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Unknown Id
I love it
Minatozaki Sana Mae hebreo
I Scared At 1:04!!!!
I can tell that in the rubies cube optical illusion that it was fake because of the color scheme.
Tim Michaels
Miguel Huck
5:07 5:30 EWWWW
I love Endless summer
Welcome to another video of why is this in my recommended
Caleb Porter
I didnt see the two faces become identical
Ashwini Pitagekar
TI's good
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lkF3eE4yKI HaHa :D !!! Must watch this. I'm from Poland.
Richard Hopkins
And if you look directly at the faces instead of the cross, you'll see that a few of the faces actually are a little distorted
Pakistan First
Red Ball is Really Disturbing
Lol the one where you can't see all 16 points simultaneously is a joke to me because I saw all 16 points simultaneously
Fun fact: color doesn't exist, it's just our eyes tricking us
Sumesh tiwari

Dont belive your eyes read again
Ayhan Tek
Mmmmmmm daily dose of illusions
Frankie Rodriguez
The rubix cube illusion does not look realistic.
Shardik Rana
It shows good tricks to do
p vinay
what was the app used to project between the glass
vipin kumar Kumar
I see 16 dots
Pradeep Kumar
Rishu Thakur
rishu singh ko bhe pta hai age ki
The Randomness Channel
Not optical illusions pause the vid and look
knowledge tree
Kittilish Vibes
Hey this is cool
Abhijeet Kumar
Mind blowing
Jerome Apura
yes 1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣🆙comment
Yemima Sinaga
I am sick watching this video. Feel so dizzy
Lovely Haylee
Nice vid
Nikhil Verma
3:01 Van Damme Looks distorted in that pic without the effect....
Some of these aren’t even optical illusions
My phone keeps freezing up I had to see the comments on
Daman Manro
FriGhT ShAdE
7:45 pretty creepy
MJ Tiger funny
nice video
Asmita Gohil
Shahzeb Ayub
Project Studio
Some of these are well known, some quite new.
Tomás Coronado
The first one. Yes the blue and yellow rectangles are moving at different times. All you have to do is stop the video a few times and you will catch them out of sync.
Bright Light
3:5 I'm in love with the shape of you...yass it's ed sheeran
Nor azminazrin Nor khalid
5:53 guys please help, what materials should i use? is there any tutorial video.
I paused on some, moved on some
Desi G
4:20 would look right if you put the colors in the right Oder 😂
I SAW AILIEN lol 2:58
Sangita Das
In simple language just Awesome
Wild Gaming
1:14 wahh.. wat.. my brain is like NOPE
MARTYNAS freitakas
ArticEuro YT
Last one is creepy
AJVH Star Rider
6:23 Nice
wwe pandey bro
who wants subscribers.
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