Angry Salman Khan's UGLY FIGHT With Photographers !

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KICK: Devil Ful Song LAUNCH turned out to be an ugly affair for many reporters as they got into a spat with each other. Watch Salman Khan as he controls the situation.

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anamika singh
Tera Jalwa😘
AVI Nilaam
Shame shame to the people who goes behind movie actors see the movie and forget them don't waste your time behind these please please Newyork Newyork
come at me
wwwwhhhhuuuu salman a star what a stardom love u bhaiii
Rohit mishra
pahli baat ye star logo ko bhav denaa chod do inki bhi life h ki ye khuleaam ghum ske
riaz uddin
Who is this guy?
Ammu Sharma
Itna irritate karte h pahle fr news chapte h
The Originals A.K.A
Chutiya h kya sare media wale
imran raja
Indians paparazzi = wild animal's no manners at all... jungli
Abdul Basit
Body gards are doing their job, media want to come closer and more closer, they should understand, if they are allow to come closer, what is use of maintaing the body gards....if you will not follow the instruction, obviously, body gards will abuse them.........totally fault of media persons.
इन reporters और मीडिया के लोगो को यह comments पढनें चाहिए, कितनी insult होती है, मीडिया कर्मियों की, इनको बिलकुल manners नहीं है, देश की मीडिया की insult करवाते हैं,
Kartik Siddhu
bc itni. chutiya media .... hadd chutiya saali
VFX Magic
Mera Bas Chalta Is Ko Industry Se Nikaal Deta Behn Chod Criminal
Subrata Shaw
Galat kya kiya thik hi to hai
Ahmed Syed
Salman khan did the right thing
Faraz Khawaja
jiske lakhon fans hyn unki realty ye hai ye real me kisi ki bhi nahi sunti or hero bany phirty hain lol 👎
Humaira Butt
Salman khan very bat
Byron Shukla
mc.... isme fight kaha thi.. kuch bhi matlab
Stephanie Knowles
Reporters are dumbasses but they know they have to interview assholes who have sold their souls and respect. I wish all together can beat the egoistic cunning killer up.
Stranger Stranger
Fuck India
Nadeem Ekram
Ja boor
D ev
yaar sakon say khara ha aur thats not a ugly fight he just replied them to leave if they don't want to stay cool idiotic media.. they can took pics if they stand a side with discipline..
Being Basan
hats off bhai......
Suraj Mishra
Musharraf Jahan
stupid media
Alisa Zelyonaya
Love you Salman, he knows how to behave when media doesn't
Arul Selvam Jacob
barking dogs media
Musharraf Jahan
why all they are so much shouting
Vishal Shaw
Rajesh Tajuria
sallu lover
idiot reporters
Jordan John
madarchod media with no standard
Wajid Hussain
this media always harras celebrity
diyana faizmand
omg. what the fuck.
souphya don
This guy is sooo hondsom ohhhh

No one would believe that he is 50
J. Moharana
q ye photographers is chutiyaaa ko itna footage de rhe hen😠
Desi Food rockers
kindly delete this wrongly titled video to earn money, he is cool and composed and not fighting
Tanmay Agnihotri
salman gandu no 1
Md Tarif
sapar salman
Kishori Ambre
Indian photographers are like village kids fighting for a candy, so immature and illiterate behavior.
Salam done very good not getting involved. fuck the media
Hussain Saddam
jis nay yah video upload ki hain wo kutte ka bacha hain koi larhi nahi ho rahi hain
Hussain Saddam
sallu is alon stand
Valyy Bmw
What kind of people are they ohh hahaha
Learn something from Hollywood
Terry Saleem
The green eye monster of envy has taken the sense of these photographers and made them treat decent people without respect or humility.
Sanam Jaan
Salman khan is the best
Amazing World
The only reason i love salman is that he is short tempered....and when he becomes that...he looks more hot and sexy.......💜😍😘
Everything you need
i love u salman
Nusrat Jamia
All the best wishes for you Salman Khan as always thanks..............
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