FIVE Amazing (AMAZON) gadgets 2017 #8

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00:11 Satechi Humidifier v.3- 
01:16 MicroBot Push - 
01:45 Satechi Multi-Port 4K- 
02:47 ATLAS Throttle Lock-
04:39 Tablift Tablet-

\\\\\Amazon International/////

00:11 Satechi Humidifier v.3-
01:16 MicroBot Push -
01:45 Satechi Multi-Port 4K-
02:47 ATLAS Throttle Lock-
04:39 Tablift Tablet-

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Mother Father
I purchased the humidifier awhile ago for my daughter and people always ask where I purchased it from. Amazon n it was years ago. Still great n going strong. Awesome products.☮
#2 will be used to pull triggers for assassinations, high tech
Darek Leszczynski
Dla mnie ta firma jak i jej nazwa śmierdzi chujem.
only useful thing here is the girl with the tablet
Candi Soda
Sees the dislikes, give it a chance with first product... Aaaaand now exiting
Nico Schlüter
Are you kidding me? The humidifier needs to be plugged in? The setup in the background is completely clean and wireless, and than you have some water bottle with a wire running into it. Would it have been that hard to put some batteries in there?
Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail , and so did you
Eto Hige Gamer Culture
I need that tablift for my Nintendo Switch
Nothing as illustrative of our decaying society as an automatic button pusher.
Satechi dans les mains.
Yukami Takeuchi
So.... what was the thing in the thumbnail?
Santa Dragon
6:10 So sweet how proud the americans are on their simple products xD
Al Heeley
how have i managed to survive into 2017 without these gadgets?
Cody Slab
On a hot summer day a humidifier is exactly what is on everyones mind, not air conditioner
Ego adiuvabo te
cant use 1 off them....
the function 4 has long been eliminated
3 and 5 at least 10 years ago appeared
just 1 and 2 amazing
Steve B
What is this "manufactured on the usa" meme?
Hans Wurst
motorcycle GAS locking thingi ??? this would be illegal in germany .... what if you have an accident or fell of the bike .... gas is locked and the engine runs and runs very dangerous !!!!
Sfantul Malarie
Top shit. Nothing new. Aliexpress crap
Knight of YouTube
Micro Bot Push has got to be the Laziest gadget I have ever seen.
Hoof Hearted
The robotic button pusher is great! i carry one around with me everywhere and use it on every button I see!.Life is easier now and the looks and comments i get from the people waiting behind me while i install it makes me think that they are probably jealous and want one too
Amazon is one of the stupid online shop ever. Can't use PayPal makes it useless site. My bank accounts and many other around the world will always block transactions like those on Amazon. Trying to purchase one stuff for 3 months no success. What a useless site. I want checkout with PayPal no buying coupons. These gadgets are all useless if you can't really purchase them.
these are pure shit
Imagine the humidifier with a bottle of cum
Imagine the first one with a bottle of piss
#I am the one# with no video
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