Why Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Ad IS ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER! and more

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HUMP DAY! Let’s get into it…
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Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad:
Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial: https://youtu.be/U6yLdJQNMoc

YouTube TV:

Uber NYC Rant:


Bill O’Reilly & Trump:

Syria Attacks & Trump:
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Philip DeFranco
You have no idea how much I needed that Pepsi ad in my life. BEST AD EVER! ;)
Rhiannon Emily
Uber driver is goals.
Alexzander Kay
Oh no not Michal Jackson...
Fighting Fire With Faith
Where is the cowards in hoodies masks and whiny people hitting people with bike locks. That is true protesters now.
is the group of children that don't mind michael jackson burnt children?;)
Mary Lundy
just from what I seen it looked like they were doing a peace ad from the 60s but instead of putting a flower at the end of the gun, gave a Pepsi to a cop. idk. I didn't think it was horrible and definitely didn't need to be slammed. it just shows how overly sensitive people are now a days.
Jeskia Palominos
i have no idea what going on pepsi?
Lloyd Rosenthal
It looked like it was a peace march. Those of us who marcher in peace marches saw people hand out to the police flowers. I did it myself. So I think that is where the person who came up with the add got the idea. I have no problem with it.
Stephen Filer
Oh my god, there is no such thing as a good photo of Steve Bannon.
Power SharkX
Was it really that easy that one Pepsi can bring the whole world back together and do protesters really look that happy
Joseph Stalin
I hate this ad because it has Kendall Jenner
Cloud Here
This... This isn't offensive... What the flying frying dying fuck...
The Hapa Vegan
Why is there no excited comments about invader Zim coming back?!?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! 😐😑😐
Stocks went up, i guess it worked.
It's an alleged chemical attack. The only sources they have are questionable, and there's no one who's actually doing a reliable investigation in Syria.
Fiona Bryant
Pepsi had a whole cast of racially diverse extras who were marching for an undisclosed cause, and Pepsi chose a white woman to be their loudest voice. That, I believe, was the biggest issue with the commercial.
Why wasn't the uber driver named the bamf of the day?
the Syria stuff is so crazy... I honestly think everyone is lying.. in court we always need trustable proof and motive to get a conviction... most reports are from white helmets (basically Isis) and Assad had absolutely no motive to do this... in the situation he was in the only risk for his power was if he was accused of war crimes again...

not to mention that government officials are talking as if it was the second time he used chemical weapons on his population but the UN has proven that the 2013 attack was not made by Assad... lying like this makes me trust the Russian, which is fucking insane to imagine
Kieran Saul
I'm watching this already knowing what "interesting" things happened and OH BOY.
Cheyenne Murray
I feel like the police is definitely a symbol of the BLM Movement though
Maggie Dunn
You mentioned the March for Life!!!
Ok people in 2017 are way too sensitive at this point. There's literally nothing wrong with the ad. The memes are funny but the butthurt people are ridiculous
Weasle Abby
Please dont say Jump into, Donald Trump and Hole in the same statement ever again Phil. Thanks.
Danel Rakovski
Syrian Military: Commander, we are pretty much winning this war. What are your further orders?
Assad: How about we gas some unimportant shithole, turning the whole world ever more against us and giving our enemies all the excuse they need to bomb us to the stone age?
Syrian Military: On it.
Iffrodite Lee
"how dare you belittle the blm movement!" -random Moron
Mia Elliott
#PepsiKilledMJ... the CONSPIRACY,,,,,,
Emily Nobbs
Thank you for keeping in the laugh! I'm autistic, and I can have trouble reading tone, especially when it comes to parody and sarcasm, in verbal and text context. I personally was able to read the tone, but there's many who can't! It's something that is taken for granted a lot by non-autistic people. Keep doing what you do, Phil!
Kristine Richmond
1984 is before you were born? Gosh, I feel really old. And yeah pepsi pandered to their audience but ehh, it's a product. Generally all products pander to their audience but maybe not this obvious.
Emilee's Bingo Wings
Phil, for Earth day, can you do a story about water consumption and water wasting, mostly by the US, and how probably the next world war is because of water. Thanks! Hope you see this.
michael jackson is a pedo, a dirty flaming pedo.
The Pokemon Gifter
did he just say invader zim is coming back you only give that two seconds before you go to next story at least let it sink in how awesome that show is
Ayaan Jamal
Coke Vs Pepsi
Tell me Now
Resa Carlton
I actually liked the commercial
the only thing wrong with the ad was how long it was
Valchior Jenkins
I'll listen to John Oliver & take him seriously when he retires from comedy performance art & is a proper journalist who can be held accountable for violating ethics policies. Until then, I'll consider how "well-researched" he & his team are to be a satirical component of his act.
Kurt Wiese
thats a good apology for pepsi. like they understood and gave me this picture the whole time u read that their heads are all just down and embarrassed lol
Kurt Wiese
i hate it wen i confuse sarcasm... tho im apart of the 2% in this case
really...THIS is the commercial people see through? Not the millions of others...
I honestly don't get how people can be upset about this Pepsi add. Yea it's pandering but how or why is that offensive to you? And if you're upset about the riot thing, I honestly don't get how showing a crowd marching is a direct link to any sort of movement or whatnot. Please someone who is upset about the commercial please try to explain it to me as I'm incredibly confused.
Amanda Hydro
Well pepsi did sponser the school friendly version of the movie glory which was a movie about the 54th Massachusetts
"Why the fuck is the cat using the account?!" Lost it 😂 "Human imbecile, get off YouTube! I'm trying to catch the birds flying around on Animal Planet!"
Melissa Yeun
you remind me a lot of dave rubin
Still waiting for YouTube red doubt YouTube tv will ever make it here in my lifetime...
Bluedwarf 007
She looks what better with blonde hair
People just takes things out of proportion and get offended so easily, oh my god. IT'S JUST A COMMERCIAL
0o.amanda **
Why are we so sensitive?
Nikola Peric
suck my dick
Button Nose
It's so hard for rape victims , both female and male, to report, some due to fear of retaliation or, worse, murder, then this bitch just threatens to falsely accuse another person.
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