The Ultimate Summer Life Hacks Video

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Life hacks perfect for summer. Keep your drinks cool, Bunch O Balloons water bombs, BBQ hacks, mobile phone tips and many more. 

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Summer has landed! Here's some life hacks for you. For more fun Life Hacks, click here:
Huzaifa IQS
Br as nsboffy srxh happy
Just girly Things
i wonder whos the boy??
GoldenDiamonds AJ and more!
What's in Doritos?
Maria Love
I have that same lactate!! But my older brother 😥😥
Maria Love
Anyone else watch cuz you like he's voice and cuz he does hacks? Anyone? But still I agree to myself I don't know what I am saying right now? 😂😂😂 but still anyone else agree but me? 😂😂
Katarina P
Oh, the cat is beautiful!
good work dave
The kids are so cute :3
Joe Vitale
do school life hacks
UnicornPopsicles Yay
That yougurt looks yum
gαмιиg gαlαχу cat
Gwytot L
Your cat is so cute 😊😺 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those holes looked like 4-3-3 formation
Hamzah Ahmad
You have great ideas keep up the good work
Zildows9055 - only for browser purposes only
Happy 1st birthday for this video!
Bre's Crafts
I hate his voice
Anton emmanuvel
stephanie's dream team
pretty cool huh
for keeping your money and phone and cards safe but them in your pockets or get a wallet....
bluethumb 5
1:32 or just buy a popsicle Maker that has a drip catcher so you can reuse it
Cow Destroyer
Am I the only one who leaves the green bit on strawberries?...
Claire Teixeira
do use a cat because you are very lonely
Greyson Gifford
When he was doing sand on phone bit he had Duolingo
Sophia Apple
Perfectly fine okay GREAT but not Geary he hates it
Donald Trump
Time to crack open a cold one with the boys. Dave xD
Chase Weaver
0:10 a popsicle prank
Danerie Rangel
when your a loner you hangout with your cat
mj sh
see my uploads on this 😃
Liberty Rose
yeah when he has the best summer I get rain and thunderstorms it's never coming back to me that wonderful summer
Violet Fox
I love it when you say "pretty cool, huh ??"
Sally Irrow
Oh Lol, Tesco.
William Games & More
I'm like this for you all is good it's not that bad is good
Jennifer Newman
Kim Bjørn
you or denies
Akssat Choudhary
can you send me the link from where to buy Bunch O Balloons
yea except bunch o baloons are ten dollars canadian dats really expensive
Instructions not clear enough; Penis got stuck into a water ballon.
Trevor Budišský
Pretty cool hah
Trevor Budišský
Amazing ideas😮
Alexa De La Cruz
every one knows the first one
Javier Guerrero
what the he😠😠😠😠
staš mulec
zaj ti lahko nekaj vkradem
Sefyah Alshawi
DaveHax "CrazyBritishHacker"
Aisha Ijaz
there is no white grapes
IKuchenI Nathan
i unsubscribed whyle you say every video pretty cool huh? pls stop that when not i dont subscribe you forever
Nicklas Goberg
"pretty cool huh?"
Viktorie Juraňová

Stealth Strikez
Pretty cool huh?!
Andrew Kennedy
The fact that the Doritos burn so well scares me - what do they put in those things!?
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