Lifted - Pixar

sounddesignsound designliftedpixaralienanimationfoleyscore

(Sound and Score by Adam Crossley)
This is submitted for educational purposes and was completed for a third year assignment at university.

Savannah Jannone
LOL! It was so funny!😆😄 I had to work on a homework asignment!
Little BlueDragon
The ending....I fucking knew it XD
Little BlueDragon
2:12 "UUUUUUH" goes back to flying around
at 0:33 the star moves with the weather vane, where is my prize?
Luke Dearey
a gunshot couldn't wake this guy up.
Margarita Hernandez bradle
Pobre humano casi lo matan
Tansley Williamson
I watched this at school
sharlennia videos
omg he could of killed him
jose luis fernando rivera gonzalez
C mamo el gordo xD
aiea aie
It's like my final exam for my comm theory class. My prof just looked at me deadpan while I was trying to remember the definition of dialogue in all traditions of comm.
jemman 290
reminds me of my driving test LMFAO
D Arsenault
Random Productions
I thought he died
Random Productions
Wow he's alive at the end lol
Grace Skerp
Somewhere Chuck Jones is thinking, "I wished I'd thought of that."
Jacob Hatchel
Whos watching in 2017
Boss Slayer
just label them
Patrick Mc
You had one job
Xochitl Hernandez
What is that song thu nu nu nu
How didnt he die or at least break every bone in his body
XxKatalinexX XxKatalinexX
Its so funny 😂
きゅうり *
Mission Failed, better luck next time.

To be honest the reason the dude didn't wake up was probably because he got knocked the fuck out.
Tamber Animations :v
Holy shit, does that guy was in coma or is a just the most heavy sleeper of all?
Luke Carreon
Wait how did he survive getting bashed every where
Devil Cookie
I died XD 2:12
Farhat Anas
Awesome.......good man
Daisy Duck
I love this video 😂👍
Room 18
claire gheill
Linguini is in this clip
WIIBOYGT yuotube
who still remebers this was so good back in the day
Why God why
those are the wrong sounds. I go watch the original
Potato_ Pirate
Whiplash, the movie
Coollio137 Gaming
2:02 when someone a lower level beats you.
Its So funnny
jd konold
Wakes up
Well shit
the-invincible- cloacker
why the Fuck are there so many switches
Rainforest Parfait
This is one of my favorite Pixar shorts. Most of them are either sad, emotional or deep. This one is just humorous and more funny
The Bone Master
plot twist:

He does not have insurance
Hayden Snyder
Courage The Cowardly Dog vibes anyone?
Edit: In the beginning i mean.
the xenocat
I remember this one, I saw it ages ago
TheReal Doge
basically learning to be a Dj
chiliwily pb
que miedo! 😐
Ean GS Yerbic
Bre Longoria
Why does it sound like this?
i couldn't think of a good channel name
Probably should get some labels on that control panel...
sara matteson
He looks like linguini from ratatouille Easter egg maybe?
Stephen Darmawan
and the teacher is a SLIME??
Stephen Darmawan
too much switch button in this video..... but how did he know the right button???
The blue eyed Team
I'm one heavy sleeper
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