THE FOREIGNER Official Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan Action Movie HD

OfficialTrailerMovieClipTHE FOREIGNER Official TrailerJackie ChanPierce Brosnan2017ActionThriller

THE FOREIGNER Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan Action Movie HD
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Abner Dartino
I love jackie chan
Duan Steve
holy shit, i cry
Ermis Mouria
how is the name of this song
Ermis Mouria
as this song is called
Khan Khan
Salute to the legend ... From India ... We love you Jackie ...
jakegamer 249
Wut if jackie chan could live fore ever ill be happy so i have more movies to watch
Eses SgravenHage_
1:29 loved the song & the movie is fking epic🔥 again Chan again a good movie
Pee Khon
Anyone never seen Jackie Chan this serious, go watch THE MYTH !!!!!
Norshkovanov Bovski
The title should be DRUNKEN SIRIUS
Costa Sousa
ACTION (2017) Full Movie In HD Quality
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NK world
Jacki's awesome
ha ho
very good
Ronie Vincent Horca
This is a great movie
Michelsel Melanie
Den Film möchte ich sehen nur Mal der leuft keine Ahnung
Minister Cindy Spence Sampson
watch the full movie
Alban WithGun
Jacki Chan against James Bond
Bond: who are you?
Foreigner: Chan, Jackie Chan
the one
I seen this movie last nite (Nov. 7, 2018) at the Cinema..worth every penny.
Lewis Lin
Anyone know if this is gonna be released in the Uk and when?
Larvik Delta
Tfw you are begging for Pierce Brosnan to return as James Bond and here he is looking like a grandpa "My name is Bond, Grandpa Bond"
Edward Charrette
This trailer any good?
Pinocchio vai vai
Jackie Cha
Mark Oszoli
I watched this at the movies it is one good movie.
Marko Stankovic
Jacki Chan is.... old
Indy felix
Go Jackie Chan!! he's not bad as he has gotten older, good marshal arts
ich liebe dich
Sanjib Sharma
I love Jackie sir
minh tu do
Jackie chan is legend alway
Is the chinese actor i like the most
Jackie Chan means no stuntman needed👊👏👍!
Trailer Movies
here i have link for new movie and free :
tamil movie full dubbed anas
movie good g
Bruce Lee still is better
wity juliana

Charis Leones
Jackie's "Yes I you?" in a low voice gives me the chill... waoahh a true living legend <3
Maadi Khalid
Jackie Chan movie is Awesome
Jackie Chan is the best!
Maroc Buzz
to watch this movie
junior ienne
i never liked jack chan´s movies but this one seens pretty good to watch
Egon Speneder
Just saw it! Got to be one of the best action movies Jackie Chan has ever done! It's worth seeing twice, but I'll buy the DVD instead. This is real "kick ass" stuff and seeing his performance should get him another Oscar I would hope! But then he isn't white and isn't one of the Hollywood "pretty boys", yet none of them is the "real thing" as a martial artist. Jackie Chan is pretty well the only one that has survived as a Chinese Action Star since the time of Bruce Lee!
the one
Over 250 movies!!! Wow...
Legend anyone??
Hannah Kramer
I can't wait to see Jackie Chan as the bad guy. So much fun!!!
captain socho
No one is Talking about James Bond
captain socho
No one is Talking about James Bond
This is like every other JC movie after rush hour 3. Same shit different day and age. Kiss of the dragon with jet li is basically the same shit as this and still they make this crap.
Isaiah Dixon
"You will tell me the names of the bombers" xD highlight of the year
Before there was John Wick, there was Jackie Chan.
Paul Msilanga
Just dont mess with Jackie Chan, HE FLIES.
Ginebeb Sacay
Where can I watch the full movie of this
Rohan Ullah
Amazing actor!!!
Ronie Vincent Horca
Never kill Jackie Chan's daughter
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