Exclusive Footage of Kim Jong-Un Preparing for War

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Reports say that the Supreme Leader of North Korea's latest show of force was a failure. You be the judge.

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redstone god
this isn't fucking funny
Jeffery Wegener
When I saw the thumbnail's title, I thought it said something about North Korea "Un Preparing" for war. Darn, that's a shame.
Ahrry depp
the only fat guy in the country
Now we finally know what happened to Borat!
they may have a big army but their weaponry and technology is so fucking outdated and an example is that their most advanced technology is a jet that was used about 20 years ago
They are gonna attack us with bowls of rice!

(sorry i just had to)
The Rightside
What a dumb chink
max m
kim jong un doesnt know how to salute he looks like a fool with his hand on the side lmao he doesnt know shit about leading a army hes a cartoon making super mighty threats lol
liakos paraliakos
Yea killing for oil money in "third world countries" must be funny americans. There is this person that doesnt get along with you and making fun of his believes and army? hahaha be careful because the best laugh will come soon. And it wont be yours.
Army Fattig
fuck Kim Jong in
Joseph Stalin
Kim is GOAT
What was the music playing in the background?
Dy T
WWIII will not be glorious considering the millions and millions dead..
kenneth Aseda
We laughed at the thought of Donald Trump becoming president,let's see how we will laugh when this war comes about.
This was funny, but you will not be smiling when Trump tweets hes a lesbian and your house is NUKED!
Fuck, the NRA could probably beat North Korea. What a joke these people are.
B. Stone
Egos causing war.
sha floyd
some would say Kim is... Un-prepared?
Vivian Sanchez
Im convinced Trump and Kim are really #THIRDWOEMEN
Fungi Phil
Come back , David Letterman!!!
Atomic Quibbles
Now that I think of it, North Korea has like Zero combat experience. Statistically speaking, they don't stand a chance. The only reason they're even being noticed is because they have a few measley nuclear warheads. With no reputation, they will surely jump at the opportunity to prove themselves, and what better way to do that is to pick a fight with a global power.
It took me a moment to realise that this is not an accurate translation.
Victor Barugahare
Latest missile test!
Chang jhing shen ping lyn ting ming
Splash Attack
We have a fat idiot and an orange idiot saying stupid shit to each other trying to demonstrate power and make themselves feel like the men they aren't. It may be fun to laugh at them, but these two morons could turn our lives upside down if left unchecked. I am certain North Korean citizens and American citizens don't hate each other and would rather just live in peace. If push comes to bombs, I HAVE NO PROBLEM send just our orange idiot to an open field far away from everyone and have the North Koreans send their fat idiot to that same field. Then both sides launch one bomb each to that field, we all enjoy erasing these two cunts from history and move on with our lives.
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
hell what city is that again Live from where , come in polar. Yeah gee I think it would be easy to forget America ever existed if you were a wise old well whatever direction tude of dude
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
Kims cheap in units , massively valuable in surrender and betrayal of history and truth the U.S needs for forgiveness for it's tresspasses or whatever mumbo jumbo has lasted for quite a while , I turned the sound off but might appreciate the hypertoxia euphoria I honestly feel is part of large celebrations. I dont think he want's to be whored out anymore as a target practise for irresponsible American defense policy which it won over 20 yrs ago let alone 50 only saw sense in creating nuclear requests from the Mc whatever guy. it's always the Scots Irish thing though maybe . But yeah you founded Mcdonalds or whatever on a Chinese chart ok . Kims just relatively yellow and I,m sure the Japs are just loving the quantative easing of their supposed strategy of outwaiting the American offers of good ol cannon n barrell etc Still Kims kim and we hope peace but i,m sure dead american servicemen falling from the skies over the Peninsular again would be kinda cool, much the same as sympathy for the uninitiated gung ho whatever younger ones, and exploitive hippy counterculture which did find themselves and almost utopia
Woops A Crazy MSA
Hahahaha xD Funny as fuck.
I feel so sad for the people that got brainwashed by him.
I wish these two would just settle it by measuring their dicks and getting it over with.
Why didn't they upload videos for a week?
Missile delivery via dachshund. No one will suspect a thing. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Wow! the "free" media, laughing at a dictator with nuclear weapons...
Iraq was funny too right? Lybia? no? afghanistan? no? Vietnam? but the LAST time you were in Korea was funny come on! NOOO????
Then STOP F-ing laughing you morons!!! Your lives are at stake!
I lost it with the dog....I just lost it
Kate Moroney
fake news
Haitham Mogherbi
Jurgen Pagel
Jokes are Jokes but when this starts and TENS OF THOUSEND or more GI's vanish then I wonder how funny it will be and how many are laughing !!!! First time around 40.000 American lost their Lives and that was WITHOUT NUKES !!! Think about it !!!!
Are you sure this isn't verbatim straight from N. Korea?
Believer Clemi7
Trash Propaganda #TYPICAL
Syed Ahmed Jilanee
Kim Jong un and Trump both have the same brains
Murica will take him down just like they did with Castro, oh wait.
Homini Lupus
I wonder if Trump and Kim go to the same barber.
goldfish_tree 123
fuck of Kim jun un ya name sounds just like me slapping yan mum
Alex Canal
proud americans need to realize you guys lost to the taliban.
Matthew Stephens
fucked up title though
Pyongyang Official
You are all welcome round for Nachos anytime!
We land Spacecraft on droneships and drive robots on Mars. How is NK contributing to humanity?
Owen Kendrick
Anyone know where that footage at the end of the dog with the rocket is from?
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