good editing
used spped settings in camera
Besties In all
ur subscriber wants to knoe
Besties In all
mr bahim how do u get all the wordings down below pls tell
Jared Cortes
but the bearing on my red one which got rusty is small
837K views 8K likes 800 dislikes I bet that these comments are going to make 800+
Space Created
is it just me or hes high
Aliyah Denaly
I let a little kid spin my fidget spinner and he drop it in the sand 😩😩 now it really slow 😭😒😩
Very good Video!Very detailed and just cool to watch.Can you use any kind of Alcohol or does it has to be Isopropyl Alcohol?
this is the fist time I saw one of our voids and I enjoy thdm!
Angel Anchondo
mine broke you asshole
lol Game Play
rtolo habla en espaΓ±ol puto
swagic Wizard
What if we can't remove the balls? We just soak it??
Mac Laren
ehhhh ahhhh ahhh ehhh ahhhh ehhh
nihar churi
0:05 subtitles lol
Bob the gaming potato
wot is this
Lanz Magsambol
can i use every alcohol to clean my bearings
Tinapay Doge
this guy looks autistic
does this work with rubbing alcohol?
Dylan Estrella
New Crimson
Clyde's_ Vlogs&Random stuff
u fuckin retard!!! the reason why the bearings were dirty cuz it was oil grease!!! and grease makes bearings have smoother and faster spins!!!,,,but since u fucking removed the oil grease!!!,,,,they will spin slower and crankier!
StegoZauras - Your_Name
Mine fidget spinner spins for 0:32 it's was spinning 1:10 before u made me break my fidget spinner 😑 😑 😀
shahin parsay
If anyone wants to ruin their night trying to put back their fidget spinner only to give up and throw it in the trash and go buy a new one follow this kids advice.
Jaquan Parker
jaquan parker
Anshul Desai
great video. thanks
Noah Mills
Omg bro thxs
Canal INHOM !
You voice is the BEST !
does this work???
Does help when you remove the plastic here 1:20 in the other bearings that do not spin?
Benos 06
3:00 anyone notice on his t-shirt it says Freaky Bitch
Allan Johann Manalo
He kinda looks like guava juice or Roy wasabi
i dont have speed cream can i use anything else?
Maurkevia Pettus
I love your video my fidget spinner was so slow now it's faster
the races are the rings dude, the plastic piece that holds tbe ball bearings is the "cage"
James LeBlanc
Just as easy to grab a can of brake parts cleaner for $2 at your local auto parts store, pop the dust shields off, spray the thick grease off and then re-coat with a light oil. no disassembly needed and takes all of 5 minutes.
your so ugly
the sky po
fuck you YouTuber
Charles Den Dela Cruz
bruh its so helpful even though i dont follow all of the instructions but it made my bearing spin so fast thanks broooooooo
sara calais
before: he holds it so it slows down, after: he lets go and lets it spin freely!
William Gardenhire
Thank you so much!!! I screwed up one of my bearings before and thought that there was no way to fix it. But with this cleaning technique my bearings did about 1 minute longer thank you so much! I subbed btwπŸ‘πŸ˜€
Jane Rodriguez
Good job you just broke my figet spinner freaky bitch
NHT Productions
3:00 ''Freaky Bitch''.
Mr Ash
You looks like you are forced to do this.
Does it work with the other type of bearing? (the one where you cant take the balls off)
Mr. Jokos
the shelter hat <3
Antonio Deynes
Bro not for nothing you don't even need to take out the actual bearings out. Take of the cage and spray 10W-D40 onto them or by bearing grease. W-D40 can be bought at delis depending on where you live, plus it's only would only cost $5-$10.
This is FAKE,because at the start he cleaned steel bearing and at the end he didin't have a steel bearing in the fidget spinner.
Thanks dude my regular fidget spinner spins for 5 minutes now :P
Dwi Reezky
Thank's brad
Ganja Claus
CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow,,
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