7 Priceless Pieces of Art Accidentally Damaged or Destroyed You've Never Heard Of

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From elbowing a Picasso masterpiece to an elaborate Monet mural burned in a massive fire, we're taking a look at 7 pieces of art accidentally damaged or destroyed you've never heard of.  It's okay, a little duck tape will fix it good as new!  Oh....okay....maybe not.

Our list:

7: Picasso "Le Rêve"
6: Qing Dynasty Vases
5: Freud "Plant Painting"
4: Sutherland "Churchill Portrait"
3: Picasso "The Painter"
2: Van Gogh "The Painter on his Way to Work"
1: Monet "Water Lilies"


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"Cartoon Bank Heist" by: Doug Maxwell

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Raji Jojo
I don't care if the Picasso' painting got destroyed I care about the Monet, that flower painting ok all good and pretty looking ones . :[ :]
Cindy Reed
Maybe they shouldn't have put those vases up against a window without anything protecting it
Only a fucking sick in the head rich guy could afford to pay $32 million for a panting of a fat lady with a huge gut.
Nay Nay
I was living in Halifax when the Swiss Air flight went down. My roommate helped with the recovery of the bodies. No one cared about a stupid painting at the time. They were more concerned with collecting body parts.
Zeidi Zesley
2:10 mr bean did it
Obama's Purple Lips
33 Million could help out a lot of Homeless people.. just say'n.
Fucking clumsy assholes! Watch what you did!
Sal theGamer
How old are they fack the money
Sal theGamer
How old are they fack the money
Stupid humans that destroy priceless works of art should be thrown in jail or given the death penalty.
It's "duct" tape.
You're gonna have to stop that voice. It's unbearable.
Samuel Nocella
A woman with a penis face is worth 100 mil?
Robert Council
The museum workers are the dumbasses who put the vases at the foot of a staircase, and besides staircases are the common place someone could trip and fall.
Valdis Laurens-Šteingolds
I do destroy art, but it's mine and I do it for purpose. Check it out if interested! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfIZ4xAsgj3e_eJNuZLXtiA
lol wow amazing video:)
You guys should make a top 10 zombie movies or top 10 comedy movies
33 million dollars for a picture of a disgusting fat lady? I regret seeing it and you'd have to pay me to look at it again.
Just imagine how screwed you would feel if you broke those vases😅
you deserve more subscriber's :/ keep up the great work
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