Lifted - Pixar

sounddesignsound designliftedpixaralienanimationfoleyscore

(Sound and Score by Adam Crossley)
This is submitted for educational purposes and was completed for a third year assignment at university.

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Sonic Zombojo
So Thats how crop circles came into existence. WOW LOL...!!!! this is so amazingly awesome...
Leland Smith III
Ğo ţò Hèlł
so even aliens have practical exams 🤔 exams are everywhere 💢
Joshua Manley
WIIBOYGT yuotube
I remember whathing this back in december 2008 im 12 now and I still remember whathcing this its so funny
Nicholas Hylton
LMAO! I forgot about this classic CGI animated Short. 😅
Brian Holm
4:08 / 5:05 monkey BAR4:32 / 5:05badosinlifescarsaremadelearningtastydatterofu
Brownie Official
goddamn aliens
this is Courage the Courageous Dog's nightmare
Christina Tran
Wow he does not feel a thing are u kidding his like his dead or something
Daily Harry
Is that linguini!!!!!! From ratatouille
sollux Captor
I remember watching this in theaters when ratatouille came out
Lexi Woodward
we watched this in school
Martijn Scheper
it's funny
Alejandro Sabalza
Dark FireHawk
oh! i remember this as a kid
Debra Szcz
That house looks like something I saw once WAIT were is courage the courdly dog?
I'maPotato !
Was searching for CL lifted but this popped up as well ....
Mark Van Gorkum
That poker face.
Jose Flores
1:23 asshole
I have to write a story on a pixar short film at school... This is gonna be interesting...
Rodolphus Lestrange
Is that Linguini from Ratatouille?
Aurora Emerson
The amount of times I just screeched like a parrot....😛
Mrcoolisias Games
when the UFO was lifting off I was like maybe it will come back down and smash the house oh wait it did
Zac Rafael Santos
I agree
Legend says that he's still sleeping to this day.
1:45 - it's nice to know that I wasn't the only one who got this gut at my drivers liscence exam 0.o...
Ryan Friedman
I doubt this Adam Crossley person worked for Pixar on the "sound and score" like he says he is.
konstantin kole
Yumi Nam
Jared M27
Is this a real movie
ToyBonnie 1998
I'm diying 😄😄😄😄😄LoL XD
Crazy PirateMonkey
That's why some people choose not to sleep. So that a bunch of jack-ass aliens get to fail their abducting tests.
Art.Crunch .Tyler
This was like the best animation since my childhood. 😂😂
kris petrov
I was used to watch Pixar shorts when I was a kid back then in 2005.
Me learning to drive
Johnetta Stevens
this one is my fav
Jake Daniell
Oh Pixar, you never fail us, well... At least me... I can't be qualified to rate any Pixar animation, cause I'll always give it 10/10 :D
Lauren Saucedo
Then he sees big bruises on his head and bumps and scratches. Makes you wonder when you say "where did this come from?" Gee I don't know maybe a rookie alien was trying to abduct you😂😂
Jean Wan
Me: That's amazing!
Jonathan Stoltzfus
And nostalgia wave
OHY!, Does my butt Look big? or r u offended
this is me in a test
o O 0
he's sleeping so deeply that I can see adele rolling in it
Ben Shenton
The bit the human gets dropped reminds me of the scene from the amazing spider man 2 where peters girlfriend falls down that thing and gets caught just before she hits the ground
Brings back memories.
Dali chaton
Ethan Johnson
Pretty much a driver's ed from space
Sports locker
more like a fatty
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