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Lele Pons
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! Who is your favorite princess?? 👸
Jana Krstovska
Omg tonio is sooo hilarious as a fairygodmother 😂😂😂😂😂
Roblox and Fun Gaming!!
She's such a bitceautiful person 😂😂
king kurtis
I love love love this video
Adriana Alvarez
the endinh😂😂
Adriana Alvarez
when the fairy godmothers came in hilarius
Lexi Akuetteh
Coffee yassssssssss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hollie Gwilym
Who agrees with me that the fairy godmothers we’re on point
Pullo Sarr
Ava Moretti
Lele is legit me as a princess 😂
Corey Evans
Total sillyness I love it
julie underwood
The fairy god mothers are class
Fiza Javed
I love Lele
Emaleigh Brown
You should collaborate with Collins key
CookieGamer Girl
Lol she... says oh sorry I'm on my period
CookieGamer Girl
When the prince jump on the bed he was so funny
stefcani 1000
I watched this vid 10 times I ❤ it
mj heflin
one of the gomothers is elsa
Sleepy Pizza
Is the prince was the latina vampire ??
Maklhea Stone
humberto cacho
Lmfao...i saves myselfs...😂🤣😭
Sister: As a princess I must show class, but when he comes around I'll show .....
Lele: Show your ass!
I'm dead😂😥
Ahmad Almuaala
I saves myselfs too
kaytlynn montoya
Omg the fairy god mothers
Carrillo Cano Nora
Rosey365 GT
how can the prince open the shirt and use it again
Rosey365 GT
i want to be a cinderella
McV.I.PChannel Garcia
Mahmood Massarwa
Mia Dill
I like when she says( I saves my stelf)
Belany Family
Did you lose your voice
Galaxy Emoji
"Ugh qQueen your dress" 😀
Heather Gallagher
"uuum its on ir head..."
"she's gonna be the queen ami right, I'm right"

10/10 acting.
Makayla Aviles
Sleeping beauty 👸👸😪😪
Salma Abdi
Sister: its a bueatiful day im so bleesee cant wait to go home and get some
Lele: coffie Yassss
Me: no candy!!!!! Candy 😂😂😂😂
janiejackies goodies
Lele this video you are SUPER ANNOYING LELE!!!!!!! 😠😠😠
Keeshawn Gibson
Bradley S.
Out of control lol
Grace Combs
Hola amigos and amigas
Gabriela Bustillos
fi 😂😂😂😂
Gabriela Bustillos
I've been watching her and all of the people part of the studio all day because there is nothing to watch
SofiaMusic PG
"I saves myself"
That's what made me shit my pants
Araceli Hernandez
I have watched this 6 times!!!!!!
Emy bear
Mylee Marrero
You Because you are very funny if you were princess
Lupita Flores
My favorite princess is Lele
Jade Eikenhout
I love your fairy godmothers they're so funny
Sister: Raindrop
SisterS: Droptop
Sophia Shah
lele pons is the best girl ever♥♥♡♡
Lauryn Mullins
Her voice crack is disgusting and gives me a ducking headache
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