Unbox Therapy
Azio MK Retro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2qw8lA0
Azio MK Retro (International) - http://geni.us/MyUvtR4
Phelan Christopher
Mickey Mouse -Minecraft
This or a RAZER keyboard they they are very similar but have some differences:)
I have a keyboard problem

I can't stop buying gaming keyboards
fear_the_swag banana
Kayla S
The azio mgk armato-01. I can't seem to find it with typewriter keys like in this video. Was it just for you? Was it limited addition? Can someone help me find it?
Jacob Maki
I have to say, the keyboard idea is very unique and I kind of like it. The lighting effects are nothing new though.
Keli G
Wade Rivers
I would order one today, but I need a mini to fit my pullout keyboard shelf and mousepad.
Chelnah the Egghead
I'm in love with that typewriter sound!!
you should look into the ABKO k850
Roma Muela
I like that you make keyboard reviews.
it's a nice keyboard, I r8 8/8.
Chadwick Combdon
I got this keyboard as a birthday gift and i think it's great. I love the sound, the feel and the look.
Carol Hinrichs
I get out of bed early but now when I saw my first video of Unbox Therapy I have been staying in bed from 10:30 to 11:00 watching all these videos.
אריאל איתן
what a gaming keyboard
Lew, do you like The Shining, by any chance..?
Ryan Forget
Sorry, but i prefer my razer blackwidow ultimate.
Pretty cool :)
once you hit 10m you should reveal jack
Knock off of the Von Slatt/Datamancer keyboards. On the plus side more affordable and good name behind it.
razer blackwidow chrome
Gilad Shaked
Nice video and all... but wtf is the deal with van winkle??
Matthew Beecher
Does anybody know if there is a Mac/Apple version of this keyboard? Or a different brand but similar concept?
A lot of your subscribers probably don't even know, what a typewriter is. :D
Hassaan A.khan
Why is everyone hating on the movie clips, I quite like them, if you don't just skip them they're literally five seconds long.
GameStar Nick
hold on.... it was jack who was the mistery friend! nevermind... i am so behind this chanel
GameStar Nick
did i just see tom? :0
I'd like to have the Armato (the mk backlit version) like you show at the end of the video but in white and gold.
לביא גלזמן
the music is so annoying
Cheryl Herrera
gadet life
Mihkel Kukk
I like it really old school with the good old rubber keys...
That keyboard looks very low quality material wise. :/

I think plastic and buttons will disintegrate before quality mechanical switches.
Hi! I am Russian
$99 for a keyboard that's equal to a $20 keyboard... Apple did u make this?
Sean Peterson
That white one looks gay.
Jared Bergstad
You are the first Prounbox
Roie Sofer
I clicked on the video because I thought the title was "Is This The Coldest Keyboard Yet?"
Your channel = Smoker's Paradise. Keep it up Jack, Tom and last, but not least, Lew ;)
almajd htc one
What happened 1:52 ?
River Jeffcoat
The backlit keyboard is redundant if you can't see the keys you are hitting.
Can it be used for gaming? XD
Malik Chouhan
2:45 to 3:02 was just the worst attempt of funny I've ever seen
Malik Chouhan
if the chrome was matte black I'd buy it
2:46 what is this crap?
What's the purpose of the glow if it's not even going to illuminate the key you are trying to press?
Alex Galindo
I lost my shiet when the music played, and you hear Tom "sorry" hahahha
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