God bless the people who agree with me.

Like if you agree 👍🏻
Missy Sana
0:34 he dances like my dad
Edith Ann
Wow! What a pair!
Jonah Jean-Pierre
Erica Awesomeness
Am I the only person who thought of Prince bappa lappa shama lama ding dong when they got the "shama lama ding dong" cue card?

Oh I am?

Makes Sense
Blackjack Buttons
I promise you, John Cena is an android. 100 percent fact
Andoni Barreto
why this dude always laugh so hard you think he'd never laughed before. dude we get it, you think it's funny
Abel Jansen
Well obviously the game is easy when you play it by yourself...
Huy Huynh
Where ?
I wonder why Jimmy was talking to himself
Wolfgang weed
and his name is John Cena !💪
NeoNitrosGamer 99
what's with the floating headphones? This is some paranormal activity shit. Fallon isnt even scared of ghosts in his studio
John Cena is fuckin hal 9000 reads lips like it's nothing
Jahid Hasan
why I can't see john cena
A Kid From Africa
Where is John? Jimmy talks to himself now?
Leah O'Connell
Does anybody else notice that John Cena a never unbuttons his jacket in interviews?
who tf
Riley Mannion
Why was he interviewing and playing games with his guest chair????
Gabriela Soto
Aww, when John Cena started to do his little dance he looked like a T-rex with little baby arms! haha
Meg Grinde
I love Jimmy Fallon so much!!! I also did The Whisper Challenge over on my channel. I'm new to youtube and I'd love if you'd come check me out!!
Why was he playing the whisper challenge with a chair?
Mr. Fudy
how are the headphones hanging in mid air besides Jimmy??
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