THE FOREIGNER Official Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan Action Movie HD

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THE FOREIGNER Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan Action Movie HD
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Sarvan AMreet
story is copy of madari starring ifran khan... indian movie... they changed some points like bombing...his daughter but all the story is same... both fight with government.
Jonathan Murray
I still wish him and Chris would've done a "Rush Hour 4"
Talk Nerd
Ecco la nostra video reazione al nuovo film prossimamente in uscita di Jackie Chan, The Foreigner
Rajkumar Periyathamby
i like jacki chan
I need to see this movie!!!
Turgut Bayram Günar
Jackie chan is my childhood hero!!!!
Saadat Khan
Wow rush hour 4 is looking good.
Johnn Aquino
Reminds me of law abiding citizen
John K. Lindgren
1:44 the bearded ' dude's collar. That's some sneaky Burberry product placement. How much? Bangkok-Johnny
Riz Jutt
jackie chan
Arjunan B
Awsome trailer... But iam sad watching jackie chan getting old....
Nurul Farzanah
The plot looks amazing but saddddd ;(
Zaikurah- Kun
damn jackie's getting old.. ;c stay with us longer jackie!
Davan Kross
This looks a lot more like a proper Death Wish movie than Bruce Willis'
Never understood the trailers that spoil the movie... Great movie.
Divik Shrivastava
now this movie is like kaabil yet western guys would always blame bollywood of copying their ideas
Jackie Chan the new Liam Neeson.
Hyper Blaze
Old but gold. Hes still kicking ass despite his age
Nur Amy
Nima Hanna
An overused plot with a twist, in most casses I'd think this is just a rip off of taken but this looks amazing
Nima Hanna
47% of the Dialogue. What are the names of the bombers?
Husnain Ahmed
Buy fifa 18
the game
I'm betting this movie makes at least $400 million in box office sales, because not only are many people in the U.S. going to watch it, but China is as well, since Jackie Chan is in it.
Samet Ozdemir
On my birthday october 13 ! Thats what i want for my birthday a ticket to see a legend
xX Cunt Xx
It's echo from r6 without his drone
Chakotay Munsami
Jackie Chan is a comedy action hero and now a badass action hero??
Ankur Tripathi Photography
Just for the names - This movie is inspired by the Bollywood Movie -:!
David Cho
Can't wait to watch this.
Zheqiang Yang
好多 成龙的粉丝 评论吖~
KMaggi 3
Oh wow. This looks great. Jackie's still amazing. Can't wait!
More white washing...we all know terrorists are arabic looking.
Jackie wanted to do Romance, but instead got to do a thriller action
No moral compass or respect, controversy, not long now before the biggest war mankind has ever seen shows everyone of you how stupidly brainwashed you are.
William Clarke
Based on the novel by Stephen Leather called The Chinaman which is set around the time of the Northern Ireland troubles. I just hope the film doesn't end the same way as the book.
I wish to jackie the longest life! I love him since i have 5 years old (1990) my hero!!! A true Legend.
Shahara Blackbeard
OMG this looks like it is going to ROCK
just give him the name dude...for the sake of thousands life...
he's not some random Asian guy u could mess with.....he's Jackie Chan
ryan truth 1
Love Jackie
Lraep tumz
Jackie my idol ...
Sugiharto Ronggojati
H. Nee-Sun
Never mess up with an asian... i love jackie 😊
sarahjoe wong
amity cipher
Fam just give him the me on this one
Louie Bernabe
somebody please give him the names or the freaking bombers! I love Jackie Chan. This movie is gonna rock
Shakeem Kash
Man I can't wait for this movie, Jackie Chan still got it !
Next Rest
- -
Mister Jackie Chan is an excellent actor. Can't wait to watch this movie! In 200 years, his movies still be watched, I am sure of that. That is what happens when someone continuously works, what does Mister Chan. Much respect and greetings from France!
quxani iexxaki
ı've never seen Jackie Chan was this serious ! wow
k Srikanth
Never push a good man too far
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