Lady at airport screaming over her missed flight.


She started have a temper tantrum because she got at the gate late.

Jordan Karps
She's flying delta. Delta has stupid 40 minute connections that are very hard to make. If the plane was slightly late getting her there she would've been stranded. Not her fault
bryan pebs
Better idea - let her board but leave that sniveling little prick behind.
Either get there on time or fuckin' walk bitch.
Paul Davis
Next time be there on time bitch.
Great, now her kid is gonna grow up and do that shit, too.
Nicholas Thien
just another idiot passenger
F Huber
She wants security?

Cool. Call them to have her removed from the airport.
Vincent Mazzoccoli
poor kid. his mom is an idiot for acting that way in front of him.
"No son! We have enough time to get McDonalds. We'll be fine"
Son: "um mom, the flights leaving"
mom: "we'll be fine! I already told you"
Bill Melater
Kids gonna grow up to be Millennial 2.0. Humanity is doomed.
Jason Bourne
who made a baby with this woman??!
Nik Murphy
Where are you supposed to go?

Well you can fuck off out of the airport for starters, short bus.
Kevin Cote
Not the end of the world......
future serial killer.
Joaquin G
holyshit that bitch needs to get slapped in the fucking face maybe that will calm her down, can't believe people act like that with their children around.
Matthew Jay Evans
Fucking bitch and her spoiled brat son just need to get the fuck out of there and stop bothering the dude. He can't do a fucking thing.
Which one is the adult?
Axel Cherne
this kid needs to shut up and learn his place. the mother is making him panic so great job mom 👍🏻
Stephen Keating
That little boy needs to STFU
Robert Toe
they didn't say please with sugar on top.😆😆
John Howard
Mom teaching child how to be an idiot.
Women should SELF-REFLECT
americans should always keep their meds close by.
she didn't hear because she probably had her face buried in her phone too busy posting stuff on Facebook, Twitter etc
Chris Barajas
hearing the kids begging made me feel bad
Brandon Evans
her attitude is effed up... at least raise your child to be a respectful citizen.
god particle
😆😅😄😃😂😁bitch should get on her knees and start sucking cock🍆🍌🌽
flappy de
The kid bitching reminds me of my job when some bitch was asking to see jewelry while well we had a huge line. I told her to go through the line.. She waited and waited at the jewelry case for like 10mins till she had enough and stormed out saying "you had me waiting and you guys are taking to long." The little girl she had with her made a mad face at me and sai what the hell? I smiled at her and i oh so wanted to say fuck off.
Mparvel Euro,pesos
What is the name of this airport?
Taumy Gilbert
she's gone and upset her great grandson!
That poor child. Let's hope he has an extra-fucking-ordinary father figure in his life
Levi Strauss
Hahahahaha dumb bitch
Brandon Cosme
She caused her kid to start begging smh
Cameron Hathaway
If you were there, then how come you werent
Louise Hulme
If she was standing right there what did she think the other passengers on her flight were doing?
This lady needs to chill. Plus getting the child upset. Way to go Mom!!
Lucky Go Lucky
do these stupid people really think the plan would make a u turn for them? what a dumbass
Mem Phis
So everyone blaming the woman because she is begging to be put on a flight that she paid to be on???..People need to understand that these airport staff and security behaves as if they own the fucking airline and airport sometimes....Some of them are just fucking evil and unreasonable , because they know they have the power to kick people of a flight if you stand up for yourself
nexus 0
that kids begging please just like other typical religious people
Take A Damn LOOK!!
God i hate shit like this because it would be so traumatic for that child
Mparvel Euro,pesos
This was probably against the rule that the Delta gate agent could not call security for trying to let these 2 passengers on the plane
"We were here. We were right here." then why oh why didn't you get on the plane?
Nelia Eppcoo
That poor kid
Yuno Gasai
Omfg really
Kadesha Oliver
they should let her on because she probably spent a lot of money on the ticket for her and her son
this is who is allowed to vote in this country. entitled cunt snowflake idiots will soon get the retribution they have begged for.
jay t
poor mom
trusting virus
I deal with these type of people everyday at work... OH MY GOD MY WIFI ISN'T GOING TO WORK TILL TOMORROW!?!?! WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO? I "NEED" IT NOW!!! I KNOW MY DOG PISSED ALL OVER THE EQUIPMENT BUT YOU CAN'T JUST MAGICALLY TELEPORT MY NEW EQUIPMENT WITH IN 2 SECONDS? WHAT AM I GONNA DO? And I swear it's always women that act this way. Stupid bitches, only reason I put up with your shit is cause they pay me well.
Padme Lakshmi
Eric Radulescu
Did the gatekeeper said wersuposaposador?!
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