Game Theory: Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!?

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Fallout 4 is coming...and I can't wait. So while I wait for the newest installment in the Fallout series, let me tell you a tale of a young Fallout fan named GatorMacheteJr. and the deal he made with Bethesda. He traded in BOTTLE CAPS for a pre-order of the game. But did he get his money's worth? What did he ACTUALLY pay for his copy of Fallout 4? The answer is shocking!

Fallout 4, please come now!

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Cry Baby
Now im keeping bottle caps!
Rennia Trayvold
insert late comment here Based on these calculations... Given that (depending on the game) a bottle of Nuka Cola costs 5 caps. That would mean (Depending on when you price the value of gold) that you either are paying $8.35 or $260 (In 2015) per bottle. Remember that when you're throwing your caps around in game and chugging down bottles of Nuka cola.
Jemmini Rayne
I forgot pip boy's name and all I could think of was fallout boy
Garrett Feeman
You did so much math you deserve this like
Jeffstike 31
You forgot somthing. How did it cost him to collect all the bottle caps. How soda did he have to buy
Uyen Nguyen
I actually go to game stop and bring a tiny box of bottle cap and i said can you give me fallout 4 he said nice refrence but you have to actually pay money
All asian remake of Space Jam
1:34 - I don't wanna be that guy, but in the fallout universe, it's the Cold War that never ends, not ww2
King Altzerh
Matpat, I love your videos and find them to be both educational and entertaining. However, I found a flaw in your theory this time. You're merely going off of a song, which isn't a lore friendly way to approach the situation. So, let me set it up for you- We all know from basic history that World War II ended in 1946 with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is where your theory drifts off. You said that World War II never ended in the Fallout universe, which is entirely false. The REAL split from our real world is in 1947, where transistors are never invented, causing the world to become more reliant on nuclear energy (this leads to the development of things ranging from the Mr. Handy line of work bots all the way to weapons). Immediately after the end of World War II, they transitioned into the cold war which wasn't much of an actual fight as much as it was building nuclear arsenals and constantly threatening each other. This is what ended in 2077 with the beginning and ending of the Great War. With the lack of transistors being invented, the culture of the Fallout world remained stagnant in a 50s style into the 21st century. MEANING THAT THE TYPES OF MUSIC WOULDN'T DIFFER THAT MUCH, NO MATTER WHEN THEY WERE MADE. For example, if Elvis Presley was never born in the Fallout universe, someone could still have made his type of music in 2030 or something. And even then, since the culture of the Fallout world remained the same, wouldn't that mean that the value of certain items would stay the same through the years until something related to said object's value occured?

Sincerely (or any other message ender that would suit this comment), Jacob D.

P.S. If you do decide to respond, feel free to disprove me if/when you acquire evidence to knock my point out of the ball park.
Jack Fascia
Yum carrots
cathycat :3
um mat you can find real world dollars in the game and sell them for about 3 caps each... its that easy you really need to stop looking so deep into this stuff XD
Sean Connolly
He says that the fall was in 1961 but in fallout 4, it tells you that it happens in 2077
Pug Hermit
Poor Poor Gator Matchete
Vara Satoshi
The Fallout universe diverges from ours after the Nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where instead of putting the nuclear technology away, never to be used again, the world continued to develop it, and our technology skyrocketed.
jacob vaughn
Overrated Words. Overrated Words never changes.

Also cool, the worst Fallout game!
sanes cool
Can you find out who is the mysterious stranger is :)
No Fox Industries
So, something worth mentioning is that the main difference between the Fallout Universe and our Universe is that the he solid integrated circuit (a.k.a the microchip) was never invented, meaning computer miniaturization and the MASSIVE resource reduction granted therein sped up the use of natural resources such as petroleum and rare earth metals to keep up with Moore's Law. This is what lead to the Annexation of Canada and the continuing escalation of the Cold War ending in the Nuclear Destruction of America and China.

That said, the invention of the Microchip as we understand it today was closer to 1959, not too far off from your estimation of 1961 based on the cover song. Just had to throw my two cents in.
Dev Dedhia
A cultural split does not reverse to inflation
Keldar the argonian Gageonater
You could have saved those caps for the nuclear apocalypse.
Briton Szydloski
Ba dum Ching pun city
Noah Schmid
Why didn't you divide 60 by 2240 to get ~3 cents per cap.
Katie Powers
The hippies in the 60's didn't appear until 1966ish. So when you were talking about 61 you shouldn't have shown a bunch of hippies.
“But is it immersive? Why yes Jimmy... IT IS”

Im a dOnkey
Squid Nugget
Back to the simple days of game theory before FNAF got complicated
Fnaf freddy Cherry pie
Nathan LegoBlox
Oh I know how and who he said fallout is going to be real because we are getting vr fallout four
W. D. Gaster
He makes haters get as dangerous as a mad Yao Guai.
Frank Bohez
Wat? I play dat instrument
Anna Kristina
Did somebody say carrot?!
Axxieplaez Axp
Was this sponsored?
Ah you are still forgeting that there is Objectified Value, a Collection of Bottle Caps may be more expensive than a random mumble jumble rummage of same ammount of Bottle caps with less collection and more Mumble Rummage Jumble.
The MadCatter
MatPat: You can get these snacks free... IF you act fast!
Me: OMG 'checks the date'
Date: August 3rd, 2015
Me: Shoot.
4:56 there is platinum PNG instead of silver, good job mat xDDD
Anka Hale
3:30 is the best
Eliott L
Alfredo Lara
BUT there's pre war money!
Bruce Wayne
Actually the bottle caps in Fallout are not normal bottle caps,they are Nuka Cola bottle caps.Which means to get the Nuka Cola bottle caps you need the Nuka Cola first,which is rare. :/ Am I right or am I just stupid cos i only play Fallout Shelter which Nuka Cola in that game is extremely rare. So the caps should be worth more
Undertale_ Scrub
12:02 Sheila is my new best friend XD
That's not how you calculate a products value! You have to consider other expenses in the production like electricity, labour, the machinary, waste, distribution and many other factors!
peter mcginnis
Actually it diverged in 1947
Jacob Schreiber
11:17 on mount dogmore is that the dog from little rascals??
Henry Andersen
Maybe compare "pre War money"

Виктория Димитрова
24 karat magic in the aiiiiiiiiiiir!
Mr Hip-Hop
Wahh wah wah wah wah wah wahhhh.. wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah.......
Bilal Seker
The amount of bottle caps you need for the game is nearly the amount of seconds in a month
Levi Langdon
I believe bottle caps are worth five cents if you turn them in somewhere.
Darth Vader

Well i know what im doin today
Spike Slice
Someone's gonna...

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