FAN REACTION: "The Last Jedi" trailer debuts at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando

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Watch as thousands of Star Wars fans explode with excitement as the cast and director of "The Last Jedi" debut the first trailer for the upcoming film.

That Kylo Ren reaction is exactly how I felt. He's just awesome.
Ana Carreno
I really think this movie is going to be AMAZING and one of the best of all Star Wars movies so far, at least as good as Empire.
Seems very different too and I like that!
luke i am your father
It's a little WENDY here
I like the all the gasps at the end.
Andrew Davis
the force awakens was just awful and shit
Dan M
Damn, adults screaming like retarded kids, over a movie, weep for humanity.
Max Bliss
Truth is the saga for real fans should be about Luke following 3
Christy Chang
LOL crowd went apeshit after seeing Rey training with the lightsaber on the mountain
bunch of fucking nerds
Jimmy J
That intense shushing tho
at this rate I want them to remake the prequels
"Phones down!"

People still recording
None of these shots will actually be in the movie.
Gilad Shaked
2:48 oh my god the reaction is priceless
jonny C.
December ...
gaby C.
2:20 reaction to Rey, training with the lightsaber
That last one quote was Snoke voice not Luke, even though he said it was him, that was Snoke
naruto uzimakie
that was Luke skywalker at the ending of the trailer....
Ray Stantz
I skipped school to watch this live.....and I am so happy I did. I was screaming in excitement, and Johnson practically had the crowd in his hands when he teased the poster. This is the movie we've been waiting for
Fenixz Filip
More of the same shit , please give us more of the same shit , every year to the year we all die
d-man laws
same story told over and over again with different Charecters
Anna Newman
At :22 he is soo funny

At 1:28 the chills though
Isabella Hartfelle
I was smiling the entire time :) nostalgia man
This trailer didn't blow me away like Rogue One, but the shots of Kylo and Rey were cool, plus Luke's line.
Jason Roman
Faith Perez
Omg I wanna go to celebration so bad
Well, it's a good job it wasn't directed by JJ Abrams
Smooth Trooper
Excuse me but do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and savior Kyle Ren... 2:41
Seems Kylo Reb rebuilt his crossguard lightsaber.
Johnny Bravo
I LOVE this Rian guy's enthusiasm. He's as giddy as the people in the crowd.
Myndmelt Gaming
I cried rewatching this, just like I cried when I watched it there. Amazing.
The Dolphin Violinist
did anyone else go into a fangirling spiral when they heard luke talking for the first time.....😅😅😅
The Dolphin Violinist
I was screaming louder than everyone combined 😆😆
Star Wars:Exists
Can't wait!!!
sam strong
rey got the best woooooooooos when she practicing lightsaber.
Dingo the Besto
theres nothing better then a whole crowd watching a super cool trailer
Victoria Lynn
I was in the third row for this panel, you guys. We were delirious and running on fumes, but it was the best part of the entire fucking convention. Unmatched. The energy in the room was unbelievable. Experiencing this with thousands of others, and the cast in front of us--a Star Wars fan's dream. It was perfect.
these people cheer everything... i bet if they saw jar jar these people would go ape shit
2:56 Dude blows his load.
"It's time for the Jedi... to end!"

Man my heart was lifted
Oleg Costiuc
I was crying
Hope there is more girl power! Wasn't near enough in the last one.
Sai Srikar
Am I the only one who thinks Prequels Special Editions would be a great idea? I mean they could correct a lot of things AND make money right? It's not like they could make them any worse.
if only Carrie Fisher were there
Huy Nguyen
I love these fan reaction trailer debuts. It's way more magical to share the same nerd-gasm experience with a bunch of people vs just watching it yourself ;)

So many SDCC Hall-H memories!

Thanks for capturing and uploading! Can't wait until December!!
Kelly Bills
Theodore McGill
Man this had to be so much fun! I love their reaction when they see Rey training and especially when they see Kylo.
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