Is This The Coolest Keyboard Yet?

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Azio MK Retro (USA Link) -
Azio MK Retro (International) -

Here's a cool one... The Azio MK Retro keyboard is a throwback to typewriter style typing. It come in a couple different colors and features mechanical switches.

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Unbox Therapy
Azio MK Retro (USA Link) -
Azio MK Retro (International) -
River Jeffcoat
The backlit keyboard is redundant if you can't see the keys you are hitting.
Can it be used for gaming? XD
Malik Chouhan
2:45 to 3:02 was just the worst attempt of funny I've ever seen
Malik Chouhan
if the chrome was matte black I'd buy it
2:46 what is this crap?
What's the purpose of the glow if it's not even going to illuminate the key you are trying to press?
Alex Galindo
I lost my shiet when the music played, and you hear Tom "sorry" hahahha
Taurine Ganz

I love your channel, and everything you do! You're you're funny, and entertaining, and that's enough... these clips of random shows and such just takes away from what you're really about: Bringing us the best commentary about products in front of that grey background, and that's all we need!

Please don't do any more of those weird clips, it just takes away from the immersion of the episode :)
Nathan Dowd
if it's more than 7 dollars it's garbage.
Liam Judge
I want the white and gold one but I'm not fancy enough
30% actual video 70% random other clips
Simon Wetting
02:46 ????
Wyatt P
Hey man your content is good on its own, you don't need to add the clips in, it takes away from the content.
Justin Connick
I can't find the Armato style one with the type writer key caps. SO far the only thing I have been able to find is the Armato with standard key caps. Has anyone found the style that Lou has in the video or can anyone help me?
telephonist s
Do you play the

I goddam love unbox therapy :p
RandomGuy 3:16
This dude gets the coolest and craziest shit there is to buy online!
LemonRoi Juice
But will it run Crysis 3?
gabriel redivo
still prefer my blackwidow
Mandip Parajuli
okay lew, we get it, jack nicholson is your favorite actor !
Daniel Bird Vlogs
I like the gold one. Nice and stylish
The first black one is the best
Wirt's Lag
it lights up where you type... most innovative feature of corsair keyboards from 2014 🙄
That Van Winkle excerpt will forever haunt me
Deadeye 1250
who thought that the old cartoon was creepy?
Do they all light up like that or just the last one you showed? Because I'm really liking that white & gold one, it'd be awesome if it glowed the same, but if not, I'd take the last one.
Dylan Patel
northern living proportion import matter statistics available print.
Denis Rozrabiaka
Boring keyboard and impractical keycaps
Whyte Vuh'uni
Keyboard Prime.
kimoab 2017
you will be like that Mr rip van winkle soon ..bro
Eric Yang
SHOW JACK!!!!!!!
Nael Laine
Christian fool desert rescue mixture ruling context man.
Ayushmaan sarkar
3rd one is the best keep it up lew
This is international channel not everyone understand your american humour, just show focus on unboxing
I don't mind the move clips, but the music is pretty annoying. Also, that backlit keyboard is awful because you can't even see through the keys, which is basically the whole point of having a backlit keyboard.
"I've never seen that before" about keys that light up when you press them... Cmon now don't lie like that's new.

Also, in relation to the product, I think the marketing is awkward. I'm not sure there's a market for people who want a mechanical keyboard (especially with macro keys) but also want a funky keyboard. The fact that they aren't regular MX keys and don't light through the keys are also minuses to add onto the round keys.
Lincoln Thurber
No clacky enough! I would want to to have more "snap" I would want that full mechanical typewriter sound, like each key press is the sound of my enemies skull breaking.
Splish walker
These dedicated servers.
why is tom always there
Sansud Da Silva
Eron Pllana
Try me bitch.
Roope Törmänen
I like that first one
Owen Peters
hey guys i would love one of these this is rad my life is rad rad is dar bacwards im a seahorse deal with it yall i love dead memes my life is a dead meme my dog is a dead meme i love turtles and unicorns and youtube and everything ever ever ever ever and fidget spnners and ajfda;kjdf;lajkfd;lalkjdfl
i was tripping watching this
Robin Lundqvist
BLACK AND GOLD! I need black and gold ffs
Victor Beghini
sounds like brown switches
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