80MPH Amtrak trains plowing snow


Two trains destroying snowbanks in Windsor, CT. First is #470 and the second is #55. For the second train a plow drove by only a minute before and put all of the snow back on the tracks!

Andrei George Jurj
You don't want to catch that amount of snow on your tongue!
Andrew C
Really? About 10 seconds after the gates drop the train passes by?
"Hey! Get out of the way. Here comes a tra........"
Trainz 832
it went to heaven
Amigo Chevere
Poor people who live in that house
poser sh!t
man train horns are terrifying
Wheelove Fire Alarms
Wow! That's so cool!
Wow That Amtrack P42 Just Plowed Threw That One At Track Speed.
Nubbie Gaming
I love trains they are so easy to picture!
sees first video
Welp. Better get back to ghost busting.
Kalen Ko
The first one was like a ghost train
It's going at 79 not 80
For the first train
The Amtrack hits the snow and vanished.!!!!???? 😳😳😳😳😳😮😮😮😮
Inky Scrolls
Blimey, that is so dangerous! Why are the barriers down for only a few seconds before the train arrives? Incredibly unsafe and idiotic.
aileene buenvenida
Ariel Gonzalez
oh my fucking god???? Holy jesus!!!!!!
Great video. The best part: the REAL bells at the railroad crossings. I cant stand the newer synthesized "bell". A real bell is easier to hear.
It's 79 mph not 80 mph
By the time you finished reading this name, I stole your virginity.
Woah, give those engineers, who designed the trains, a fucking medal!
How to make a train disappear
Brian Baker
I guess Amtrak doesn't stop there (obviously)
Nathan Rigby
Weird horn at the start.
Brendan Eckhart
The first train cleared the crossing long before the snow settled
Great videos !
Jake Kellogg
Good Lord, he should only be going maybe 40 to 45, 80 mph is way to fast in snowy weather!
Norman Bates
0:19-0:50 Beautiful old train station. Those were the days when people had pride in the country.
Isaiah Jackson
This reminds me of a classic line from a former drill sergeant (Ft. Jackson, SC), when he said "when I say move, I want to see a f#@kin blur". Nice video (from a former Norwalk, CT native).
Ninja trains! Who needs a blizzard when you have fast trains.
Kimberly Diaz
Ultimate Railfan
that's cool
Vermont Railways
Josiah Duarte
That is cold
Amtrak is only governed to 69-70 mph
_______ x [smw beats]
+Chessiecat97 Ghost Snow Train!
Governor Wolf
The ghost of amtrakkkkk
_______ x [smw beats]
+Chessiecat97 What streets did you film?
John Rezuke
Amtrak jst gives snow the middle finger :p
All Aboard Productions
Rails and Ties Productions
That was EPIC! loved it!!!
Mike Remaley
nice video
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