The Geneva Mechanism

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Brent Forrest
Brevity is the soul of wit mate. That said, Ill subscribe.
Supoman OP
example of a military use of this : auto-loader on the M1 Abrams and the Cesar (artillery support cannon) (even if it is mostly manually operated, i personally saw the automatic one, being able to fire 6 shots by minutes) (6 shots to a maximum of 38~km, how awesome is that !?)

similar uses can be seen on some machineguns auto-changing mag !

also, if i'm not mistaken, the 120mm cannon on the AC-130 uses this aswell.
Servo drives have 1 huge limitation; thier mass vs. accleration.
Years ago tried to replace a mechanical drive mechanism with a contiuous driving motor by a single shaft servo drive.
Long story short; the acceleration needed to go and stop within the required cycle called for basically an explosion and all but zero mass. Such a drive has to be invented yet
In the end the thought experiment was done but this peticular part of a superfast running cigarette filter cutting machine kept its mechanism. The motor was a servo drive but one with rather high enertia and kept on several constant speeds, so most of the flexibility and quick changeover was achieved.

Shows you; sometimes good old mechanics have their place.

Note; instead of a simple pin, in indexers the use of a camfollower is standard, either with or without stud.
Hugo Macias
Great video, great delivery & presentation Thank you Angus
Heber Casillas
I'm just sitting here wondering how people like this man exist, yet they somehow cast some retarded looking kid to play Light Yagami in the american adaptation of Death Note.

This guy would make an awesome Light.
chain gun for military use like the one in doom 2???
Thomas Walz
I repair antique toys. So far, I've come across only 2. One was in a wind-up, another a battery op.
Christian Cedeno
2:58 DUDE! I could've sworn an ad was going to play 😂
Alejandro Martín Tierno
Creo que es la cruz de Malta...
Michael Delgado
Why am I watching this??
As for military applications these mechanisms were used in the automatic loading systems of tanks and warships to index the ammunition in the automatic loaders. See the munition carousel schema.
military application: gattling gun: drives to the next barrel, loads, fires, next barrel, wash repeat.
Sam Molnar
hunter the smart
From the thumbnail, the yellow gear is yel, and the red gear is reh, what if you had reh spinning two yel gears?
Military Application is found in revolver autoloader systems for tanks and self propelled artillery. The Shell has to be loaded into the chamber and should not collide with the walls, therefor accuracy is needed. Speed also is an advantage, since you want to fire the next round quickly.
Khelthrai Hellbane
Boom! 10/10 educational and interesting content right there. That's a sub
Marc Stanga
insert negative comment about YouTube suggestions here
Gregg Macey
Cool shirt.
Tony Lemont
Maybe you can print a comb next and use it maybe some scissors too.
timothy cannon
So this what 300k for college gets these days. A copy of a old wheel idea from an old movie projector. Way to go next gen
And subbed ) Very good explanation !
Kevin Sinclair
wtf are you talking about?? 7 mins of talking about crap no one care,s about
Dr Ralph Kennedy
Great video - cheesy drill
highly effective automatic waterboarding
Daryl Carlton
Check out Butterfly Bombs from WWII not exactly the same but similar
Zain UL Abidin
This is main drive in cigarette packing machine [HLP]
Fidget spinners are getting dumer.
Paskal k
Nice shirt too! Where did you get that?
Rikard Nilsson
would probably work well for a revolving chamber mechanism for for example a semi-automatic howitzer.
the swiss stole their knowledge about watch making from he french immigrants who fled to the jura so fuck off
samuel ruben
Ninja Plays Games
I don't know why I'm here, but I am.
David Citarelli
the autoloading mechanism of a battleship or the magazine of an autoloading tank use this mechanism.
I didnt research it, but I would assume something like this would be on the gun of wwI airplanes to avoid shooting the propeller with the gun - as a military application.
Dave Buckley
During world war 1 when engineers first installed forward facing machine guns on the nose of the plain they would shoot off the propellers and have to bail out. eventually a mechanism similar to the Geneva mechanism was used to temporarily pause the fire from the machine guns.
The great coursesplus
Tim Hodges
It is likely to have been in WWII naval analog fire control computers.
Ethan Roberts
That you for the wise words Benedict Cumberbatch ;)
rexpert 239
i have that drill... its shit
Bryce Blilie
there is something like that in the M242 bushmaster chain gun
Kalpesh Chheda
MS Surface :)
Mark Shepherd
Military use? Yup:
Do anyone know the song in the end of the video?
Shaun Collins
enjoyed this video.. very good!
Noah Stroo
You did a great job in the intro, was hooked right away man! subscribed.
John Cotterill
Firing bullets through gaps in propellers maybe?
That was great....
Remo Peter
The Geneva stop's purpose is not prevention of overwinding a watch mainspring. Actually, the "overwound" spring is a myth. Mainspring breakage is by fatigue. If you intentionally try to overwind a watch, anything in the winding mechanism will break before the spring, probably including that stop! No, the stop was there to eliminate the very weak and the very strong torque of the spring at the beginning and end of winding. Out of 6 possible turns of the barrel, only 4 were used. The spring is "set up" one turn and stopped at the 5th. In this way, the spring is used where it gives the least variation in torque. Earlier watch movements were more sensitive to torque fluctuation, making their rate erratic. Modern mechanical movements have overcome this flaw almost completely by various means, so the stopwork is no longer needed.
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