Game Theory: Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!?

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Fallout 4 is coming...and I can't wait. So while I wait for the newest installment in the Fallout series, let me tell you a tale of a young Fallout fan named GatorMacheteJr. and the deal he made with Bethesda. He traded in BOTTLE CAPS for a pre-order of the game. But did he get his money's worth? What did he ACTUALLY pay for his copy of Fallout 4? The answer is shocking!

Fallout 4, please come now!

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Jay ManT5
I thought Gold was important becuase it is rare? like diamonds
Adam Palmer
soad money
the game changer
Just bring a box of bottle caps to a recycling place and ask how much they'll buy it for. Very simple and could have got you at least a couple hundred bucks
the game changer
My uncle has a real world pip boy. It actually gives him perks! Just kidding that would be awesome
you know sometimes i just watch the intro.
Gusty Gamez
Did Seth actually get the game? B/c if he did, he had to of payed for the rest of the game with paper money added to the caps. Or the people that made Fallout 4 just had to give him the game in exchange for those caps.
simbol 33t
I was singing the intro... my dad told me to shut up😥
Zachary Flowers
boooo it was 2016!!!
on the day befor summer break my math teacher showed us this video
i have a collaction of 4000 caps
L&E Gaming
Matt, you have never failed to amaze me. Keep up the great work, buddy!
before the nukes dropped literally any shops that sold coke would be rolling dat money
Matpatt, I wanna be you. Also, HAVE YOU TRIED DIET COKE WITH LEMON?
meme lord
Coincidence: a fallout played during this.
Poxif Gaming
Spectre Does gaming
Wait, FNAF 4 counts?
I wonder what the true cost of creating the caps actually is. I remember seeing somewhere a story about a guy who wanted to find out how much it would really cost to make a sandwich if he had to actually make everything from scratch like growing the wheat to make his bread, growing tomatoes and lettuce. I forgot how much it came out to but it was in the thousands. The factory who made the bottle caps had to create a machine that can stamp out the caps must have cost quite a bit of money to make. The paint used to print a graphic on the cap too. Not to mention the cost of having to pay someone to mine the minerals to make the steel too, also had to use tools in order to do it.
Mom: What did you do today
Me: I watched a 15 minute video to find out how much bottle caps are worth in a fictional world
Klow Faughter43
Who else is watching in 2017
Klow Faughter43
I wonder if anyone who working at the fallout company saw this and didn't give him the game
Canoss Gaming
1 huge flaw... That's company value, that's business company selling to business company, it can't be that cheap any other way.
But store/business to CUSTOMER? Those caps cost way more, and return for way less, but still more then what the company bought them for.
Remember, he got those bottle caps from actual bottles hes been drinking over the years. And bottled drinks - glass bottles - are not cheap at all.
You should have known from the start that this guy over-paid for the game - simply by being a alcoholic.
Grand master Yoda
WTF is the music in the background
And we're still waiting on Kingdom hearts 3
Calib RoastChicken
in Australia fallout 4 was $80.00 - $90.00 not including special addons
Makes argument that gator overpaid
Makes argument that gator underpaid
Because it's current year
Thats not really the best way to measure the price of a cap though, you should compare it to regular items like food and such. gold would be far less valuable in a post apocalyptic world. and water much more, pure water is 20 caps in the game. would that represent several thousand dollars? work for a month for 1 bottle of water?
and scrap price does not denote a Representative price in water as in the game.
Miny Monsterx
But what is 2017 amount for this?
Miny Monsterx
War war never changes ohh look shaving cool
Nexus Gaming
1,320 Dollars is the price of 1 troy ounce of 999.9 percent fine gold today (2017).
I'm Bobby Productions
I miss the old intro
Kyle Watkins
If anyone is curious and watching this in 2017, updated prices puts bottle caps now at about $59.74 per cap, and the poor fella who sent his collection in to Bethesda spent about $133,833.60.
AJ Berns
Did matpat just say that our economy is built on mostly meaningless paper? That's reassuring.

Also, that opening is so nostalgic now.
Nina Katz
I miss that intro
Guys I think nick valentine is a Synth wow the best theory man
My mother says I should be using my internet time wisely instead of being online all the time doing absolutely nothing with my life and should be learning about maths so I'm not so scared of my maths teacher.
Well ef her. I'm watching this anyway. >:V
Ivan Lu
9:31 what about that robot? It's really smart and I don't think in 1961 there was robots that were hovering
Christian Bong
do you get to the cloud district very often
boi got 2000 something caps he could get into the strip now
Wilhelm David
24K Magic in the aaaaiiiirrrrr lol 7:48
Freddy Fazbear Pizza 3333
FIAT in Brazil is pretty famous!!
OMG, nobody else picked up on the Gregg Araki teenage apocalypse trilogy reference?
When you have a fallout shelter ad before the video
mikael andersen
wouldn't it make more sense to instead of calculating the worth of the caps with todays goldprices, use the worth of gold in 1961, then adjust the number you get by inflation and stuff?
Melon Stuff - Music and More!
Did you know I learn more from YouTube and tv the school?
Swissair Guh
God I miss this game when it first came out. It was so awesome because it was the first time I played fallout
ink sans
I learn more from these videos than I do from school
I wonder how much the BOTTLES cost
Who thought Dogmeat was a good name for Pup? (I call me Pup.)
Jack Stevens
OK, Mr. Know-it-all. Tell me then, please, why does the NCR in Fallout 2 decide to use their currency instead of caps?
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