Guy Creeped Out After Opening Suspicious Container Floating Down River

DudeComedy.comDudeComedycooler prankcreeper out guyGuy Creeped Out After Opening Suspicious Container Floating Down Riverriver pranksuspicious

Brazill Broyles
the doll was probaly hunted
Silas Brown
cursed doll bet they died after this video
Mary Glin
dead body im guessing?
Laura S.
Hey they look like they are at the Y in the smokey mountains
Maximanium Studios™
What the... That... It is like... I- I don't even know how to respond to this.
Brandan Swanbeck
"maybe there is still coccaine in it " lmao. He was really hoping to find some booger sugar...
Sofia Margaret De Guzman
Dark Ackermann
I Hope it's cokain
wildwolfgirl gaff
holy #### I frick hate dolls dude
Jay Allidap
its anabelle
Gucci Taco
"I hope its cocaine"
Sarah Unknown
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
Some little girl just got home from sunday school and sent her doll down the river just like baby Moses
Fluffy Little Fox
Christmas! Cat Fish Santa and the sun fish Elves! :D
Princess DivaClover
that scarred me lol
Rigel Vilches
Amanda White
it's a cursed doll and everyone dies mysterious deaths afterwards.
Jadhen Pangilinan
set up
Jordan Ta
LULU the nerdy LPS
the guy said "I hope it's cocaine"
Coralys Colon Perez
maybe it was a haunted doll
Alejandra Calderon Espino
really a 😡😡 baby
Garrett Jolles
This is fake
Damian Thorne
do you only reason I can think of for doing this to a doll is that it might be a cursed doll or even worse a haunted doll. there are stories of haunted toys all over the Internet with videos of the Damned things moving by themselves.
Chaila buffie
Kaylie Proctor
Probably. the reason why there was a doll in a ducttape contaner is probably because the doll was haunted
Eduardo Zendejas
Adaneliz Lopez
"hope it's Cocaine" XDDDDD
josh209 byrd
I hate this video because it lied that there was a person it the ice chest
why is this categorized as gaming
Fuck that lmao, if I was there and saw that doll I would grab the dog and get the hell out.
someone probably threw it out because it had problems Idk about haunting tho .-.
Jessica Fernandez
its probably a hounted doll
Matt Diamond
so fake
kenji yuzon
ok dats a fucking doll
The Dark Hand
omg is dead body in the box
its fake no bozo wood do that
Kyle Gardner
anyone else notice how pushy this did is.
F L Chia
Be careful maybe thats haunted ..
Gianni muna
what just happened
Mark Andres
its a doll
melissa lopez
Thats not funny
Jonn RgS
thats creey
Yhu7iio 7iii
JohannFloyd Nanez
hahahahaha I thought it was a kid but it is a doll
the youtubers
I think that doll is dangerous and his in the river with her families now that's why he duct tape it I knowww
Serenity Olivares
the Annabelle doll is so creepy
set up
GUSTAVO Martinez
it's probably hunted 👿 the doll is probably going to get u👐
Three moons! it isn't necessary to censor the doll in the thumbnail!! XD
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