John Cena and Jimmy Totally Nail the Whisper Challenge

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Jimmy and John Cena take turns guessing random words, names and phrases while wearing noise-canceling headphones.

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John Cena and Jimmy Totally Nail the Whisper Challenge

Polo Polo
He's the only one to have a degree at thuganomics, no wonder he nailed it!
Just like wwe it’s fake
queen moran
who's Jimmy talking to? there's no one there...
Alea Styles
My favorite wrestler JOHN CENA👊😍
Jimmy is out here interviewing floating headphones
Stop keep changing Your name
Wow. So good its boring.
Roland Saunders
Dick Nose Lol 3:11
i Guess Jimmy DIDNT SEE that coming
Trevon savage on the west Vandyke
What up chis brown is the best dance of all time
Shanae A. Porter
Hes good reader lol
Nelle Scott
Y'all konw the Word digleroo I laughed and bump my head on my chairLOL
Nelle Scott
What the hell !! Slap my lap !! BRUH lol
muddasir alam
Cena love from pakistan!
Kusumitha Vasanth
What's all this John being invisible shit??
Dogman0212 Ra
I might be crazy but did anyone else see the floating headphones
joel chhetri
Mehmood Babri
Cena always wins
John Cena
John Cena
3:30 it's like John Cena's teaching baby Jimmy Fallon words.
Rasmon 123
And hes name is

Как угоняют авто в ОМСКЕ
Установка Защиты от УГОНА на Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 -
Smart arse
never thought jimmy would be the type to clickbait, john cena ain’t even their:(
Jimmy what is the song in the head phone.
Dark Grand Priest
So now Jimmy can't see and hear John cena. All I hear is his voice b.
PJ Hans
Who's Fallon interviewing ?
Sele Mancillas
for me fake
John cena tryna be a movie star now or what
Klah Ledbetter
Dont whisper around John Cena lol
Where's Jhon?
Joshua Huizing
"I'm Kevin Roberts, and I'm the coolest bitch in town!"
Hey Guys, Check Out Our Version of The Whisper Challenge >> << Thanks!
Very funny omg john cena tat ta ta ta t at a ta tantantanntanant
he is perfect for lip sync battle
All I fucking hear is John cena voice and I see no John cena at all freaking clickbait
Brandon Santilli
H Dasilva
He is cute
Elias Eid
who's Jimmy playing with I Can't see shit
Ok is it me or do these Jimmy fallon, Kimmel, conan videos all have black screens for handful of there videos for anyone else lately?
Ok John cena is a cringey annoying fucker
Shayan Vlogs and songs
He's 40 years old
Brooke Barnett
So funny
Winston Harding
Jump for Joy, Jimmy is about to hit "Home run". He will start the issues, and keep on going!
You go Jimmy, you are blessed!
Beardster Basketball
rename this the lip reading challenge
yolo lololo
Deadass jimmy show gone horror with that floating headphones
queen Smara
Victor Leanos
Gibi Enigma
Why are those headphones flying ?
you’re the last of a dying breed
damn this show has really gone downhill. they couldn’t even get the real john cena to come? jimmy be talking to himself up there
Emily Malik Shrier
I’m not even going to bother scrolling down through the comments 🙄 John Cena is fucking adorable though 😭💕
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