Halloween Songs for Children and Kids - Ten Scary Steps

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This spooky Halloween song for children presents Little Red Riding Hood taking some very scary steps to get to grandma’s house. The big bad wolf, a monster, a witch and more make this Halloween video a spooky treat! The littlest trick-or-treaters can join in the fun and count to ten while they enjoy a few spooky surprises along the way. View lyrics for The Halloween Song below or turn on closed captions to sing along. Thanks for watching and Happy Halloween!


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Song written by: Denisa Senovsky
Vocals by: Denisa Senovsky,
Music production: Michael Creber, Denisa Senovsky
Illustrations by: Denisa Senovsky
Video Editor:  Nina Helene Hirten - http://ojpstudios.com
Copyright: Katie Cutie Entertainment


One step, two step, three step
Four step, five step, six step 
Seven step, eight step, nine step
Ten scary steps to grandma’s house
One step, two step, three step
Four step, five step, six step 
Seven step, eight step, nine step
Ten scary steps to grandma’s house
“Knock, knock! Trick or treat?”
Ten scary steps to grandma’s house

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