ryan's soul left his body at 16:16
Sarah Low
I am a shaniac!!!
Meme Machine
Love u sooo much no wonder my cousin loves u
hey ghouls! the boys are here!
Kimmy Daria
Okay, which one of you did the Ryan and Shane graffiti
Justin Powers
That tunnel reminds me of that exersium movie with ppl from Africa.. when she starts running through tunnel in slow motion. That was one of scariest moments of movie..
Captain Ianite
WTF is in the background at 14:22?
Sharon Ho
Why does Ryan keep listening to Shane? Shane, stick your own fucking hand in there and tempt them. Don't get your friend haunted because you're not convinced. Of course you wouldn't be convinced, it's Ryan's neck your putting on the line. Yeesh.
Emily BunnyHop
Timmy wants to be are friend
Emily BunnyHop
Looks like hogwarts good one
Queen Leena
The boys are here
omg do jack the ripper
Alaura Avocado
"Satan's cement butthole." 😂😂😂
Jeri Higgs
Weird shadow in the hallway on the right at 21:20
Missy Trowbridge
"feel anything?"
oh yeah my mouth is cheetos
Angelic A
watching buzzfeed unsolved, home alone
Me: why am I doing this to myself?
Sara Jean
The lucky One321
They should do the Winchester mansion in San Jose California
yeezus kali
Shane : "Hey ghouls... The Boys are here!"
Me : cant breathe because i've wheezed too hard
Jay Chelsom
Why do they have to do these at night? If they did it during the day then Ryan wouldn't be so scared.
The real Whatgameisthisderp
This is my fav series on yt
CutePlayz MC
Shaniac squad!!!!
Please come to England and do some of these!!!
Isabelle McGlinchey
Shane iacs assembled
Sacc Bleu
Enfield house in England
There's a movie called Death Tunnel that was filmed at the Waverly Hills Hospital. It's one of my favorite thriller/horror movies
Hooman Failure
Why does watching this help me focus when drawing? 😂
Amelia Ogilvie
Im going to be brave and full screen it x
Harley Carlo
I think of any place is haunted it's this place, I went years ago and if I had to imagine a hell thats what it looks like. The old rusty hospital equipment along with graffiti is just uncomfortable.
Karla M

Sydney Corrigan
Zelda Fan05

Zadu M
12:55 puedo ver un rick atras xd rick and morty where there xd
Regan Hill
Shane: hey goulz the Boyz are here 😂😂😂😂
Helena W
I'm a Shane-iac
Silje Vanilje
Omfg 14:21 in the background
2 Billion is about 1/4 of the world population today
Zaiah Allen
Y'all should go to a mental asylum
Sadie Sunshine
When I was at my friends house for dinner, her, her older brother and his friends planned to jump scared me. I got really angry, because of how scared I got. It was dark outside and her brother decided that we should play tag outside. Now, it wasn't pitch black outside but at certain points it was. Every body was kinda scared. So, to get back at the guys that jumpscared me, I ran off to where the couldn't see me, I screamed "help!" at the top of my lungs and hid under the porch. Let's just say they were looking for me for like an hour until I went behind my friend and covered her eyes and mouth. She screamed and the guys found me. They were soooooooooooo mad at what I did but I couldn't stop laughing. I think Shane should've screamed when Ryan was down there so Ryan freaked the hell out
Naurii -.-
Why is Shane keep blaming it on the wind 😂😂😂😂
The possibility of tuberculosis or other bacteria scares me more than the possibility of the ghosts
Isabella Miao
Shane's answer for everything: wind
Can someone tell me why I read the Wizards of Waverly Place?
I need bleach
No. Onlemksbjdd

He omg Timmy havsgekdi
BlueXo 15
I'm a shaneiack
Taisha Ortega
You two my lord ... have more respect than that . They also did experiments on the patients. That place wasn't sunshine and rainbows . And yes Timmy likes to play . I had to do a report on that place in school . You can be a skeptic but have more respect for the location your at .
Katie Peeler
Am I the only one who calls TB "consumption"
Planet Papercraft
Stop copying Joe Weller you twats
Omg is there anything Shane thinks the wind can't do? hahahaha "the wind could have knocked her over" is this less or more probable than a nurse trapped in a sanitorium surrounded by death and disease committing suicide?
twenty øne Winchesters
this reminds me of grave encounters so much
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