Front Man Battle w/ Queen + Adam Lambert

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When Adam Lambert catches James claiming he would be a better front man for Queen, the two settle the dispute with some help from Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen.

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The man is amazing, so was Freddie and so are Queen, screw the comparisons and enjoy the music!
Adam stop please.
it doesnt matter how good Adam Lambert is. until Queen puts out a new album of originals with him. he is just like a cover band singer to me. and if the new album doesnt rock. with great songs. then i would be even more let down. Queen was special. and its just hard to buy someone fronting them who hasnt recorded with them. and this skit kindof points out that Adam is kindof like a skit fronting the band.
Charles Ojeda
Adam Lambert killed it as the new frontman of Queen. It takes a queen to fill in a queen's shoes.
Michelle Cortes
like this if james should be the front man but either way im sad who is the front man because freddie was a amazing singer to all
Adam's gotten sexy o.O
Rick Solis
Does anyone not miss John Deacon? I wish he was part of all of this....
Anyone is better than Adam Lambert TBH.
simon gustavsson
he cant sing queen song, he dosn't have the voice for it not deep enough
Jack Under
Adam Lambert is a very good singer, but this is not Queen anymore. I don't feel any magic :/
Why did you die, Freddy? 😢
debora dias
amo adam lambert
Luis Rodolfo Cruz e Creuz
Gonçalo Dias
they have fucking QUEEN in the studio, and they make the sketch about adam lambert.....
yimliakum longkumer
Kris Allen who?
Lin Xu
The host is pretty good too
Theo Stypayhorlikson
i'd be in the front row at your every concert, james
The best performance of somebody to love, besides Freddies of course, George Micheals at the tribute Concert in 92
Terry Mada
I am so glad I got to see Freddie Mercury perform live. You could not take your eyes off him. His three octave singing range was glorious!
zora tamaravicius
Is it me or Adam got a little fat I thought he had a jawline of A angel
Sueli Padalino
Mah tab
Jenn Henrik
Adam es mi único crush hombre... y es gay 😍
The Essential CPH
Freddie Mercury wins.
Fouad Jabbour
I love you queen your my best band
jinga roblox
This was amazing
Fouad Jabbour
I love your Queen
Aaron Robert
Should be Marc Martel Singing
Robin Harrison
James Corden how about a carpool Karoke with Adam Lambert & Kelly Clarkson ?!?! 👍❤️💙
Robin Harrison
The real winner of AI ADAM LAMBERT!
Rae Boxley
No one will ever replace Freddie but it's still great to hear Queen's music. I saw Brian May play at the Albert Hall. With the light behind him he looked light a lovely silver poodle!!
Fabricio Nogueira
Fucking hell, I'm a metalhead and therefore I'm very, very demanding with singers (musicians in general).
Now when Mr Lambert sung Another One Bites the Dust he blew me the fuck away. What a performance man!
Cassie Jane
i love Queen and I love Adam. i love that Adam is the front man for Queen considering Queen is his favorite band since he was younger. but i dont like how people are compairing Adam to Freddy. yes Adam can hit all of those notes that freddy probably couldnt do live and he sounds really good for being the front man but he will never be Freddy mercury
Jack Ferry
I can't IMAGINE how happy Hagar must be to be playing bass for Queen!
Brian May...Doctor actualy!!
Maximiliano Castillo
No reason why Brian and Roger choose Adam.
Junior John
will they have a tour on India, Mizoram
Joshua Huntley
carpool with Adam dammit!!!!!
Super LuckyMe
That was Freakin Amazing
Kristina Dwyer
I've loved Adam since Idol. I don't get why he didn't win. I finally got to see him last year and he was amazing! Now that I see he's going back on tour with Queen, I MUST get tickets!
Amanda Hovendon
Sorry James I love u, but Adam's gonna SLAYYYY UUUU lol
King Dyjay
straight men does't look this hot 😂😍😂😍 #DaddyAddyForever
freddie is shaking in his grave
Jeana Buzduga
Well done. Congratulation!
Strange song choices... AOBTD and WWRY are the two least singer-centric hits Queen had. I'd rather have heard Lambert sing the songs Corden sang.
Rocking that George Michael hair (who should have done more with Queen when he was alive)
Victor Bastos
Queen Fan Nº1: "This is awesome, only Queen could go to a tv show to perform with the host like this, they are such cool guys..."
Queen Fan Nº2: "Oh god wtf are these guys doing?! this is the lowest point you can get, go to a tv show to perform with 2 idiots..."

If only Freddy could make an appearance here, now that would be cool looooooooool
Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.
Where's Freddy??
Bella Way
A CARPOOL with Adam Lambert Please!!!! I would LOVE it! Adam Lambert still drives me crazy everytime i hear him singing haha .
Vanessa Lucio
Love this!
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