Zombie V.
Jaida Givens
1:46 music?
никита алюков
حسين عدي
Taro Yamada Romania
Not functioned this hacks
فيديوات انستقراميه
Sub's to me and I will sub's back ❤
I like it
mohd firoz
very bad
mohd firoz
very bad
José Manuel Barbier Orozco
Fine, but I've seen the chocolate coca-cola bottle in like 7 videos tho
Sim Chwan Hwe
0smrt has. I’m .
Hi I'm Lexie
The second song was ANNOYING AF.
Jennifer Clouse
Nita Royani
vijaya kumari
Super 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
-CYmT Rxckz
Music name?
best funny
ערוץ נדירר כל ישראל צופה בו😜
Fati Kasmi
On peux manger le kiwi avec sa peau
Mohd Hassan Deraman68
so.... yuumuy...... ezey
leow penny
thank 5 minute crafts
kelvin yam
I like this video
joe tutunjian
for the first hack we have pen😅
Dnesh Kumar Sharma
Dan Wells
Can I get a shout-out
Little Guavs
im vegan so can you make vegan food hacks for me
Emilia Needham
What's the last song called?
József Vörös
Like aki magyar !!(nem like vadàsz csak kivàncsi vagyok hogy ki magyar)😀😀😆😆
XxItsYoBoi JuanxX
We eat like we eat and do
Rubber Ducky
Thumbnail is completely dumb
the thumbnail's hack is having common sense
Jason M
First 19 hacks end at 3:47 btw
5 minute craft more like 1 hour crafts the coke bottle😵😵😵
ConnorXXGaming Or anything
Don’t tell me how to live my life! 😡👿😾
Firdous Sultana
so bad apple
Firdous Sultana
so bad
Wania Fatima
kartini mat noh
gohan teen and future trunks
I really love this video so much that i cant stop watching it lol
Kids Tube
Tập kích Channel
Tui thấy phim này hay đấy
Emma's Corner
This is millie🙍🏼
Someone bet her she couldn't beat them in a fight.
Every 5 likes Millie will train.
(First one)
Helen Dang
5MC has 8M subscribers and this video is 8 mins lol
RockytheKidd 09
Who here actually does these no one good
Ülkü Arslan
Song at 1:40?
Teal Panda
Why is this getting dislikes?
روان _rawan
can any one help me to speak English well? my langauage is arabic and iam from egypt .
i can speak english ...but not well!!!!!!
Ambrose DaMan
10,000 comment esket
amy benihya
this triggers me and i dont like any of this
RC FUN With sanket
Jacinta Anthony
For every single food hack, buzzfeed puts the Oreo fork one...
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