Lifted - Pixar

sounddesignsound designliftedpixaralienanimationfoleyscore

(Sound and Score by Adam Crossley)
This is submitted for educational purposes and was completed for a third year assignment at university.

Maria Agudelo
😂😂😂😂 eso definitivamente tuvo que haber dolido
lalo Arana
reporting for copyright
Ich wusste das das passieren würde zum Schluss!! xD xD hahahaa
Lil' Lavender
who the fuck lives in the middle of nowhere?
Adolfo Rodriguez
Sky Dome
Is this why my head hurts in the morning?? Caus aliens can't abduct me right?
David Frith
That was way funny thanks
София 811
лол Х)
Tolga Kuyubasi
3:36 If im playing cs:go 😁
Where's a label maker when you need one?
Andrey Panarin
Although the second task was much easier, it required a lot more responsibility. That's why they started with the harder one.
Estelar Diamond
Wait. This means that all the aliens in the planet they come from have the oportunity to have an abduction license? If I lived in that universe I couldn´t sleep.
Benja Random
me suena a coraje el perro cobarde
victoria cruell
This is too good!
now we know why sometimes our hair is so messy when we wake up XD
Alexander Garvin
Me when Im trying to learn new things in Maya
Vitalik678 Agapov F1F
Good minifilm
Heavy sleeper it reminds me of my lady. One day I was getting ready to take a shower and I jumped in the shower and turned the knob when suddenly the freaking knob broke completely off and water was going everywhere and I kept calling my lady to help me out and nothing so I ran out and got a towel I ran outside and shut the main water valve. I come in and I go to the room and she wakes up and says good morning. I was like really? Oh what's wrong she said well I was hollering at you for the longest time but don't worry I got it babe...sigh. I could've been killed and she would've found my dadgum skeleton by the time she woke up.
superhero life
this is what we did at school plz pin so i can say hi school!
R Williams
Nutella tout seul
Lee White
The ending...
Dinesh Raghuwanshi
please don't play with religion ..lots of people have faith and they believe in god
Daniella Valadez
This short never failed to make me laugh my ass off ever since I first saw it in the theatre as a kid when my dad took me to go see Ratatouille. XD
Elizabeth Bloedow
best pixar short EVER!!!
Never leave a window open over night
Cesar Garcia
( . Y . )
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia
Luis G is a FAG
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia
I love COCK
purpleblossom 33
i have a dvd with a bunch of pixar shorts and this was on it, i watched it when i was little
Aww! The ending is so sweet! :D
I remember as a kid, that the one alien getting pissed and rubbing his body all over the switches made me absolutely piss my self
Emmett L. Brown
Oh my God, there are aliens! *Signs movie theme plays*
Elaine Marie
Gives a humorous twist to the horrors of alien abduction.
Does this artist have more of his work available?
Someone make a vine video of this
Cloudy Day Film
If you aren't going to use the original sounds, then at least make that clear in the title of the video.
Real Life Resale
inappropriate 2:43
Phoenix North
world's heaviest sleeper
Ajay Vemuri
cool dude
I love when they make the column with his bed on top.
Sexy Microphone
this is lit
adwiteeya agarwal
So his parents died huh
Isabella Feijo
Is that the same house from batteries at the beginning?
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