Alex Macias
To mack it fly you need one weg
Alex Macias
Is gonna work
Roxanne Lochin
You should put rockets to the fidget spinner
Emily Gonzales
Omg that dirt bike is from the pilipines and i live in the pilipinens
Erik Köster
Autoplay brang me to rich spoiled kids... jeeeeeeeeeeh

Btw ur Dirtbike will break more often if u dont drive that thing warm ......
brandon Dennis
# figetspiner try and take out the bearings
Holli Conrado
sandra Garcia
Remove Theron berings
Brian Essex
That’s so big
Christine Bates
two air compressor
John Funes
# fidget spinner
John Funes
To make the fidgetspinner faster get the fast fidgetspinner in the World then do o the same thing you did
Nawfal Nazrin
I like your videos
Kanakun2007 Holden
Euro tramp
Xander Kusie
Do one blyd
studio AFZL
*figget spinner
Debbi Hicks
U guys r dumbasses! get a plastic one with big propellers, don't cut them off and don't do be so quick to launch it !
Shabnam Kay
Trow like a Frisbee
Kai Achtem
figetspinner put rockets on the wings
noobgamer2017 Rohaim irfan
mahdi noor
shaer love stephanie
mahdi noor
Ivan De Guzman
Thanks for letting a ice and snow on Saturday so we can go ahead of time and effort in this position I say I say we just got back to my house for the night but I was so excited it's a ice skating rink in this position please say hi for me I will I just wanted to check with my wife and snow is coming down for letting me a pic and I'll call either right now and snow or rain here today so 🐕 and 🐈

Kelly A
Cool vid
Jose Olivera
fidget spinner
Vincent Zang
First try you mounted 2 blade's one way and 1 blade backwards. Second try shorter blades but still one backwards. Third try looks good but the angle of attack (pitch) is too low from what I can see, else it looks much better.

Try glue as accurate as possible. Try also with a piece of thin wood to give the blade an angle of attack at the leading edge. The trailing edge should be slightly lower. Your way to start it looks good. Blowing air slightly downwards to keep it from premature takeoff. As you got it up to nice speed try aim air jet towards the bearings/holes at the fidget. That should give the air the best grip and accelerate the fidget. When desired speed is reached - rapidly remove arm and nozzle as it could climb very fast.
i know why i did not fly one of the wings was on rong side
Lieu Tillery
# fidget spinner
You are a noob
gavyn deaton
Can I have the small dirt bike
Danye Webster
You should be the underwater box fort
Mikel Bedassie
Flying dirt bike
hannah mullingz
hannah mullingz
Fidget spiner
faze kevin
I love all your videos of us and make a video about seeing smelling versus balloons and no
Aedan Scott
put rockets on it
Brittany Krause
Dirt bike
Landon Avriett
You are the youtuber ever.
T S Rugmani
Dirt bike,🏑
chun lin
Add less whight
Govindappa P
Peter McGrath
Poo poo
Di Clouse
You are silly
Seth Daniel Malinao
Like freezbee
Seth Daniel Malinao
oo i know how about make a metal blade and threw it on a tree
Erica Wroten
Dirt bikes
Paco Patino
More psi energy so the more rotating it gets the more flight get so like it goes into the air much much higher so get more PS I like maybe like 1 million if you have that kind of air pump quality whatever you have on is more psi that’s pretty much it but max max max max PSI.
Angel Venegas
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