Lady at airport screaming over her missed flight.


She started have a temper tantrum because she got at the gate late.

Beth Mcwilliams
Bluu Bandette
Lesson learn here
Don't leave the line once it's time to roll
Sophie Shuttleworth
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Vish C
She is just blurring details at the gate agent!
Launa Banauna
Poor kid, he just learned how to be a drama queen.
Elom Early-Wings
Honestly, the child would have to be quiet.
Antroyce Lee
Heartless Staff
flyerscum nhl
The worst part is she's teaching her kid to be a whiny mouthy crying entitled bitch too
umar A
please please say cheese 😂😂😂 hahaha where im suppose to go shuv him back up your ass and go home lol 😂
dimas pramudya
Fuck airlines
Fixx Torque
She's got kids retarded too
Mike Redding
I'll bet she's late for everything!
J Mac
Where are you suppose to go with your seven year old? How about parenting classes....
Buck Olsen
She's turning her poor 7yo son into a tantrum-throwing buffoon too.
weird...i don't remember acting like that as a 7 year old.
Joe Patroni
No plan B? Then you should not be traveling.
CJ ain't no busta
this woman is acting like a child. she needs to grow up.
Some random name
Ethan Hutsell are you fucking stupid or something? Why are you putting this in YouTube and why are you filming this. Is this gonna change the world. Does this entertain people? She was just screaming. Has no one of you ever screamed or been to an airport? Yes she didn't catch her airplane. That's none of your business ok? Y'all are commenting proof and stuff about how she could've caught the flight. It's now the fucking past. She probably booked another flight and is at her destination with her son. Leave this poor mother alone.
Angel Face
She should arrive at least a couple of hours earlier before departure because sometimes the flight departs earlier. She should know better than that as an adult not arrive just on time or too late.
Mel Descendants
Jeez u only missed a flight
... like while waiting u can sleep or... go around.. .
Ravage Gonza
90 minutes prior, nuff said...
joe joy
The airplane didnt they could have boarded her
Jake DA beast 2
Is that delta
Moumen Etbail
Legend has it shes still at the gate with her 7 year old
That boy is gonna have mommy issues....I see tons of therapy in his future.😏
bonnie aka aria
surprisingly this is sad..
Stash Xtasy
Slap that kid
Michael Laffey
Right in front of her son...... Wow...... : (
Don Williams
The 7 year old has learned the fine art of being a drama queen from his mother.
Christopher Dones
I have never seen a situation where a person cries and yells like a lunatic and they end up getting their way
If the plane is still at the gate she should be let on. She's already vetted, and it takes 2 seconds to open the door, UNLESS the operator of the terminal gate vehicle you pass through is gone.
Joe Caught On Camera
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Xeno Morph
That kid is pleading like bitch. Just like his bitch grandma.
Douglas Rodrigues
Did I hear her say that it's only 15 minutes since the flight left? Did she honestly think the plane would turn around and come get her? Let's see...if the plane did turn around it would be 15 minutes back=30 back to the spot where it turned around= 45 minutes. In a 737 that would be about 1350 gallons of fuel consumed for 45 minutes of flight time. Ain't going to happen lady. Open your ears next time.
Rainbow Egg
Robert Blackford
Get a hotel room, fly out tomorrow.
Cameron Marie French
😑 oml.........
Marcus Alexi
To a hotel maybe. And in there, you maybe want to put an alarm on your clock, and leave early next time to catch your flight.
stfu stupid little kid.
Devendra Thakur
Overacting and also showing signs of short temperness
I would kill that man that didn't let tme on
i d
if she shout goi will shout
Jon Driscoll
I almost missed my flight once in Dallas Fort Worth because I was dilly dallying In the gift shop - my fault entirely
the dude
There's only one thing worst tha a lady screaming. That's a lady who is not fuckable and screaming
Tea Mhatre
Poor kid there 😥😔😔😔😞
Angela Ziegler
Way to act worse than your child. You should have been paying attention. You know what time the flight leaves..Don't wait for an announcement to tell you. Park your ass by the gate and wait. Check the screen that shows flights periodically for gate changes.
Patti Morris
You have to be there early and check in and if you are on standby you have to understand.
Samuel Mines
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Mike Uhlir
She's acting like it's Jurassic Park outside the airport... Baaa! " Where am I supposed to go with my 7 year old?" Umm.. I don't know..? A restaurant maybe? Get a motel room for a nap until another flight is ready? It's not the end of the world lady! Quit freaking your kid out!
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