Conor McGregor VS Eddie Alvarez FULL FIGHT No Bullshit!!! HD

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Conor McGregor VS Eddie Alvarez

Brock McClain
Dafuq are you guys complaining about? The fight starts at 6:55
Whats the music at the end?
those video cuts are FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! we should kick ass of that director
thouse slowing down scenes are the worst thing i ever saw. total crap.
Kodey kearney
Conor is just on another level
john k
set up to put more fam on conor
j popiuoyers
shit quality not worth watching,, the video is all cut up,,, looks like random videos stitched together
At least it's not that white cloud bullshit
Numero Uno
He's got that Irish luck
Joemarie Amaro
thank you for this video...
Ferid Xaliqov
Conor 👍
Nihat Altun
thanks for share. Finally we have watched a good fight video.
Fredrick Miller
Very nice upload. Appreciated brotha.
I love when someone comes into a fight thinking "this guy is all talk, he's nothing" and then they realize they are dead wrong.
gareth thomas
No bullshit? Half the fight is missing and keeps going into slow mo! Shit!
TheKingJoker Jr
This is a shit video my guy I'm sorry
The Official Police
No bullshit? More like a lot of bullshit and editing! The UFC edit and replay is fine as it is man 😑
Panchito Smith
no bullshit, but it's laggy as fuck cream!
Ra'hem womack
And all that would be nonsense if he couldn't knock people dead with one shot
TheReal NateDogg
I love the title NO BULLSHIT haha people upload these and they're always flipped or the voices are squeaking
Josiah Gill
Straight up employing that mind control 0.0
Lucus Harden
I know Conner wold win
Conor McL
Top job brother.
Obvious Cabbage
I just wanna say to everyone hating the cut this guy made... For a start, its a pretty good cut, considering he did what he had to to stop copyright laws taking it down... Secondly, go and look for this fight any were else, I'm telling you, you wont find it! Only other good one you'll find has a tiny window about a quarter the size of the player...

This guy know what hes fucking doing... Stop hating because you don't know shit about copyright, go and upload this clip yourself you stupid twats...

I'm leaving a thumbs up on the vid... Idiots...
Vegeta Sama
Conor McGregor is such a beast
Upload the Mayweather and Connor fight after it comes out
Jose Carrillo
Alvarez done
Joel Najar
Why is there church music playing in the background?
Mark Dickenson
The jumping in this video basically makes it unwatchable. Pure garbage at its finest
Las MiLLpass
Straight up ball grabbing 9:29
god damn video been posted half a year ago and its still on yt. thats some nice editing. respect bro
Suman Tiwari
3rd time is must, tofinish the Business.
Sebastian M
9.27 Eddie feeling Conors balls hahaha
Ellison Gaulding
Connor is like a soldier, constant position that keeps you from guessing what he's going to do next
Gonzalo Alarcon Bustamante
Aidan Schlottke
very clever editing to avoid copyright, thanks for the fight man.
MusicIsReality 411
10:01 was the beginning of the end of any chances Eddie didn't have much of anyways its a punch that sinks eddies second toe in from the biggest into the cage at a rather wicked angle
editing completely sucks! ruined a great fight.
Marek Trochan
shit no fight..
Noform Leo
Pinocho Orellana
Un bacan para pelear atacar y defender lo máximo conor mcgregor
9999,9999,999 Veiws
The fight starts at 6:55
Gerald Tsotetsi
Watching people holding hands? You call this a fight ?
conor toying with him the whole time yeeee
Joel Taylor
Stupid jump cuts and random replays
Tonmy Ritter
Connors , Why the fuck you gotta grab wrestle like Nate? 2nd round you listo Alvereza? Stay the fuck down..
Even in slo-mo that first left that dropped Alvarez was fast as hell.
This fight looked like a mismatch
BBoyHungB2DHTB - Hưng Tattoo japan
Fast & furious @@
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